Ron Bain: President AudioCare

Ron Bain, president of AudioCare, San Diego, Calif, talks about the services provided by his family-operated hearing aid marketing company.

q Why was AudioCare started?
a Success in business comes as a result of finding a need and providing a solution to that need. A hearing aid is a product no one wants being sold to people who won’t admit they have a problem. A person experiencing hearing loss is reluctant to raise their hand and ask for help. Hearing aids are not purchased, they must be sold. And before the dispenser can provide his or her services, the prospective patient must be found. Advertising must be professional and at the same time provide the motivation necessary to cause people with hearing impairment to respond. AudioCare’s “Patient Finder” programs are designed to fulfill these needs.

q What should dispensing professionals expect when they become an AudioCare customer?
a Our number one goal of the AudioCare “Patient Finder” program is that no patient leaves unhappy. Just like the dispenser, we live and die by our reputation. No matter how proficient we may be at selling the product, if patients are unhappy, we won’t be invited back.

Our second goal is to generate revenue and a substantial profit for the dispenser. Similar to the successful dispenser, our business has been built on referrals. The dispensing professional can expect and will receive high-quality effort backed by integrity from every member of the AudioCare team.

q What services do you offer your customers?
a Our “Patient Finder” programs differ depending on our customer’s needs. We use a multimedia approach to marketing. We design direct-response mail and newspaper ads, and recommend other professionals who make prospective patient courtesy calls. We tailor our “Patient Finder” marketing to match the marketing philosophy of the dispenser. Once the need of the dispenser has been analyzed, we create a turnkey program. It costs the dispenser nothing to check us out.

 Dave Davis: President OTOVATION LLC

HR spoke with Dave Davis, president of OTOVATION™ LLC, Lederach, Pa, about the company’s products and future goals.

q Tell us about OTOVATION.
a Otovation is an outgrowth of Sensory Arts & Science, the company that developed and commercialized the Pocket Hearo®. After seeing how much attention and traction the Pocket Hearo experienced in the months following launch, we formed Otovation in August 2003 to continue enhancing the product and to develop additional innovative products for the hearing care market. Since that time, the company has begun to gain a positive reputation as an innovator, and for our strong belief in listening to our customers and partners and giving them what they want.

q Which of your products are you most excited about?
a I’m excited about the success of the Pocket Hearo. The Pocket Hearo makes it easy to do the things that are normally done when seeing a patient, like perform a hearing test, print a full-page report, review calendars, and schedule appointments—all on one pocket-sized device.

We’re also working on some very exciting new products that will provide some real benefits in diagnostic testing. The OTOSPHERE™, which will launch in 2005, is an air, bone, and speech clinical audiometer that is truly portable and contains some other unique features. We’ve already had discussions with several prominent hearing aid manufacturers about incorporating the Otosphere as part of their fitting solutions.

q Where you do see your company in 5 years?
a We aspire to become an acknowledged innovator, and provide some new and fresh ideas because of our technology vision. In 5 years, I hope we’ll have achieved the kind of brand equity and reputation that our name signifies, and I hope we’ll be making a significant contribution to the industry and patient well-being. I’m very pleased with our start, and our future is quite promising.