Earmold Material
Westone Laboratories, Inc, Colorado Springs, Colo, offers OtoBlast earmold material. OtoBlast material is soft and durable, and can be used on any BTE instrument, regardless of earmold style. Using a water clear silicone earmold material as a base, Westone offers OtoBlast in 298 color combinations. (800) 525-5071; www.westone.com/hhe.

 Software Update
Audina® Hearing Instruments, Inc, Longwood, Fla, offers a software update for ezFIT: ezFIT, version 4.12 certified for NOAH 2 and NOAH 3. Audiologists and dispensers will be able to use the new software to program a wide range of programmable and digital hearing aids. eZFit, version 4.12, is available in English, Spanish, French and Portuguese. (800) 223-7700; www.audina.net.

 Children’s Audiometer
Maico Diagnostics, Eden Prairie, Minn, introduces the Digital Pilot Test, an audiometer designed for screening preschool and grade-school children. The Digital Pilot Test uses MP3 technology, and features tests in English and Spanish. The testing process is a game that begins when the patient puts on the headphones and is asked to help the pilot fly the plane by pointing out different objects on a picture board. It is scored based on how many accurate answers are given as the sound level decreases. (888) 941-4201; www.maico-diagnostics.com.

 EMI Cancel Pad
Oval Window Audio, Nederland, Colo, offers the EMI Cancel Pad. Placing the EMI Cancel Pad under a hearing aid test box can reduce ambient electromagnetic interference by 10-20 dB. The system features an EMI sensor, cancel pad, signal processor-amplifier, and monitor receiver. (303) 447-3607; www.ovalwindowaudio.com.

 Digital Sound Batteries
iCellTech, Seoul, Korea, offers digital sound batteries. The batteries feature a longer life span in high current drain applications, a higher operating voltage, and an increased voltage reserve to the 1.1 V cut-off limit of the latest digital hearing aids. +82 2 3665 6962; [email protected]www.icelltech.com.

innovations in

 Latest Innovations at Sonion
Sonion, Minnetonka, Minn, presents the 3000 receiver family that is designed to define new boundaries and fit the most demanding hearing instrument applications.

The 3100 receiver offers high output and extended bandwidth at half the volume of current technology.

The 3300 balanced twin motor design has output comparable to larger receivers and also reduces vibration without losing acoustic bandwidth. It is designed to provide maximum SPL output with premium performance.

The 3100 and 3300 are available for sampling. For more information, contact (952) 543-8300 or visit www.sonion.com.