IR Speaker Unit

The new IR Speaker unit from FrontRow, Petaluma, Calif, a division of Phonic Ear, is a single-speaker unit that integrates three speakers and an IR sensor, and works with the company’s Pro Digital classroom sound system. Installations entail two IR speakers per classroom, instead of four individual speakers and up to two IR sensors. Teachers wearing a wireless microphone speak at a normal voice level, broadcasting their voices through the receiver and speakers, which evenly distribute the lessons throughout the room. The sound systems are designed for K-12 classrooms need for simplicity, comfort, and clarity.

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In-Ear Sound Level Analyzer

Sensaphonics Hearing Conservation Inc, Chicago, introduces the new dB Check in-ear sound level analyzer, which accurately measures sound-pressure levels (SPL) with the earphones inserted and works with the company’s custom earphones. The handheld device measures and displays the real-time A-weighted SPL and the recommended safe exposure time for that level on the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health and Occupational Safety and Health Administration scales. Users plug the device in between the sound source and the earphones, select the model being used (ProPhonic 2X-S, 2MAX, or 3D Active Ambient), set the duration up to 2 hours, and monitor normally.

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New Series of Hearing Aids

Sonic Innovations Inc, Salt Lake City, introduces Velocity 24, Velocity 12, and Velocity 4, a new series of hearing aids that fit a variety of lifestyles and budgets. Velocity 24, the premium offering, is suited for patients who are constantly in challenging listening environments that typically include background noise; Velocity 12, the advanced product, is for patients who encounter situations that may include background noise; and Velocity 4 is for patients who have less-demanding listening needs. Velocity hearing instruments are programmed using EXPRESSfit, a user-friendly fitting system that provides tools to fine-tune fittings for patients. The series offers a multitude of pre-configured listening environments.

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Expansion of Junior-Fitting Mode

Phonak, Warrenville, Ill, is expanding its Junior-fitting mode by adding printable, tailored materials for parents, caregivers, and teachers. The Junior Reports provide information needed to understand the child’s hearing loss and hearing system. The multidisciplinary team is kept up-to-date with the child’s latest hearing test results and hearing-instrument/FM settings. The child’s name, date of birth, hearing instruments, and serial numbers are visible on each report, and are accessible in the iPFG Junior Mode (2.1 and upward) via the print icon. The Junior Reports are part of the iPFG Junior Mode, which offers a one-click pediatric fitting configuration.

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Power BTE

The Z1 Power BTE from Zounds, Mesa, Ariz, is tailored for those who are suffering from severe to profound hearing loss. It is discreet and features patented noise-cancellation technology that helps eliminate up to 90% of background noise; directional microphones that continually scan the user environment to generate high-quality voice clarity, even in noisy environments; custom programming of 16 frequency bands, up to 8,000 Hz; enhanced feedback cancellation that virtually eliminates squealing; patented foam sleeves that enhance the fit, help reduce occlusion, and increase comfort in the ear; and rechargeable batteries that last up to 22 hours.

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2008 Product Guide

Sperian Hearing Protection, San Diego, offers the new 52-page Howard Leight 2008 Product Selection Guide, covering its portfolio of earplugs, earmuffs, and accessories. The guide contains hearing-conservation information, technology advances, product specifications, and accessories. Included are a best-practices guide for setting up an OHSA-approved hearing-conservation program, descriptions of hearing-loss symptoms, fitting instructions for earplugs and earmuffs, and a product-selection guide keyed by industry and exposure level. VeriPRO, a software-based fit-verification system developed in conjunction with the House Ear Institute, assists in getting a real-world picture of the hearing protection employees are getting from their earplugs.

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