Second Generation Wireless Hearing Aid Family

Oticon Inc, Somerset, NJ, introduces Oticon Agil, an advanced signal processing concept and second-generation wireless hearing instrument family. Features include advanced speech understanding in noise capabilities and significant reduction in the cognitive efforts needed to understand speech; improved audio through wireless technology for open fittings and enhanced 3-D listening; new audiological concepts including Speech Guard, Spatial Sound 2.0, and Connect(+); and the new RISE II processing platform with twice the calculation power of RISE.

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Noise Reduction System

Starkey Laboratories Inc, Eden Prairie, Minn, introduces S Series iQ, featuring Voice iQ, a new noise reduction and speech preservation system. Voice iQ, a noise reducing technology that reduces noise between syllables of speech, uses a two-part algorithm: dynamic voice identification paired with a spectral noise control that calculates appropriate gain on a per channel basis. Coupled with InVision Directionality and high diffuse field DI scores and a low operational noise floor, Voice iQ preserves speech understanding in noise. The system classifies inputs every 6 milliseconds and adapts every 20 milliseconds to diminish noise between syllables.

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Diagnostic Audiometer

Otovation, King of Prussia, Pa, introduces the OTOPod M2 diagnostic audiometer and hearing instrument programmer. Similar in form to the company’s patented OTOPod M1 audiometer, the M2 adds capabilities to program a variety of Widex hearing aids. According to Otovation, support for the M2 has been added to Widex’s upcoming Compass 5.0 software, which is used in conjunction with Otovation’s Symphony NOAH Module software to provide a complete diagnostic testing and instrument fitting system with the uniquely portable M2 device.


Hearing and Ear-related Educational Products

Blue Tree Publishing, Edmonds, Wash, offers a selection of hearing/ear-related educational products, such as software, printed media, and other ear-centric items. Ear Disorders interactive software shows 27 animations of normal and disorder examples. Educational materials include the Ear Tablet and Audiogram Tablet, Ear Flip Cards, and the Ear Model. Poster topics include Daily Noise XLP, Ear Disorders LP, the Ear LP, and Ear LCD. Miscellaneous offerings include a sculptural crystal cochlea, and the ear rubber flat model.

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Sanitizer Dryer

Hearing Technologies International Inc, Pinellas Park, Fla, offers its new Universal Sanitizer Dryer, to sanitize and remove harmful moisture from hearing aids. With US and international patents pending, its drying compartment can accommodate all types of hearing instruments, including body-worn, implants, microphones, headpieces, and speech processors, and operates anywhere in the world with a plug change. Weighing less than two pounds, the unit has a drying cycle of about 8 hours. Then a fan circulates warm air through the drying compartment for the remainder of the cycle.

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Fully Implantable Hearing System

Envoy Medical Corp, St Paul, Minn, has just been granted FDA approval to offer Esteem, a prosthetic hearing restoration device, in the United States. The device, based on pacemaker technology, is implanted under the skin behind the ear. Two leads extend into the middle ear from the device. Sound waves travel into the ear canal and set the ear drum into motion, causing the bones of the middle ear to vibrate. The device senses these movements and delivers a customized dose of energy to the cochlea, which transmits the signals to the brain.

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