How Suite It Is

Viewport from Audioscan, Dorchester, Ontario, Canada, offers the first complete testing suite for fitting, counseling, and verifying the function of digital instruments. The new test suite, available only on the Verifit system, allows the hearing care professional to verify and demonstrate audibility, directionality, noise reduction, and feedback suppression. All of these tests are integrated and presented on one screen or printout, providing a window to hearing instrument performance.

(800) 265-2093

Super Sonic

Celebrating its 10-year anniversary, Sonic Innovations Inc, Salt Lake City, recently debuted its Velocity miniBTE, one the smallest fully featured BTEs available. Using a size 13 battery, the Velocity miniBTE has a memory switch with access up to four listening programs; it’s convertible between thin tube and earhook fittings, and has digital volume control, an audio input, and a tamper-resistant lock.

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Starkey Debuts HydraShield

HydraShield is an innovative design solution from Starkey Laboratories Inc, Eden Prairie, Minn, that makes its Zon hearing instruments water-resistant. So, along with best-in-class feedback cancellation and directionality, Zon offers consistent performance regardless of climate and weather. Rain, perspiration, and humidity won’t interfere with functionality, giving your patients more confidence no matter what comes their way.

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Marketing Goes Virtual

Partnering with private practice physicians to help grow their practices, Practice Builders, Orange, Calif, has announced its new Virtual Marketing House Call, which features a no-travel, all-phone-and-Internet format, a step-by-step customized marketing plan, two private consultations, and a 100% money-back satisfaction guarantee.

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Music to Their Ears

Electone Inc, Longwood, Fla, manufactures a variety of custom and BTE hearing instruments. At the top of its lines are the Figaro 4 and Figaro 2 instruments. Figaro 4 offers advanced programming that is designed for individuals with a mild to moderately severe hearing loss. Electone’s Figaro 2 is a fully digital, two-channel programmable hearing instrument designed for individuals with a mild to moderately severe hearing loss. Both are available in all sizes and directional Power and Open Fit behind-the-ear instruments.

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Power to Spare

Rayovac, Madison, Wis, has announced the launch of its its Extreme Performance, a new, more powerful battery range for next generation hearing instruments with wireless functionality. This latest product innovation offers a solution to the special requirements of new, high-drain hearing devices, which include wireless connectivity. Extreme Performance meets the extra power demands of these aids by delivering increased milliwatt power without compromising other areas of performance.

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TV Ears Loop System

Westone Laboratories, Colorado Springs, Colo, now offers the latest addition to the TV Ears line. Hearing instrument wearers can now enjoy all the benefits of TV Ears without removing their instruments. TV Ears cuts down television background noise and amplifies the dialogue for better clarity and enjoyment. The TV Ears 2.3 Loop System allows users to receive the refined television audio through their hearing instrument’s manual T-coil. Users can adjust their own volume and tone without turning up the TV and disturbing others. The TV Ears TV Loop is compatible only with the TV Ears 2.3 MHz system.

(800) 525-5071

Breakthrough Technology

InSound Medical, Newark, Calif, presents breakthrough hearing aid technology in the form of its Lyric Hearing device, which is the first 100% invisible extended-wear solution that was developed by ENT physicians and audiologists to be used 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, for months at a time. Lyric is positioned completely inside the ear canal so it uses the ear’s anatomy to provide natural sound quality. Lyric is considered appropriate for people with mild to moderately severe hearing loss. A patient’s ear size and shape, medical conditions, and lifestyle are also taken into consideration.

(800) 599-5109

A Brite Idea

Swiss hearing system manufacturer Bernafon, Somerset, NJ, offers its “red dot” award-winning Brite line not just as innovative hearing instruments that offer state-of-the-art technology, but ones that offer fashion as well as functionality. Brite incorporates a hearing system that is fully programmable to each user’s individual listening needs. Brite utilizes Bernafon’s unique Lifestyle Profile where information about a client’s individual listening needs and priorities is assessed during the fitting and used throughout the fine-tuning of the device. The choice of acoustic options is expanded by three additional micro-mold styles to further improve retention in the ear canal and enlarge the fitting range.

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Quad VRA Reinforcer System

Pehratek Products, Chaska, Minn, announces the new WR-500 QUAD wired VRA system that is designed to control up to four reinforcer boxes simultaneously in the sound booth. The new product can control two or four boxes plus the centering box either independently or locked for upper and lower synchrony of operation. The control console has been redesigned with quiet membrane switches for good tactile feel to operate without needing to search out the correct button visually. The unit is versatile and smart offering programmable stimulus selection, presentation timing function, last right/left side presentation memory indicator, and optional footswitch.

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WCI Offers Captioned Telephones

WCI, Santa Monica, Calif, offers the new Captioned Telephone (CapTel), which shows word-for-word captions of everything a caller says during a telephone call, making it the ideal phone for anyone with hearing loss. Users can listen to their callers and check the captions for added clarity. Captions are provided by a free service (availability varies by state). Learn more through WCI, the “one stop shop” for hearing technology.

(800) 233-9130 V/TTY

Virtually Invisible

Magnatone Quality Hearing Aid Corp, Casselberry, Fla, introduces the new Evok. This mini-BTE is a versatile hearing instrument designed to fit cosmetic needs as well as a wide range of hearing losses. The Evok offers an ear hook that allows for high sound quality, comfort, and remarkable cosmetic appeal. Much like Magnatone’s Monet Shadow, the Evok instrument is virtually invisible. It’s also a multimemory, programmable instrument that is equipped with adaptive directionality, noise reduction, and adaptive feedback cancellation, and allows up to 52 dB of gain. Using a size 312 battery for longer battery life, the Evok has a power-on delay feature for feedback-free hearing aid insertion.

(800) 789-6543

Thin-Tube/Open-Ear Fittings

Mid-States Laboratories, Wichita, Kan, offers a variety of thin-tube/open-ear fittings. Choose from a selection of styles to custom fit each client’s hearing needs. When possible, Mid-States prefers to use its Apollo or Marveltex/vinyl materials, which allow for friction fit, an advantage when considering the need to retube.

(800) 247-3669

Medical-Grade Silicone Swim Plugs

Perfect Seal Laboratories, Wichita, Kan, offers Aqua-Tite swim plugs made from medical-grade silicone. They are hypoallergenic and can be tinted to almost any color, or swirled with a combination of up to three colors. Each plug comes with embedded handles, designed to make them easier to insert and remove. A connecting cord also can be ordered.

(800) 311-9810

Cable Management System

Pehratek Products, Chaska, Minn, introduces the NOAH’S ARC Cable Management/ Storage System for the many programming cables that dispensers have to store and find to fit programmable hearing instruments. This new system neatly and efficiently winds up programming cables into color-coded pods that store on top of the HI-PRO box or on any flat surface. Up to 10 cable pods can be stored in each NOAH’S ARC tray within easy reach of the computer. This new system eliminates tangled cords and the time spent searching for the right cable in a drawer or hanging behind a door. Each NOAH’S ARC comes with 10 cable pods, storage rack, Mylar cable combiners (to wrap right and left cables together in one pod), and manufacturer’s labels to find the right pod quickly. Save time and the trouble of always have to untangle programming cables before each fitting.

(866) 470-3532

Staff Scheduling Software

Atlas Business Solutions Inc, Fargo, ND, has introduced Visual Staff Scheduler Pro (VSS Pro) employee scheduling software. With VSS Pro, users can produce any type of schedule for any time frame in minutes and display staffing levels to eliminate error-prone calculations and assure all shifts remain properly covered. Schedules can be printed, sent via e-mail, or posted online to keep staff up-to-date. VSS Pro allows users to automatically copy schedule patterns and rotations to cut time needed to create recurring schedules. In addition, VSS Pro tracks staff skills, credentials, and training to immediately find qualified personnel for open shifts.

(800) 874-8801

Multiuse Earplugs Enhance Communication, Safety

Designed to keep workers connected to their environment without compromising protection, Smithfield, RI-based Howard Leight’s new Clarity multiple-use earplugs help to improve worker safety and communication by blocking hazardous noise while allowing voice and signal frequencies to be heard more naturally. Utilizing Bilsom Technology’s patented Sound Management Technology, the Clarity earplug delivers uniform attenuation that blocks low and medium frequency noise while enhancing the perception of higher voice and warning signal frequencies without distortion.

Clarity is available in two sizes—regular and small—to accommodate a wide range of ear canal shapes and sizes. A corded version also includes an exclusive attached Cord Adjuster that allows workers to adjust the woven cord’s length to their personal preference or application requirements.

(800) 430-5490

On the Dot

Unveiled by ReSound, Bloomington, Minn, dot is one of the smallest hearing instruments presently available (a July 2008 launch is presently scheduled for the United States), and its tiny ergonomically designed size belies a micro BTE packed with more features than any RITEs. The proprietary technologies—and choice of 14 colors—enable maximum patient satisfaction.

(800) 248-4327

Moisture Guard

Raycare Solutions, Lincoln, Neb, introduces The Deflector hearing instrument moisture guard. Enjoy all of life’s activities without the fear of moisture damaging a behind-the-ear (BTE) investment. The wearer of a BTE instrument can be involved in everything from strenuous activity to a walk in the rain. The simple, lightweight, clear plastic design deflects moisture away from the hearing instrument. The on-and-off application allows clients to use The Deflector when moisture occurs and remove it when not needed. It also helps in dusty situations, because dirt is not attracted to dry areas.

(877) 518-1171

All in the Family

The newest product from Hansaton, Tampa, Fla, is the Style family of hearing instruments combining technological innovation with exceptional design. Style hearing aids are available in eight different colors and three models—Style Premium, Style Exclusive, and Style Pro—each as a BTE or Mini BTE. Synchronized continuously with Hansaton’s i-com technology, Style provides an enhanced binaural fitting with well-balanced sound, optimal speech comprehension, and clearer localization. All Style BTEs allow for conventional open fittings. Hansaton’s eMote remote control can be used with all models.

(866) 449-9757

Exclusive North American Distributor

Sonic Alert Inc, Troy, Mich, has announced that it has been appointed the exclusive US and Canadian distributor for Geemarc Telecom Products of Europe, whose innovative line of amplified telephones are designed for the hearing and vision impaired. Featuring unique amplified telephones such as the Ampli200+, Ampli250, and Ampli500, with high audible ring tones, bright alerting lights, large easy-to-read numbers, and caller ID displays, these telephones enable easier communication.

(248) 577-5400


Oticon Inc, Somerset, NJ, has delivered its new mid-priced Vigo and Vigo Pro product families. Both are based on Oticon’s ultrafast RISE chip platform, delivering more bandwidth (8 kHz) and significantly higher levels of processing power. Vigo and Vigo Pro are available in a broad range of colors and a full range of styles from small CICs to slim BTEs. Both families offer a new Corda2 thin tube style and discreet RITE styles, providing users with the best options for natural sound quality.

(800) 227-3921

Wireless Room Monitor

Pehratek Products, Chaska, Minn, introduces the Earware wireless sound room monitor that can be used to communicate with students, assistants, or parents during a pediatric session. The miniature wireless system is small, lightweight, and easy to wear and use. The Bluetooth-like receiver is self-contained and lightweight with no cords dangling. Interference-free wireless transmission provides clear reception over 30 feet. Operates on No. 675 zinc air batteries or with the included AC adapter.

(866) 470-3532

Sennheiser, Oticon Connect

Sennheiser Electronic Corp, Old Lyme, Conn, has announced an innovative remedy that allows hearing aid users to now follow their favorite prime-time programs with an incredible level of clarity and freedom. Sennheiser’s Set 820-S wireless assistive listening device, when used in combination with Oticon’s new Bluetooth-enabled EPOQ aids and Streamer, allows users to hear the TV directly through their own hearing aids. What’s more, the Set 820-S is enhanced with radio frequency (RF) technology, allowing individuals to listen at an appropriate volume while roaming throughout the house or yard.

(860) 434-9190

Loud and Clear

TV Ears Inc, Spring Valley, Calif, has introduced a brand-new line of GE amplified telephones designed for mild, moderate, and severe hearing loss. Features include amplified volume up to 104 dB, amplified ringer up to 85 dB, vibrating handset call alert, and backlit keypad and screen.

(877) 854-1040

Unique Combination

Phonak Hearing Systems, Weaverville, Ill, has introduced the Exélia Micro, a unique combination of cutting-edge technology, audiological expertise, and wireless connectivity that delivers hearing performance and user interaction together with easy access to modern communication and entertainment systems. At the heart of the Exélia system is its CORE (Communication Optimized Real-audio Engine) technology. The Exélia Micro’s performance is based on SoundFlow, an automatic system that creates an infinite number of situation-specific programs. This is backed by VoiceZoom, an adaptive, multichannel directional system, and WhistleBlock technology, which sets a new benchmark in feedback cancellation.

(800) 679-4871

Cleaning Pump

Mid-States Laboratories, Wichita, Kan, has added the Mark V Power Piston Driven Cleaning Pump to its product line. This heavy-duty unit produces strong vacuum power (pulling up to 27 inches of mercury) and blows up to 120 psi. Standard accessories include seven milled needles and a vacuum chamber that runs automatically for 300 seconds. In addition to the standard accessories, an optional aspirator kit is available for cerumen removal.

(800) 247-3669

New Tinnitus Reference

Westone Laboratories, Colorado Springs, Colo, has The Consumer Handbook on Tinnitus, by Richard Tyler, PhD. This reference guide helps patients take charge of the ailment by recognizing how it relates to their total emotional and spiritual life. Common issues among sufferers, such as communication difficulties, sleep issues, and hyperacusis, are discussed. They will learn the causes of tinnitus, discover ways to modify their reactions, and review treatment options.

(800) 525-5071

TOC of the Town

Open ear and RITE styles have changed the way hearing professionals are fitting patients, and Vivatone Hearing Systems, Shelton, Conn, has led this change since announcing Totally Open Canal (TOC) technology. With Vivatone’s TOC, an advanced digital processor is placed behind the ear and connected to a tiny speaker located directly in the ear to keep the canal open. The result eliminates any “echo chamber effect” and preserves a patient’s ability to perceive sound. Vivatone has recently expanded the fitting range by adding a power receiver (VivaPower) to make this style available to all patients—even those with severe and profound hearing loss. And Viva-Link is now available to provide wireless compatibility for telephone, television, and all Bluetooth devices. New VivaSet Fitting software supports the power and wireless applications as well as unique applications for tinnitus and music.

(877) 278-8482

Hearing Health Care Suppliers

All Audiology Inc, Ingleside, Ontario, Canada, supplies and distributes a wide variety of audiometric products and sound control applications across North America. Audiometric screening booths, clinical rooms (single and double wall) and suites, industrial and clinical audiometers, as well as the most comprehensive calibration and analysis of audiometers are just a few of the products and services provided.

(613) 362-1424

EarPro Fit Kit

Warner Tech-care Products, St Paul, Minn, introduces the EarPro Earpiece Fit Kit. This kit provides you with everything needed to fit hearing aid patients with perfect-fitting earpieces right on the spot. A few seconds is all it takes to make modifications. In most cases, your patients won’t need to have impressions made and can walk out the same day with comfortably fitting hearing aids. The kit contains tubing, connectors, case, and 84 earpieces.

(800) 328-4757

New Software Version for Fonix FP35 Analyzer

Frye Electronics, Tigard, Ore, has announced that its Fonix FP35 Hearing Aid Analyzer is now available with a new release of software version 4.0. This release includes an improved new interface with simplified menus and a cleaner display. Also included is an Auto Stop feature that runs real-time measurements such as Digital Speech and composite curves for a set amount of time, eliminating the need for the clinician to stop the measurement manually.

(800) 547-8209


Rexton Inc, Plymouth, Minn, has unveiled its rechargeable Revo instruments that are ready to run all day after only a 5-hour charge. All Revo instruments will also run on regular size 13 batteries for added convenience. Rexton’s new hearing instrument incorporates an extremely small and cosmetically appealing design with the most advanced technology available in a receiver-in-the-canal hearing instrument. The receiver can be fit for an individual’s ear with a comfortable, custom-sized soft tip. Revo instruments are suitable for hearing losses ranging from mild to moderately severe.

(800) 876-1141

Low-Profile Hearing Protection

The Sonic Defender EP3 passive hearing protection from EarPro by Surefire, Fountain Valley, Calif, is designed to reduce potentially damaging noises without interfering with a wearer’s ability to hear routine sounds and conversation. The Sonic Defender matches a variable-sized EarPro earpiece, made from flexible material and shaped like the concha of the ear, with a Hocks Noise Braker filter, and its low profile design allows them to be worn while wearing masks, helmets, or hats or while using phones, headphones, or supplemental hearing muffs.

(800) 828-8809

In the Zon

At Starkey Laboratories, Eden Prairie, Minn, the new flagship RIC instrument is the Zon. Available in three configurations—Zon.3, Zon.5, and Zon.7—this line of instruments uses Starkey’s new proprietary BluWave Signal Processing, which processes system data while managing inputs and allocating internal resources. In addition, Zon comes loaded with Directional Speech Detector, Active Feedback Intercept, Integrated Real Ear Measurement, Acoustic Signature, and Automatic Telephone Response. Starkey’s Zon comes in six colors.

(800) 328-8602

Comfort Audio’s Contego HD

The Comfort Contego HD from Comfort Audio, Park Ridge, Ill, is a unique, high-definition wireless communication system designed to improve and enhance the quality of sound. Unlike other wireless systems, the Comfort Contego’s digital radio system provides high-quality sound over 38 secure coded channels and can be used with or without hearing aids as well as with TV audio systems. Both the transmitter and receiver have user-adjustable microphones for maximum customization of sound. The microphones can be set for omni-directional or directional based on conditions, and volume level can be remotely adjusted.

(847) 656-5450

Middle Ear Analyzer Steps Up

From Interacoustics, Assens, Denmark, comes the latest upgrades to the popular AT235h Middle Ear Analyzer. Four probe frequencies (226, 678, 800, and 1,000 Hz) give scope for multiple frequency tympanometry supported by a full test battery of acoustic reflex measures and ipsi- and contralateral reflex decay. The two probes (clinical and screening) are easy to change and are recognized automatically with calibration values adjusted accordingly. Two programmable reflex test sequences are available. A new manual pump function allows you to override automatic features, giving you control over pressure changes during tympanometry, and there are now two tests of eustachian tube function, one for perforated and one for intact eardrums. The AT235h also includes manual and automatic air conduction audiometry. Results are output from the built-in thermal printer or sent to a computer via the newly added USB port.

(800) 947-6334

Avada Introduces Blulink, HearO M Systems

Avada Audiology and Hearing Care Centers, Louisville, Ky, has introduced the Blulink M180 and the HearO M Series, two affordable communication systems designed to keep up with today’s active lifestyles. Both the HearO M Series and Blulink feature small designs, durability, and ease of listening while moving from one environment to another. The Blulink M180 offers hands-free connectivity to Bluetooth-enabled cell phones and other wireless electronic devices. The new HearO M Series, which includes the M100 and M120, is a family of mid-priced hearing instruments suitable for all types of hearing losses within the mild to severe range. The M Series constantly monitors a user’s listening environment to enhance the speech sounds they want to hear, while limiting the annoying background noises that can be so troublesome.

(800) 216-1185

Natural Ear Treatment

MiraCell Inc, Orem, Utah, offers MiraCell natural ear treatment, which eases cerumen removal, makes wearing hearing aids and earmolds more comfortable, and relieves sore, dry, flaking, or itching ears caused by detaching keratin and tympanic membrane plaque. MiraCell Inc offers an income-making opportunity that will reduce returns and remakes.

(800) 748-5040

New Vacuum Cleaner

JodiVac LLC, Portland, Ore, releases its newest vacuum model, the Jodi-Elite. The vacuum has improved performance with more power and runs more quietly than the Jodi-Consumer. Storage and portability have also been improved by having the vacuum hose, needle assembly, and new storage compartment fit into their own boxes. The Jodi-Elite will join the company’s regular line of vacuum systems to continue its commitment to preserving the sound quality of hearing aids by users and hearing aid service providers.

(866) 856-5634

Positive Vibe

In debuting its bold new Vibe hearing instrument, Siemens Hearing Instruments, Piscataway, NJ, clearly was not at all afraid of standing out in the crowd. Offering a selection of 19 colorful and interchangeable covers (and more on the way), Siemens is positioning its Vibe not just as a high-performance piece of technology, but also as a high-profile part of the wearer’s life and lifestyle. With its unique design, it leaves the canal clear as well as the back of the ear and instead sits in the crest where its SoundSmoothing technology reduces transient noise while preserving voices and its eight-channel digital signal processing ensures robust performance and flexibility. The Vibe’s unique microphone is positioned to take advantage of the natural contours of the outer ear, and FeedbackBlocker technology automatically reduces annoying whistling. It uses a 10A battery to minimize weight and size.

(800) 766-4500

Oticon Offering Free Ear Gear

Oticon Pediatrics has expanded its offering of a free Ear Gear hearing aid retention device with each Oticon hearing instrument ordered to cover the full range of its BTEs such as the Oticon Delta, Epoq, and Vigo models. The water-resistant nylon/spandex protective sleeves slip easily over hearing instruments and are comfortable to wear. A corded style Ear Gear that clips to clothing for added security is available for the youngest wearers, from infant through elementary school. Ear Gear allows parents and older youngsters easy access to any active controls by simply sliding the Ear Gear back. If the fit on the hearing aid is tight, controls can be manipulated through the lightweight fabric.

(888) 684-7331

Simplicity System

WCI, Santa Monica, Calif, offers Simplicity, which alerts you to the important sounds of everyday life, from the telephone ringing to the doorbell chime or a baby’s cry. Simple and easy to use, Simplicity’s system comprises attractive signalers working individually or all together, and it’s compatible with other common brands, making it easy to add on to any existing system. Just one of the many assistive devices available from WCI, the “one-stop shop” for hearing technology.

(800) 233-9130 (V/TTY)

What’s Next

Unitron Hearing, Plymouth, Minn, introduced its new Next series comprised of four product lines: Next 16, Next 8, Next 4, and Next E. Next features an advanced feedback management technology across all four product lines that detects and suppresses multiple feedback peaks faster, while maintaining superior sound. This feedback technology provides more useable gain, an expanded fitting range, more open styles, and larger venting for more natural sound, which in turn means more custom product styles are available, including a new Power CIC and full-shell power directional.

(800) 888-8882

Belltone Extends Reach

Beltone Electronics, Glenview, Ill, has introduced its Beltone Reach, the world’s first digital hearing instrument with automatic Smart Beam Steering that automatically adjusts the width of the directional beam based on the location of the noise source. Reach also offers new monitored directionality, which helps patients hear sounds that they want to focus on and monitor sounds from other directions. In addition, the new automatic Smart Beam Steering works with the Speech Spotter, which automatically initiates the directionality when speech signals are challenged by noise sources competing for attention. In this way, the instrument automatically zooms in to focus on speech and switches back to omni-directional mode when directionality is no longer needed. The result for the user is a truly hands-free experience.

(800) 621-1275

Screening Test

AUDiTEC, St Louis, offers a comprehensive central auditory processing screening test, MAPA. Developed in partnership with Dr Ron Schow of Idaho State University, MAPA screens for auditory processing deficits in the areas recognized as integral parts of the processing of auditory information. In addition, it has two versions for retest purposes. MAPA is available in beta form (Beta III) and has normative data.

(800) 669-5306

Tube Riders

Westone Laboratories, Colorado Springs, Colo, is now offering Tube Riders’ “styles for the ears.” Personalize virtually any hearing instrument or cochlear implant with a Tube Rider of the patient’s choice. There are a variety of styles to choose from, and more are being added all the time, so there’s one to satisfy even the choosiest patient. No special tools are required—a ring mounted on the back of the Tube Rider simply slips over the earpiece tube. Tube Riders let kids still feel like kids, even with hearing instruments. Two per package.

(800) 525-5071

Power of the Passion

Passion, the new and first RIC hearing instrument from Widex Hearing Aid Company, Long Island City, NY, offers Integrated Signal Processing (ISP). Automatic Passion hearing aids come in 12 colors and also offer the important NanoCare Wax Guard System for the ultimate protection against wax and moisture. Passion includes the Sound Harmony and Stable Sound Delivery features to provide optimum sound quality for open fittings. Patients can also choose to do a closed fitting.

(800) 221-0188

Custom Earmolds, Earplugs

Hocks Hearing Healthcare Products, Portland, Ore, manufactures a wide variety of earplugs and custom earmolds for swimming, sleeping, and hearing protection, including the Hocks Noise Braker and Pikaso Plugs.

(800) 654-6257;

MacroView Otoscope

Oaktree Products Inc, St Louis, introduces the Welch Allyn Digital MacroView Otoscope. Offering clear, live, and still images of the ear canal and tympanic membrane, the Digital MacroView Otoscope requires no additional purchase of software and plugs directly into your computer via a USB port. A zoom feature allows for enhanced viewing, and digital images can be stored in patient records for enhanced documentation of examination findings. It is compatible with the range of Welch Allyn 3.5V power sources.

(800) 347-1960

GE’s Amplified Phones Find New Distributor

Warner Tech-care Products, Roseville, Minn, has announced it now distributes the Amplified phones of GE whose full line provides a variety of price points and features, including answering machines, visual ringers, expandable handsets, and more.

(800) 328-4757

Hearing Aid Sweat Band

VanB Enterprises, West Valley, NY, offers the Hearing Aid Sweat Band, a disposable, soft-fabric sleeve that protects BTE devices from moisture and other infiltrating contaminants. This spring, the company introduced the “Slim Series” of sweatbands in Mini-Slim, Small-Slim, and Medium-Slim sizes. The Hearing Aid Sweat Band is available in nine sizes, including 5 XL (specifically designed for FM systems), and in six colors. It slips easily over the aid, extending to the microphone, without the need for a tool.

(866) 644-2500


MedRx Inc, Largo, Fla, has introduced a new ergonomic Real Ear and Live Speech Mapping System. The AVANT REM Speech+ includes an improved housing design that is available in black or white. New features include the Sure Probe microphone system with lighted visual cues and an adjustable loop design that will fit any ear, ensuring the probe tube will always be correctly placed in the ear canal. Also new is a selectable dual probe measurement option that allows the user to do live speech mapping on both ears simultaneously. This new device weighs less than a half pound, connects to a USB port, and is NOAH System3,, and TIMS compatible.

(888) 392-1234

Amplified Stethoscope

Beyond Hearing Aids Inc, Florence, Ky, a distributor of amplified stethoscopes and accessories, has years of practical experience working with consumers who have all types of hearing loss. The new Cardionics Escope with specialist diaphragm and bells provides superior sound conduction and allows for a variety of accessories that interface the stethoscope to hearing aids. The new version has a sleeker design and better-output jack placement.

(800) 838-1649

Unique Mail Pieces Available

Chicago Advertising & Marketing (CAM), Yorkville, Ill, now has available two distinct and specialized mail pieces titled “Daisy Mailer” and “Lunch & Learn” that can be customized and used to reach out to your patients. These response-triggering mailers are available for review on CAM’s Web site.

(800) 778-9300

Bell Hearing Introduces Digital BTE

In addition to its popular custom product line of instruments, Bell Hearing Instruments Inc, Oldsmar, Fla, has introduced a nonprogrammable, 100% digital behind-the-ear instrument. The new BP61 instrument has two trimmers for convenient adjustability, fits mild to moderate hearing losses, and utilizes a small size 13 case.

(800) 535-0516

Digital Series Product Line Expanded

Electronic Shooters Protection, Brighton, Colo, has announced the addition of the Series 3 to its digital series of custom electronic hearing protection. The Series 3 includes several preset tone modes selectable for optimum quality in different sound environments. Volume can also be controlled manually. Several new color choices include safety orange, field green, and black, in addition to tan. Unlike muffs and earplugs, they allow normal hearing and conversation, and advanced shutoff compression circuitry instantly activates at any noise of 90 dB or greater.

(800) 767-7791

Small Audiometer, Big Features

Otovation LLC, King of Prussia, Pa, has announced the release of OTOPod, a wireless diagnostic audiometer whose small size makes it ideal for testing in the office or in a patient setting. Utilizing Bluetooth connectivity, the OTOPod can be used with a variety of transducers and wirelessly connects with a computer running Otovation’s new Symphony software. Features includes manual and automated air and bone conduction testing, and speech testing with prerecorded wordlists.

(866) 686-8284

New Handheld Speech Recognition Device Available

Speak N Read Inc, Tampa, Fla, has announced the release of a handheld portable computer that allows the hard-of-hearing and late-deafened to communicate without the use of sign language or lip reading. The Speak N Read device uses advanced speech-recognition software to convert spoken word into text on the display screen.

(877) 565-0156

Portable Vacuum Pump Kit

Lightning Enterprises, Limington, Me, announces the Lightning Vac Traveler, a completely portable suction system designed for professional hearing aid cleaning and maintenance. New improved design includes the popular Lightning Vac 2 suction unit with blower, vacuum jar desiccator for fast drying, five various needle tips, Slip-Luer with replaceable filter, and durable hard-shell carrying case.

(877) 546-1797

Impression Material

Precision Laboratories, Altamonte Springs, Fla, offers Blue Ultra ear impression silicone cartridges. This thixotropic formula has a low viscosity that resists slumping and distributes the material evenly. Pressure-free delivery eliminates distortion from stretching of the ear. Blue Ultra responds to the increasing need for high-quality ear impressions—a perfect fit for today’s high-tech hearing aids.

(800) 327-4792

Free Web Tool Kit Helps Practices Grow

CareCredit, Costa Mesa, Calif, has developed a new Web Site Tool Kit to help its enrolled practices attract more patients. Practices can use the tools to link to the CareCredit Web site and tap into the more than 700,000 reported unique visits the site gets each month. The Web Site Tool Kit includes graphics and buttons that practices can place on their Web sites to motivate patients to schedule appointments immediately. Practices can use the sample Web pages and sample text included in the kit to create a financial policy section online that lets patients know how easy it is to fit hearing aid technology into their lifestyle and budget. This Web Site Tool Kit is available free to enrolled practices.

(800) 859-9975

Handheld Digital Otoscope

Oaktree Products Inc, St Louis, presents the Dino-Lite, a handheld digital video otoscope that measures 4 inches long and 1.26 inches wide, and uses a USB connection to a Windows-based laptop or desktop computer where still images and video can be saved in JPG, BMP, and AVI formats. Included with the scope is video capture software, five Welch Allyn disposable specula, storage bag, built-in LED light source, and all cables.

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Patient Finder Program

AudioCare Inc, San Diego, presents the AudioCare Patient Finder Program. New patients are the lifeblood of a practice. Future growth and future success helping individuals who have a hearing impairment are directly related to the number of new patients who come to you for help. The AudioCare Patient Finder Program, which blends together multimedia advertising, has a 45-year track record. The components of the Patient Finder Program are: direct-response mail, newspaper ads, and point-of-purchase help.

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Improved Audiometer Is NOAH and TIMS Compatible

MedRx Inc, Largo, Fla, has unveiled the new AVANT A2D+ diagnostic audiometer featuring an advanced ergonomic design that is available in black or white. The AVANT A2D+ is a two-channel, air, bone, and speech audiometer with a new integrated Quick SIN testing feature. This system offers an intuitive user interface for data collection, patient monitoring, and counseling. The PC-based audiometer comes standard with insert ear phones and custom carrying case, and weighs less than a half pound. The AVANT A2D+ is NOAH System3 and TIMS compatible.

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Tax Credit Site Is Live

The Better Hearing Institute (BHI), Washington, DC, has been working on a dedicated Web site to encourage people to contact their representatives and senators in support of the Hearing Aid Tax Credit (HR 2329/S 1410). Unveiled during Better Hearing and Speech Month in May, the site is live and offers a quick and easy way for the hearing health community to express its support for the tax credit. Featuring a simple zip code search function, draft letters, and personalization suggestions, the site provides a voice for the 32 million Americans with hearing loss.

Filltune Bone Conduction Headphones

Harris Communications, Eden Prairie, Minn, announces the availability of Filltune Bone Conduction Headphones. Unlike conventional headphones, Filltune uses magnetostrictive bone conduction technology that vibrates the sense organ directly, thus the listener can pick up high frequencies that are produced in high-quality music. Resting on the user’s temples, the headphones allow the user to feel sound through the inner ear by passing the sound-producing vibrations to the skull. It comes with a remote control that not only adjusts the volume, but has its own amplifier to produce better output, delivering up to 0.76 watts to each channel. It is fully compatible with any audio source that has a 3.5 mm stereo mini-jack.

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Custom Analog Line

Bell Hearing Instruments Inc, Oldsmar, Fla, continues to produce a full line of custom analog Class A, Class B, and Class D products. Custom instrument styles range from CIC to ITE, fit a wide range of hearing losses, and have numerous options to choose from.

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Digital Sound Level Meter Debuts

Hearing Technologies, Pinellas Park, Fla, introduced the SL-824, a new Digital Sound Level Meter at the AAA show in April. The SL-824, ANSI accredited, is a portable and lightweight instrument available for use in a variety of sound measurement applications.

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Performance Meets Style

Unitron Hearing US, Plymouth, Minn, offers its Moxi line of Canal Receiver Technology hearing instruments featuring a comprehensive fitting range and a choice of two receivers to satisfy patients with hearing loss from mild to severe. Thirty-seven percent smaller than traditional BTEs, Moxi instruments feature a choice of volume control or a program button that is incorporated into the battery door, allowing them to be tailored to individual preferences.

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Hearing Protection for Small Ear Canals

Etymotic Research, Elk Grove Village, Ill, offers a second size of high-fidelity hearing protection for children and adults with small ear canals. The earplugs, called BabyBlues, have the same flat 20-dB sound reduction as Etymotic’s standard ETYPlugs HI-FI earplugs. All earplugs from Etymotic are flat attenuation to protect hearing and reduce noise fatigue while keeping music and voices clear, and can be used for playing and listening to music, attending concerts, and traveling.

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Portable UV Cure Unit

Lightning Enterprises, Limington, Me, announces Spotty-P, a portable UV LED cure system capable of curing UV lacquers, coatings, and adhesives. The Spotty-P system includes handpiece, LED cure head, white light inspection head, 120V wall transformer, and nine-volt battery pack for remote operation. UV safety glasses and a hard shell carrying case are included. The case measures just 12 x 8 inches and includes extra space for tools and UV materials.

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ALD Marketing Products

Beyond Hearing Aids, Florence, Ky, offers several ALD print products for professionals. A stylish poster, catalog, brochures, and telephone demonstration board that describe the benefits of ALDs are available. The poster can be placed outside the testing booth for family members to see, helping them begin a conversation on ALDs and how the devices may be helpful. Measures 17 x 24 inches.

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