productWireless Technology
Dspfactory Ltd, Waterloo, Ontario, introduces the second generation of its SignaKlara platform technology, designed to give greater fidelity and increased computational power within a compact one-chip footprint. The SignaKlara 2 technology integrates digital and analog conversions and signal processing into a single, sub-quarter-micron chip. The product is said to provide improved sound clarity in half the space of its two-chip predecessor, enabling an evolution toward increasingly miniature, yet more capable, wearable communication devices. The SignaKlara 2 will also form the backbone of OEM products that the company will be launching in the weeks and months ahead for the hearing aid, headset, and hands-free personal portable audio OEM markets, as well as for a range of industrial sensor markets.

productTinnitus Control Instrument
Siemens Hearing Solutions, Piscataway, NJ, presents the Sereniti™ TCI C. This product is designed to assist patients in managing tinnitus and hearing loss by combining the appropriate methods of therapy or counseling with a sound generator. The instrument produces a pleasant and soothing therapeutic sound that helps to refocus and relieve the discomfort associated with tinnitus. Featuring a programmable volume control, the TCI C is a fully digital 4-channel programmable sound generator combined with a high quality hearing instrument, and is available in BTE, ITE, ITC, and half-shell models.

productCell Phone Headset
GN ReSound, Bloomington, Minn, introduces the BT100-TC Bluetooth cell phone headset, a wireless bi-directional audio link for hearing instruments. The product employs wireless communication that is independent from cable connections, and operates with a radius of 30 feet between cell phones, handheld products, and computers. The Bluetooth reportedly works with all hearing aids that have a telecoil. An acoustic loudspeaker is kept in the headset so it can be used with hearing instruments that do not contain a telecoil if the aids have a good feedback management system, as well as by individuals with normal hearing. In addition, the product provides hearing instrument wearers with an ergonomic and flexible headset design, which includes an adapter between the headset, instrument, and ear. The product is also lightweight, weighing one ounce.

productZinc Hearing Aid Battery
Energizer, St Louis, offers its new Hi-Humidity zinc air battery, designed to combat problems caused by high humidity. This new product line is available in four sizes: A10HH, A13HH, A312HH, and A675HH, and provides hearing aid users extended battery life with maximum reliability when used in a humid environment. It was tested in high-humidity countries such as Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, the Philippines, and Vietnam. The batteries are also recommend for use in high power and standard hearing aids.

productSoftware Management
MedRx Inc, Seminole, Fla, presents the DSM Pro™, a software management product that is designed to easily interface with a computer via the USB port. Using the product, the practitioner has the ability to utilize fitting protocols such as live speech mapping. Other features include a hearing loss simulator and hearing instrument simulator. The DSM Pro™ also comes equipped with tympanometry and video otoscopy modules, and is NOAH™ compatible.

productDigital Hearing Instrument
Rexton, Plymouth, Minn, introduces the Voyage™ digital hearing instrument. This new product features: four programmable memories; the Delta-Logic™ fitting protocol; 16-channel gain adjustments; 16-channel adaptive noise and microphone noise reduction; six independent compression areas with flexible crossover frequencies; adjustable feedback notch filter; automatic anti-feedback algorithm; low battery and memory alert tones; power on delay; programmable volume control; 16-channel speech preservation; and 16-channel broadband AGC-O.