photoSound Level Meter
Quest Technologies, Oconomowoc, WI, introduces a sound level meter, Model 210. The meter is affordable and easy-to-use for laboratory, community, military and industrial measurements, according to the company. The meter has a large LCD display measuring range of 40 – 130 dB and readings in 0.1 dB increments.

Amplification System
Custom AllHear Systems, Inc., Lynnwood, WA, introduces a ceiling speaker classroom amplification system designed for speech intelligibility and sound distribution. Each system has the amplifier, receiver, and Telex SF-60 transmitter built into the ceiling speaker. The company says it has been used successfully in libraries, computer labs and gymnasiums. It is said to be reliable, user friendly and easy to install and move.

photoBetadine Prepstick Applicator
The Purdue Frederick Company, Norwalk, CT, announces a new applicator known as Betadine PrepStick PLUS. The applicator’s unique design allows the desired amount of solution to be released by gently squeezing the handle between the thumb and forefinger. This action breaks the patented seal and saturates the foam swab-tip. It is 4 inches long and its handle is filled with antiseptic solution for clean and accurate prepping.

Mobile Computing Software
Teltronics, Inc., Sarasota, FL, announced its subsidiary, Interactive Solutions, Inc. (ISI), has developed a new mobile computing software known as MentisSoft iCommunicator system designed to make verbal communications possible between a person with normal hearing and a person with hearing impairment or profound deafness. The device is said to improve comprehension of spoken language and to teach reading, speech skills and sign language. iCommunicator converts speech into text, video-sign language and computer generated speech. The data is synchronized and changed into a format that allows one to understand what is spoken.

photoOAE Systems
Bio-logic Systems Corp., Mundelein, IL, introduces three new products: Navigator Pro, ABaer (Automated Brainstem Auditory Evoked Response) and Transient OAE Otoacoustic Emissions (TAOAE) for hearing screenings.

Navigator Pro is a portable diagnostic platform with multiple screening options. Hearing care professionals can use this device on those patients who fail two or more screening tests.

ABaer offers three screening methodologies in a single platform. It can detect hearing loss at birth, according to the company. It is also used for patients who fail more than two screening tests.

photoReusable Earplugs
Dalloz Safety, Reading, PA, releases a new eight-page, four color brochure on the new Bilsom 555/556 reusable earplugs intended to protect against noise in construction environment. Reportedly the earplugs are color-coded and are available in small and medium/ large sizes. The brochure also offers information on other popular Bilsom reusable earplugs, the Per-Fit Sound Silencer and Quietzone models, PerCap canal caps, and disposable earplugs including the 200 Series Eardown and 300 Series foam versions. For more information contact Dalloz’s website at

Neonatal Hearing System
Hal-Hen, Garden City Park, NY, announces the availability of a neonatal hearing system called the Noise Stik I designed to detect infant hearing loss. The instrument is for use in the hospital’s neonatal ward, baby clinic, nursery and other places where on-site hearing screening is required. According to the company, the instrument’s 60 dB or 90 dB controlled burst of calibrated “white noise” of 2,000 Hz to 4,000 Hz centered around 3,000 HZ provides the testing stimulus. A spontaneous reflex action from the infant provides an indication of a response. The tool is compact in size and is powered by battery.

Sound & Vibration Analysis Platform
Larson Davis, Inc., Provo, UT, introduces a new sound and vibration analysis platform named ViRTeTM 3000. It offers a visual real time environment with DNATM software controlling an expandable analysis pod. The analyzer is ideal for rapid, PC-controlled acoustic and vibration data acquisition and transfer, according to the company. It benefits from an existing application base developed along with DNATM: sound power, acoustic intensity and mapping materials testing, transient analysis, building acoustics, environmental noise measurement, etc. ViRTeTM 3000 platforms include the 3000 remote pod and the 3000+ RTA, which features a user interface for autonomous measurements. Both versions reportedly offer rapid parallel communication with DNATM PC software.

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