productDirectional Microphone
Phonak, Warrenville, Ill, introduces the Mini-D, a small, switchable omni/directional microphone. The microphone is available as an option to the company’s Classic line and Astro programmable instruments, and is designed to provide better hearing in background noise.

productMiddle-Ear Analyzer
Micro Audiometrics, Murphy, NC, offers the Earscan® middle-ear analyzer and pure-tone audiometer. According to the company, it is lightweight and durable, performs an acoustic impedance test in 1 or 3 seconds, and can test ipsi-lateral reflexes. It presents signals from 250 Hz through 8kHz, at 0-90 dB in a pulsed or continuous mode, and can test automatically. The analyzer comes complete with the audiometric headset, impedance probe, and eartips.

productDSP Hearing Instruments
Beltone, Chicago, offers the D61 and D71 BTE hearing instruments. The D61 is designed to offer the fitting flexibility of digital signal processing in a small instrument. The D71, available in a moderate or high power model, is designed for patients with moderate to severe hearing loss. Each instrument has three digital circuit options: the Lumina™ four-channel; the Polara™ two-channel; and the Silica™ single-channel.

productRechargeable Battery
Energex, Plainview, NY, introduces the Aid-Mate 13 System, a size 13 rechargeable hearing aid battery with a microprocessor-controlled automatic charger. The Aid Mate System is designed to eliminate the frequent repurchase of batteries and reportedly comes with a lifetime warranty. The Energex #13 battery offers a life span of up to 1,000 charge/discharge cycles, works 1-3 years with continuous daily use and provides up to 20 hours of use before recharging depending on hearing aid brand, type, and size, according to the company. The Aid-Mate recharger has a 6-hour timer with automatic timer, and can charge two batteries simultaneously. The company reports that other battery sizes will be available in the future.

productPortable Programmer
Siemens Hearing Instruments, Piscataway, NJ, offers the Pocket Connexx™ portable programmer. Based on MS Windows for Pocket PC software and commercially available Pocket PC hardware, the device programs hearing aids from entry level instruments to sophisticated digitals. The device is reportedly easily upgradeable and offers screens that are full-color and twice the size of the company’s PP 2000.

productElectronic Stethoscope
Hal-Hen, Garden City Park, NY, offers an electronic stethoscope designed to provide for a wide range of frequencies and to filter out unwanted external sounds. The stethoscope features an “L” range of 20-200 Hz and an “H” range of 200-1000 Hz. Output power is 25 mW and gain is 30 dB.

productDemonstration Ears
Hocks Hearing Healthcare Products, Portland, Ore, reintroduces its Hocks Demonstration Ears, an improved version of the demonstration ears first introduced in the early 1960s. The ears are made of silicone and are suitable for practicing impression taking or displaying on a counter, according to the company. Able to be cleaned with soap and water, they are available as a pair or individually. The company also offers clear demonstration ears.