productHearing Aid Analyzer Software/Hardware Upgrade
Frye Electronics, Tigard, Ore, announces the release of its version 3.10 software for the FONIX FP35 Hearing Aid Analyzer. This new software includes the NAL-NL1 fitting formula for real ear measurements. NAL-NL1, developed in Australia, is now available in the company’s newest, smallest analyzer. In addition to the new fitting formula, this version of software also provides several different tests of intermodulation distortion. All FP35s may be upgraded. Those with serial number 351 and above can receive an upgrade by e-mail. Older units will have to be returned to the factory for the upgrade since a hardware change is also needed. In addition, the FP35 manual has been rewritten to describe the improvements.

productDigital Hearing Instrument Line
Siemens Hearing Instruments, Piscataway, NJ, introduces the PRISMA™ 2 line of digital hearing instruments. This new line offers flexible 4-channel technology with optimized compression control and output limiting. In addition to the TwinMic directional technology that offers improved performance of its directional microphone system, the PRISMA 2 line includes several other new features, such as a new feedback management system, improved voice activity detection, and acoustic indicators for program change and power management. The system also keeps patients informed about its status by emitting soft signals to tell them when to change batteries.

productDigital Power BTEs
Widex, Long Island City, NY, introduces the Bravo B12 Power and B32 Super Power hearing instruments. The BTEs provide two-channel digital signal processing and proven performance along with a low-battery beep tone indicator, WDRC, high sampling rate, DAI-compatible, equalized and programmable T-coil sensitivity, and a volume control. Both of these models are available in new Widex translucent colors. The Bravo B12 mini-BTE model is recommended for moderate to profound hearing losses. The Bravo B32 BTE model is recommended for severe-to-profound hearing losses.

productPortable Screening Product
Sensory Arts & Science, Lederach, Pa, introduces the Pocket Hearo, a patent-pending system that provides educational information, and an accurate puretone audiometric test for hearing self-assessment. The Pocket Hearo is currently certified for the HP/Compaq iPAQTM line of PocketPC’s, and is suitable for the screening of employees, students, and general consumers. The portable hearing screening product adheres to ANSI standards for audiometry testing, and is certified with industry-standard professional headphones. It runs on a PocketPC, and data is stored on a Web server where the educational content, demographics, and test results are managed by an administration feature. The system is secure and fully configurable, with options to customize both content and appearance.

productAudiology Management Software
Online Claims Inc, Billings, Mont, has joined forces with Computers Unlimited, developer and supplier of TIMS total information management software, to improve and expand the company’s Office Management for Audiology (OMA) software. This product has now been absorbed into CU’s family of TIMS products with a slightly revised name: TIMS for Audiology—Online Claims. A new software logo and sales material have been developed. The staff of Online Claims Inc has relocated to CU’s Billings-based corporate headquarters, and its founder and president Tom Robbins will join the CU staff as senior manager of business development. The company’s phone and fax numbers and its Web address,, will remain the same.

productText Telephone
Walker, Chattanooga, Tenn, a division of Plantronics Inc, introduces the Ameriphone Q90®D Mobile TTY. This lightweight, portable TTY is designed to work with the new generation of TTY-compatible digital cellular telephones that were introduced this summer. The Q90®D connects to a TTY-compatible digital cell telephone and is used to send text over the telephone lines, allowing a deaf or hard-of-hearing person to communicate directly over the telephone. Relay service allows the TTY user to converse with the person on the other end, whether that person also has a TTY, or, in some circumstances, a TTY-compatible computer or a standard telephone. The device offers all the benefits of Ameriphone’s previous mobile TTYs, plus a text answering machine. Other features include: full-sized keyboard with 68 full-sized keys; large, high contrast, two line 48-character display with backlighting for easy reading; and built-in microphone for hands-free voice carry over calls.