photoInteractive Website
Electone Inc., announces the launch of an interactive website,, to provide information about hearing loss, types of hearing instruments and a hearing test. The website offers professional fitting advice and allows users to download technical product information and assembly drawings. Customers can purchase Electone’s BTE instruments and module’s on this website.

photoInternet Store
Weitbrecht Communications, Inc., announces the launch of,  an online store intended for people who are hard of hearing, or speech impaired. Information about assistive devices, guides to selecting the right telephone, answers to frequently asked questions about TTYs and other devices are featured. Visitors can directly email questions to WCI’s customer support team. The site features items from WCI and a full line of Ultratec TTYs, personal listening devices, signalers, cordless amplified phones and recent available products.


photoInformation Packet
Widex announces the availability of two information pieces, SENSO PLUS information packet and Levels of Hearing Aid Technology chart.

SENSO PLUS packet is for hearing health care professionals. It contains technical and informational articles on SENSO PLUS digital technology from industry magazines and other publications. The packets are part of the company’s line of information and marketing materials.

Levels of Hearing Aid Technology is a chart that can help patients understand the difference between fully digital and other technologies incorporated into today’s hearing instruments. The chart was developed as a tool to help hearing health care professionals present facts clearly and concisely.


photoInformation Booklets
Oticon announces the availability of four booklets, Family Notebook, Teacher’s Guide, All About FM and Parent’s Guide.

Family Notebook is a practical guide for parents to help their child adjust to hearing instruments. It is intended for children in their early developmental years. Topics include caring for the hearing instruments, willingness to wear hearing instruments, experiencing sound, playing and communicating, sound advice for communicating with children and trouble shooting guide.

Teacher’s Guide gives teachers an introduction on how the learning environment can be optimized to help children with hearing difficulties. Topics covered are defining hearing and learning problems, helping children with hearing loss, hearing instruments in the classroom, FM systems, classroom tips, improving classroom listening and a list of additional reading and resources.

All About FM explains the need for FM systems, three obstacles of speech (noise, distance and reverberation and how they interfere with the student’s ability to understand the teacher) and solutions for improving the classroom environment.

Parent’s Guide is intended to help parents understand their child’s hearing loss and how to improve communication. Topics covered are causes, understanding and accepting of hearing loss, the importance of hearing, benefits of hearing instruments, types of hearing instruments and listening devices, helping children communicate, tips on raising a child with a hearing loss, being open about the hearing loss and frequently asked questions.


Habilitative Issues of Infants With Hearing Loss
A conference on habilitative issues of infants with hearing loss will be held on November 9-10 at the Adams Mark Hotel, Dallas. Speakers include Deborah Hayes, Bonnie Tucker, David Luterman, Marion Downs, Jon Shallop, Richard Seewald, Judy Gravel, Jay Hall and Terese Finitzo. The conference will address hearing sensitivity in infants who fail hearing screening, sensory aids, protocols for fitting hearing instruments and cochlear implants and programmatic areas of counseling, legal and educational issues.