Hearing Instruments Display

Widex announces the availability of an informative display to help professionals demonstrate the style, appearance and fitting ranges of Senso and Senso Plus digital hearing instruments. The display consists of a colorful easel that can be placed on a counter or other presentation area.

Parental Information

The Alexander Graham Bell Assn. for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing (AG Bell) announces the release of two informational brochures, Hearing Aids and A Great IDEA: IDEA Legislation, The IEP Process, and Your Child, intended to provide information for parents who have children with hearing impairment. 

Hearing Aids, sponsored by Oticon Inc., introduces the five different main types of hearing aids: behind-the-ear, in-the-ear, in-the-canal, completely-in-the-canal and body aids. A description of analog, programmable analog and programmable digital circuitry, and telecoils, directional microphones and ear-level FM systems are also included. 

A Great IDEA: IDEA Legislation, The IEP Process, and Your Child, is written for parents to inform them about IDEA legislation and special education systems relating to hearing loss. The eight-page booklet is intended to help parents participate in their child’s education as informed parents.

Brochures can be downloaded on AG Bell’s website,

Consumer Booklets

Two new booklets are available from Thieme Medical Publishers: Speech Intelligibility in Noise with Hearing Aids by Laurel A. Christensen, PhD, and Jerry L. Northern, PhD, and Contemporary Models of Aural Rehabilitation by Patricia Kricos, PhD, and Jerry L. Northern, PhD.

Speech Intelligibility in Noise with Hearing Aids covers topics about hearing instruments, listening in noise, digital signal processing schemes, application of technology to improve signal-to-noise ratio, noise control solutions and directional-microphone hearing instruments. The booklet mostly focuses on the “hearing in noise” problem and how current technologies can help solve this problem.

Contemporary Models of Aural Rehabilitation is a 284-page booklet discussing topics on adult and group audiologic rehabilitation, aural rehabilitation support programs and audiologic rehabilitation for adults with cochlear implants. More information can be obtained through

WEBSITES is a website designed and founded by a group of audiologists and hearing specialists concerned about the alarming number of people whose hearing reaches the point of near-deafness before being tested. Users can take an online hearing test and purchase hearing products. The website contains information about warning signs of hearing loss, explanations about audiograms, assistive listening devices, clocks and wake-up alarm systems, notification systems, smoke and fire detectors, telephone products and visual alert signalers.

E.A.R., Inc., announces the launch of its new website,, intended to provide information on ear protection, assistive listening devices, hearing instruments, batteries and certified providers. The website is designed to bring hearing health care components together under one site and forward leads to active providers. The website will undergo continuous changes as new products and services become available. Its new educational domain,, is scheduled to be introduced at the end of the year.


2001 Winter Audiology Conference

The 2001 Winter Audiology & Hearing Aid Conference will be held on Jan. 12-13, at the Sheraton Tulsa Hotel in Tulsa, OK. Topics covered: assisting hearing care professionals to reach the 80% of the hearing impaired market; creating a better referral network and improving communications among hearing care professionals; developing a hearing care professional’s website; developing better hearing awareness; and initiating campaigns to reach consumers. Speakers include Jack Van Doren Hough, MD, David A. Hough, PhD, and Bruce E. Mow, MPA, HAS. CEU credits can be earned. More information can be obtained via email: [email protected], or call (918) 836-0777.