In this special Web guide, The Hearing Review shines a spotlight on Web sites for various hearing health care companies. In addition to offering a visual preview of what each site looks like, we have provided readers with a snapshot of what each site offers, including information about product descriptions and links to related industry information. To obtain more information on these products, fill out the Reader Service Card found between pages 66 and 67.

Web siteCareCredit
Visit  to learn how you can increase acceptance of recommended care and optimal technology by offering CareCredit no interest and low interest payment plans. The site features information on how CareCredit can benefit your practice and your patients, a description of the payment plans available, a practice resource center, and the opportunity to enroll your practice on-line.

Web siteDeltek Electronics
Deltek Electronics offers a complete product guide at  Featured on the site are descriptions of the company’s switches, trimmers, volume controls, telecoils, and programming accessories. Also featured is a product finder, a product comparison, a calendar of events, a complete FAQ, and a company overview. 

Web siteE-A-R Auditory Systems
The E-A-R® Auditory Systems Web site features a new “Frequently Asked Questions” (FAQ) section. The site also includes the complete texts of the E-A-RTONE® Insert earphone instruction booklets, product information about E-A-RLINK® eartips, E-A-RTEMP™ temporary B-T-E instrument couplers, and the professional musician’s E-A-R Plug. Updated listings of US and international distributors are available, as well as an email link for comments and technical support. Visit the site at  

Web siteEtymotic Research
Etymotic’s Web site, located at,   features a wide variety of detailed product descriptions, including separate informational sections for musicians, hi-fi enthusiasts, hearing aid users, hearing professionals, and partners and distributors. Each section contains a product list, ordering information, an information exchange, several articles and reviews, an FYI, and a full glossary. 

Web siteEntific
Offering detailed information about the BAHA® system,   features patient testimonials, FAQs, product guides, and access to the latest US news about the only implanted treatment for hearing loss that uses direct bone conduction. With free registration, consumers can access a searchable, nationwide database of BAHA physicians, while clinicians can utilize a picture library and order reprints and publications online. 

Web siteFrye Electronics
Frye Electronics, manufacturers of FONIX hearing aid analyzers and audiometers, offers full product descriptions and analysis, news, an online library, and support at its Web site,  In addition (and on the lighter side of things), the site features a photo album and a Frye Electronics Museum page that offers a short history of the company in addition to descriptions of some of the company’s past products. The library features workbooks and quick reference manuals, as well as FONIX operator’s and maintenance manuals. 

Web siteGN ReSound
The GN ReSound site currently offers separate sections for professionals and consumers. The professional site features full instructions on becoming a GN ReSound partner, as well as highlights of the company’s many products, such as the ReSound AIR, Canta, and NewTone instruments. There is also an FAQ, Tech tips and reports, and training and business forums. Consumers can access the same information, but can also read articles on understanding hearing and hearing loss, how to get a hearing instrument, and how to maintain instruments. Consumer testimonials are also included.

Web siteJodi-Vac
Jodi-vac, Portland, Ore, offers a wide variety of information on its hearing aid vacuum cleaners at  Available on this site is a guide to the Jodi®, Jodi Pro®, and Jodi® XL products, along with comprehensive information, including color illustrations, on how the company’s products work. Visitors can also access an FAQ section and can purchase products directly from the site. 

Web siteLightning Enterprises
Lightning Enterprises develops and manufactures hearing aid repair products and equipment, and offers a Web site which includes company and product information, new product announcements, “Web site-only” special offers and promotions, newsletter subscription, industry articles, and distributor information. This certified site also includes account generation and secure online shopping for convenience.

Web siteHITEC
Welcome to, the source for unique, specialized communication, vision and mobility equipment for home, office, school and travel. HITEC has been providing innovative product solutions for over 20 years. The company is committed to breaking down all barriers to communication technology for people with hearing loss by listening to the needs of customers and responding with solutions that work.  

Web siteHearing HealthCare News  is the home page for the Hearing HealthCare News (for patients) and Audiology HealthCare News (for physicians) Web newsletters. The comprehensive site contains a full library, an FAQ page, subscriber quotes, survey results, updated HIPAA information, and much more.

Web siteLotus Technology
Lotus Technology Inc features a news page and specific product descriptions at  Product specifications are included for the following products: Lotus Legacy, Lotus AGC, non-programmable WDRC, non-programmable Linear Class D and Class H, Lotus Push-Pull, and Lotus Digital Century. Full-color images depict most of the products. 

Web siteMicro Audiometrics
Micro Audiometrics Corp maintains its Web presence at   On this site, users will find news, a pricing guide, and complete product gallery, which describes the company’s audiometers, acoustic impedance audiometers, pure-tone audiometers, and compatible software. Also included is a complete guide to upcoming tradeshows where the company will be exhibiting. 

Web siteOticon
Oticon Inc’s Web site offers both hearing care professional and patients in-depth information on Oticon products, such as Adapto, Gaia, Atlas, and programs such as OtiKids. Patients can find a local hearing care professional through the use of the Hearing Center Locator, featured prominently on the home page. Hearing care professionals have access to Oticon’s password-protected Professional Corner, which provides access to customer account information, warranty information, product materials, and order status. The Oticon Web site also provides an interactive demonstration tool on hearing and hearing loss which can easily be shown to patients during office visits. Come take a tour of the site and learn what Oticon can provide for you and your patients.  

Web siteSeboTek
SeboTek Hearing Systems LLC offers a comprehensive Web site at  The professional site includes technical support information, online purchasing, training materials, and product specifications. Featured is the post auricular canal (PAC) system, a discreet instrument that offers deep canal fitting, superior acoustics, reduction of squealing/feedback, and reduction of occlusion effect. 

Web siteSiemens Hearing Instruments
mySiemens eBusiness services, at   is a one-stop shop for all your Siemens solutions. Formerly [email protected], the newly redesigned mySiemens is more user-friendly than ever before, so you can get where you need to go quickly and simply. With brand new features and enhanced favorites such as the e-form for ordering custom instruments, and a shopping section with more options for ordering BTEs and other stock items, mySiemens is designed to increase productivity and save time. Other time-saving features include online account management, order tracking, statement alerts, online courses, and more.

Web siteRayovac
Visit Rayovac ProLine’s Web site at,   and learn about the hearing care professional locator, which directs consumers right to your door. The site also includes order entry and status capabilities, as well as information on your ProLine representative. Also find out about the battery club and exclusive foldover notecard program.

Web siteRexton
Rexton, Plymouth, Minn, features the company’s extensive product line in an easy-to-navigate format at  This Web site is an informational tool for both consumers and professionals. In addition, for those looking to conduct business via the Web, allows hearing care professionals to manage their account online. 

Web siteSonic Innovations
The SONIC innovations Web site,,     offers easy navigation for either the professional or the consumer. The “Locate a Dispenser” section has recently been updated to allow consumers to search by city and state, state alone, or zip code. Additionally, there is a Web feature that enables a consumer to search for a hearing care professional who specifically offers NATURA® 2 SE, ALTAIR®, TRIBUTE™ or adesso™ hearing aids. 

Web siteUnitron Hearing
The Unitron Hearing Web site,,   offers in-depth product information, news, and resources to assist people concerned with hearing loss and hearing health care professionals. The site provides overviews of how hearing works, the company’s latest digital products, Liaison, Conversa, and Unison, and the Kids Klub and Parents’ Support Corner ( Practical fitting solutions, seminars, and tips on marketing and growing your practice are also featured. 

Web siteGennum
Visitors to  can view a colorful guide to Gennum Corp and its product line. Highlighted is the GenBlue, part of the company’s family of Bluetooth modules. In addition, the site features Gennum’s other digital and analog products, software, packaging services, and technical documentation for each of its hearing instruments. 

Web sitePhonak
Phonak Hearing Systems welcomes visitors to its Web site at  The site offers a product description section, highlighting the company’s Supero digital hearing aid. In addition, the site has separate sections for children and investors, as well as a media center featuring up-to-date news stories and features about Phonak products. 

Web siteVivosonic
Vivosonic invites Web surfers to visit    for a detailed look at its clinical OAEs with screening capabilities. Along with current news releases, the Web site offers information on the VivoScan™ line of products, which includes the Vivo 200 DPS, Vivo 210, Vivo 250, and Vivo 600 R. Also included is an “Ask Dr. Vivo” section, where clinical questions are answered by audiologists. 

Web siteWalker/Ameriphone
Visitors to  can learn about the CL-40 Amplified Cordless Telephone, which amplifies incoming sounds up to 100 times (40 dB) louder and contains an adjustable tone control providing the optimum word clarity. Visitors to the site can also learn about other products, browse news, and offer their feedback.

Web siteStarkey
The Starkey Web site,, features different sections designed to help both customers and hearing care professionals. In addition to answering questions about hearing loss, the site offers a guide to locating a hearing professional, complete company and product information, and a section on the Starkey Hearing Alliance Network.