Ultra-thin Tube Open Fitting Option
Oticon, Somerset, NJ, introduces Oticon Corda, an ultra-thin tube, open fitting option. Oticon’s three BTEs—Syncro, Tego Pro, and Tego—can all be fitted with Corda. The thin tube provides completely open fittings for people with mild to moderate or high frequency hearing loss. It offers occlusion- and feedback-free wearing comfort through Oticon’s OpenEar Acoustics™ system. Corda comes in a toolbox that offers tubes and domes in different lengths and sizes. (800) 526-3921; www.oticonus.com.

 Mid-Range Digital Instrument
Siemens Hearing Instruments, Piscataway, NJ, introduces ARTIS™, a new family of higher-end mid-range digital hearing instruments. ARTIS offers 12-channel digital noise management, automatic and adaptive directional microphones, and high-speed phase cancellation feedback management. Select ARTIS BTE and custom models offer AutoPhone, which switches to a telephone or telecoil program when used with hearing aid compatible telephones. It is also available with e2e wireless™ technology for patients with binaural fitting needs. (800) 766-4500; www.usa.siemens.com/hearing.

 Portable Amplifier
Clarity, Chattanooga, Tenn, offers the CE225, a portable telephone amplifier. Designed for those people on the go, CE225 is lightweight and inserts between the handset and base of any corded telephone that has a dial pad located in its base, providing users with up to 28 decibels of amplification. This ergonomic device uses Clarity® Power™ technology to make words clearer and easier to understand. It uses two AAA batteries. (800) 544-4660; www.clarityproducts.com.

 Rechargeable Hearing Device
Magnatone, Casselberry, Fla, offers the Liberty Rechargeable System. Combining digital and programmable technology, a patient’s hearing instrument can be placed in the charging case to be recharged for up to 16 hours. The system utilizes an advanced nickel-metal hydride cell designed to avoid dealing with replacing batteries. (800) 789-6543; www.magnatone.com.

 Bone Conduction Instrument
United Hearing Systems, Central Village, Conn, offers TransEar™, a digital trans-cranial bone conduction hearing instrument for patients with single-sided deafness. TransEar uses a miniature vibrator in the ear canal to send amplified sound through the skull to the user’s good ear. The device, which looks like a conventional BTE, does not require surgery, a bulky headpiece, and leaves the good ear unoccluded. (800) 835-2001; www.transear.com.

 Hand-Held Screening Device
EarPeace Technologies Inc, Castro Valley, Calif, offers the H3SD. This lightweight, portable hearing screening device is a hand-held tool that can be used in the office, given to patients to use at home, or provided to associated health care professionals. It has a fully calibrated, four-frequency pulsed tone generator to test 40 dB HL at 500 Hz, 1000 Hz, 2000 Hz, and 4000 Hz. H3SD comes with a 3-year battery life. (800) 821-0131; www.EarPeaceTech.com.

 Portable Audiometers
Maico Diagnostics, Eden Prairie, Minn, offers the MA 39, MA 40, MA 41, and MA 42 portable audiometers. The devices range from a basic air conduction unit to a combination of air-bone or air-bone-speech to a complete two-channel air-bone-speech audiometer with master hearing aid capabilities. All feature electronic switches, insert phones capability, built-in RS 232 interface for PC and NOAH compatibility, and a lightweight, portable soft case. (888) 941-4201; www.maico-diagnostics.com.

 Extended High-Frequency Device
Rexton, Plymouth, Minn, offers the Regatta2 EHF. This extended high-frequency digital device offers three personalized listening environments that can be programmed to the patient’s needs. It features the OptiFit fitting protocol to allow for parameter modifications; adaptive noise reduction; speech preservation; an adaptive directional microphone option; and transducer technology. (800) 876-1141; www.rexton-online.com.

 Updated Otoscope
Welch Allyn, Skaneateles Falls, NY, offers the MacroView™ Otoscope. The otoscope features a wide field of view, default focus position, an adjustable focus wheel, Tip Grip technology to ensure ear specula are fastened securely, a disposable or reusable ear specula, insufflation port for pneumatic otoscopy, and an optional throat illuminator. (800) 535-6663; www.welchallyn.com/macroview.

 PC-based Audiometer
Interacoustics, Eden Prairie, Minn, offers the Equinox, a stand-alone PC-based audiometer. Equinox can be used with the AC440 audiometry software to yield a full two-channel clinical audiometer. It features multiple transducers, amplification for free-field speakers, and patient assistant communication. It can interface with NOAH or the Interacoustics IABaseII database software to store and retrieve data. Equinox includes a standard USB cable, and power cable 120V or 230V. (800) 947-6334; www.interacoustics-us.com.

 Diagnostic Audiometer
GN Otometrics, Schaumburg, Ill, offers the MADSEN Itera™ II diagnostic audiometer. It features a Hearing Instrument Simulator (HIS), replacing the Master Hearing Aid option; an automatic set-up option to expedite the simulation process; and improved sound quality. Through its sensitive amplification feature, as well a compression function, audiologists can hear their patients through the diagnostic process. The new device features filmware upgrades, rotary knob for tactile feedback, and a single button for switching between right and left ear testing. (847) 534-2150; www.gnotometrics.com.

 OTE Hearing Instrument
Starkey Laboratories, Eden Prairie, Minn, offers the Aspect OTE. Aspect is worn above and behind the ear, and features ultra-thin tubing, an open earbud to carry sound into the ear canal, and very small metrics. The receiver is located in the instrument to help prevent damage. Aspect features technology to reduce low-level microphone and environmental sounds, feedback management, and a programming cable to connect directly to Hi-Pro, NOAHlink, PFS Connect, and StarConnect. (800) 328-8602; www.starkey.com.