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HITEC Group International, recognized as one of the largest independent distributors of assistive hearing devices in the United States, has recently introduced its first signature product line for people with hearing loss—new, innovative, and cost-effective ClearSounds® Communications products—as a complement to, or for use without, a hearing aid. ClearSounds products combine functionality with style and versatility, and enable people with hearing loss to stay connected, involved, and productive in their personal and professional lives as well as enjoying the benefits of the latest technology on the market. “There is nothing more frustrating than identifying a problem, such as hearing loss, and not knowing about all of the options and technology available to you. Our new line of assistive listening devices (ALDs) fill in the gaps when one’s hearing aid does not provide the ideal—or entire—solution, and also has features that before were available only on retail products made for the masses,” says Michele Ahlman, vice president of HITEC. “The market for such products is large and growing steadily larger as Baby Boomers age. Self Help for Hard of Hearing People, or SHHH, reports that every 7 seconds a Baby Boomer turns 50 years old, contributing to the current epidemic stats on hearing loss. People with hearing loss need to be educated by their audiologist about complementary targeted ALDs—getting out of bed, talking on the telephone, listening to TV, enjoying dinner with friends, meetings, the theater, and movies—these are just a few of the lifestyle situations for which a hearing aid may not be the only solution for optimum hearing. If a secondary ALD solution is not purchased and used in situations where a hearing aid is not sufficient (for example, hearing aids do not completely screen out background noise, or work with telephones without t-coils), people are likely to return their hearing aid, thinking it does not work, and live with untreated hearing loss, which causes a cyclical problem—the less that we hear, the more frustrating it gets to communicate; the less that we communicate, the more we withdraw; the more that we withdraw, the more frustrated and lonely we become—a painful circle.”

 The Solutions
ClearSounds Amplified Freedom Phone with Caller ID:
sleek and attractive, it enables you to confidently talk on the telephone without missing a word. With all of the features found in mass marketed phones, like caller ID on a large LCD screen and memory storage along with a flashing ring signaler, maximum amplification, and sound-shaping tone control, it has enhancements not available with any other amplified telephone on the market. For people who wear hearing aids but are still having trouble hearing on the phone, or for people who remove their hearing aids or do not wear hearing aids, the ClearSounds Amplified Freedom Phone is the perfect solution. Optional bed-shaker ring signaler and hearing aid compatible. Also available: ClearSounds Amplified Liberty Trimline Phone, the practical and cost-effective solution for people with mild to moderate hearing loss; its streamlined features include flexible volume control, visual ring indicator, and large, easy-to-read number keys. Hearing aid compatible.

ClearSounds Amplified Phone Ring Signaler: attaches to any existing phone and relieves the stress of missing important calls when you can’t hear the phone ring; delivers a forceful tone that directs you immediately to the phone, combined with a bright strobe that works in coordination with the ring tone to attract your attention. This is a critical product if you remove your hearing aids and can not hear the phone ring, or you do not wear hearing aids or are in a loud environment. Optional vibrating ring signaler.

ClearSounds Portable Telephone Amplifier: features volume control, tone control, and boost button; it attaches to corded phones so you can increase the incoming volume and shape the tone of any call, enabling you to hear each word clearly and feel confident in your ability to connect. Its light and compact size makes it easy to carry, so you are prepared to talk anytime, anywhere. Easy installation.

ClearSounds Sound Wizard II Complete Communication System: the first Sound Wizard was made by HITEC in 1992, and became so popular that the next generation was added to the product line. This is the most important product on the market today to help increase the socialization of people with hearing loss who do not want to wear—and/or pay the price for—the powerful but unsightly hearing aid outside the ear; this product enables them to keep connected to life: a powerful amplifier that enables you to hear clearly in every situation throughout your day while screening out background noise. In coordination with the Phone Module, Infrared Module, and other optional accessories, the Sound Wizard II unit adapts to your lifestyle and transforms muffled sounds into clear reception for clear communication—from business meetings to theater performances to talking on the phone. With directional mic (for one-on-one conversations, or to focus in on one speaker) or an omnidirectional mic (for meetings, classrooms, and fitness classes), it also features dual headset jacks, which enables two people to use the device simultaneously, without any reduction in output (two can listen to TV together, take a phone call together, or enjoy the theater or a movie together).

ClearSounds Wake & Shake Alarm Clock/Signaling System: addresses a major problem for people with hearing loss who may not wear their hearing aid at night; this extraordinary clock features a choice of loud tones, flashing strobe, and vibrating pad to guarantee that you will never again be late for business appointments or personal events. In addition, it allows you to plug it into the wall jack for telephone ring signaling.