Alexander Graham Bell Association for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing
The Alexander Graham Bell Association for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing, Washington, DC, presents the newest edition of The Volta Review. This edition of the book is entitled, “Speech and Language Benefits of Cochlear Implantation,” and is edited by Richard T. Miyamoto, MD, FACS, FAAP, and Steven B. Chin, PhD. For more information, (202) 337-5220.


Mid-America Conference on Hearing
The 11th Annual Mid-America Conference on Hearing will take place on May 15-18 at the Executive West Hotel in Louisville, Ky. The conference, sponsored by the Ohio Hearing Aid Society, Hearing Aid Association of Kentucky, and the Indiana Hearing Aid Specialists Association, and will feature a variety of speakers and sessions. To register online, go to

Arkansas Hearing Society
The Arkansas Hearing Society will hold its annual convention on July 17-19 at the Embassy Suites Hotel in Little Rock, Ark. For more information, contact James Mason at (870) 239-3072.

Clarke School For The Deaf
The Clarke School for the Deaf, Northampton, MA, will host the 21st annual Summer Adventure on July 13-25 at the school’s campus in Northampton. Guided by the theme, “Discover the Treasures in Your Own Backyard,” this auditory/oral program is designed for deaf and hard-of-hearing children ages 9-12, and is a combination of academics, recreation, arts and crafts, field trips, computer literacy, and other activities that encourage leadership and independence. For more information, contact the program information office at (413) 584-3450, or email [email protected].

Acoustic Associates
Acoustic Associates presents the following conferences, all in Chicago: Training Course in Audiometry and Hearing Conservation, April 23-25 and June 25-27; and Principles of Noise Assessement, June 24. Contact Tracy, (847) 359-1068.

Web Sites

Quest Technologies
Quest Technologies and Metrosonics, both of Oconomowoc, Wis, are currently offering free gifts to customers that register products on the companies’ Web sites. Customers visiting both sites can choose from a travel mug, baseball cap, or T-shirt when filling out the online product registration form. In addition, product registrants will receive automatic notice of product updates, improvements, replacements, technical notes, recalls, and recalibration reminders. The online registration forms are available at,   as well as   For additional information, call the companies at (800) 245-0779.

Deaf RX
Deaf RX, Calgary, Alberta, Canada, presents, a new Canadian Web-based mail order pharmacy focused on serving the deaf and hard of hearing community. According to the company, this online pharmacy offers prescription drugs at up to 30%-80% lower than current US retail prices. Consumers can contact DeafRx at (877) 516-6115, or visit All orders are filled by a partnering licensed pharmacy, Total Care Pharmacy, in Calgary, Alberta. After customers place orders, they reportedly receive them in their home mailbox approximately 2-3 weeks later. Most customers order 3-month supplies of medications at one time. Most drugs are made in the US and Canada by drugmakers including Wyeth-Ayerst, Pharmacia, and Glaxo Wellcome, reports the company.

KidsWorld Deaf Net
KidsWorld Deaf Net has posted a new E-document in its virtual library: Cochlear Implants: Navigating a Forest of Information…One Tree at a Time. This document is designed to assist parents and educators in navigating their way through the extensive amount of information about cochlear implants. Additionally, it provides insights into educational and communications considerations related to children with implants. The document was written by Debra Nussbaum, coordinator of the Laurent Clerc National Deaf Education Center’s Cochlear Implant Education Center. To access the article, go to:

Educational Program

 Walker/EAR Foundation
Walker, a division of Plantronics Inc, Santa Cruz, Calif, has announced a new educational public awareness program in conjunction with the EAR Foundation, headquartered in Chattanooga, Tenn. The two organizations are joining forces to improve public access to medical knowledge and technology related to hearing health through the Foundation’s Senior EARs educational program. The educational effort will also seek to enlist the support of the medical profession, senior organizations, associations, trade groups, and corporations throughout America. In addition, Walker and the EAR Foundation are collaborating in the creation of a campaign called “Listen or Lose It.” This campaign will include the use of public service announcements and other publicity aimed at a broad demographic spectrum, ranging from school-aged children to adults. It will also educate on noise-induced hearing loss. (Photo from left: Jonathan Brock, Matthew Hutchinson, and Karen Rogers (Walker); Suzanne Wyatt, Steve Masie (Ear Foundation).)