f05a.jpg (7608 bytes)The International Hearing Society’s (IHS) 50th Annual Convention will be held at the Hyatt Regency on the Riverwalk in Chicago on September 12-16. Whether or not you’ll be attending the convention, The Hearing Review invites you to take the following SNEAK PREVIEW of the latest technology being introduced by companies during the event. To learn more about the products and services featured below, visit the exhibits and/or use the enclosed Action Card (found in the front and back of this magazine). Descriptions of products and services listed below were provided by the companies upon request of The Hearing Review.

Booths 501 and 503
Argosy and Lori will offer a demonstration of their Nexus and Axiom hearing instruments. Featuring SNR enhancement, the Axiom reportedly adapts to provide an optimal hearing instrument for each listening situation. The Nexus is designed to offer cleaner and clearer sound quality and increased comfort in noise through adaptive, intelligent, narrow-band noise suppression. Both instruments can be upgraded through software as the latest advancements become available. Argosy: Eden Prairie, MN; (800) 328-6105; Lori: Golden Valley, MN; (800) 888-8882

Booths 603 and 605
Audina will feature its Nueve Digital, which reportedly features nine channels, expansion technology, and fast-acting narrow-band compression; the DynamEQII Programmable, featuring dual-band WDRC; the AGC-o programmable, offering compression limiting or a linear mode of operation; the ezHEAR, a modular mini-canal that includes a rotating tip to accommodate a right- or left-ear fitting; and BTEs with numerous circuitry and sizes available. Longwood, FL; (800) 223-7700

Booth 701
Audioscan invites attendees to see what’s new at its booth. The company’s real-ear/hearing aid analyzers are designed to help hearing health care professionals fit all types of hearing instruments, including digitals. In addition, each unit provides advanced coupler and real-ear tests, plus the ability to share data via NOAH. The company reports that fittings are enhanced with integrated insertion gain and DSL fitting methods, unique test signals and clear graphic displays. Dorchester, Ontario, Canada; (800) 265-2093

Authorized Hearing Systems
Booth 505
Authorized Hearing Systems invites attendees to visit its booth and learn how to fit clients with its UltraLink Express. This instant-fit product is available with five differently-sized, user-replaceable fitting sleeves for an instant fit that is also reliable, according to the company. It reportedly offers the benefits of reduced noise in quiet, low distortion, pre- and post-emphasis circuitry, and feedback management. In addition, information will be available on the company’s multi-digital and programmable products, as well as its OEM line, custom earmolds, and all-make repair service. A software demonstration of the new release of the company’s QuikFit software will be performed in the booth. Plymouth, MN; (800) 247-4741

Beltone Electronics Corp
Booths 602 and 604
Beltone will feature the AVE.™ (audio verification environment), an advanced multi-media demonstration, delivery and follow-up tool. Those stopping by the company’s booth will also be able to learn more about its new digital BTE instruments. Chicago; (800) 621-1275

Bernafon Inc
Booth 613
Bernafon’s exhibit will feature members of the Smile family, which reportedly include the world’s smallest dual-microphone system which offers an AI-DI of 5.3 dB. Eden Prairie, MN; (888) 941-4200

Best Computes
Booth 2005
Best Computes will be demonstrating its new Super Power Mark V, which uses valves instead of electronic switches to move air around, reportedly resulting in fewer service requirements. In addition, a self-oiling piston-driven pump is used, which is designed to run from 2500 to 3000 hours before needing service. Also on display will be the new Ear Cleaner ear vacuum. Designed to remove ear wax, the hand-held device is suitable for use by the general public. Altamonte Springs, FL; (800) 435-9583

The Buying Group/The Co-Op
Booth 805
Founded in 1981, The Buying Group/ The Co-Op services almost 500 member dispensing locations throughout the country with substantial savings from numerous manufacturers, according to the company. Direct shipment and low operating costs translate to cost and time savings for members. The staff compiles and issues one bill for all purchases, and credits are issued against a member’s account immediately. Complete, personalized marketing services are available to members through the company’s in-house advertising agency. Akron, OH; (800) 228-0050

Cochlear Corp
Booth 1105
Cochlear Corp. will feature its Nucleus 24 Contour Cochlear Implant System, which is designed to allow 12-month-old infants and individuals with more residual hearing to be cochlear implant candidates. The system has a self-curling electrode array that reportedly allows improved power efficiency and battery life, as well as high levels of speech recognition performance. All systems provide a choice of ear-level (ESPrit) and body-worn (SPrint) speech processors, a broad range of speech coding strategies, and neural response telemetry, providing the hearing nerves’ response to electrical stimulation. Englewood, CO; (800) 523-5798

Booth 107
Duracell’s exhibit will feature the Activair® with EasyTab™ batteries. According to the company, the batteries use three innovations to enhance the lifestyle of patients: the patented longer tab design, designed to make the batteries easier to see, hold and insert into a hearing aid; the “pillbox” package, designed to enable patients to easily store, transport, and remove batteries; and newly developed cell construction, which reportedly provides up to 30% longer life than previous Activair batteries. The batteries will be available in all sizes. Boston; (800) 551-2355

Ear Technology Corp
Booth 710
Ear Technology Corp will introduce the portable Global model of the Dry & Store®, which is suitable for all kinds of hearing aids and cochlear implant hardware. The system is a home-use appliance used to store and care for hearing aids, will extend battery life, and will kill germs and odors, according to the company. Johnson City, TN; (800) 327-8547

Booths 1106 and 1107
Electone introduces Sierra™, a new manually-adjustable 100% digital hearing instrument. Up to four potentiometers provide control over low-frequency gain, maximum gain, input compression for soft sounds and output compression for loud sounds. The instrument is designed to transition patients to digital technology. Longwood, FL; (800) 432-7483

Booth 1017
Energizer’s exhibit will feature the EZ Change Amplifier Air Cell hearing aid battery dispenser. The dispenser is designed to eliminate the handling of batteries and the removing of tabs to allow patients to precisely place their batteries. According to the company, dispensers will no longer have to consider a patient’s manual dexterity when prescribing a hearing aid. St. Louis; (314) 982-1929

Frye Electronics
Booth 502
New software for the FP35 hearing aid analyzer and for the WinCHAP data base will be the highlights at the Frye Electronics booth. The new program for the FP35 includes the ICRA signal for testing digital aids, improved navigation in the instrument, RECD capability and a new pure-tone screening audiometry option. The New WinCHAP software will permit the user to connect to NOAH 3. Other instruments to be shown include the recently upgraded Fonix 6500-CX, the FP40 hearing analyzer and the FA-10 hearing evaluator. The company’s giveaway will once again be a Pendleton Indian Blanket. Tigard, OR; (800) 547-8209

GN ReSound
Booth 811
GN ReSound will feature the new Canta family of digital hearing instruments and will demonstrate its new fitting software. Attendees will be able to experience a sound demo on the new product line and can receive a free gift. The GN ReSound Presentation Theater will be informing attendees about the latest in advanced technology from the company throughout exhibit hours. Bloomington, MN; (800) 248-4327

Booth 611
Hal-Hen invites attendees to stop by its booth to see its newly formulated Accuflex II silicone impression material, as well as a demonstration of several new products, such as its new video otoscope system. Special promotions and trial samples of many products will also be available. In addition, the company’s newly revised catalog features over 4000 items of interest for hearing health care professionals, including assistive devices, impression materials, diagnostic equipment, neonatal screening devices, otoscopes, earlites, earmold and fitting supplies, educational materials and over-the-counter pharmaceutical products. Garden City Park, NY; (800) 242-5436

Hear For You
Booth 809
Hear For You is a network of hearing health care providers. The network uses a proven business model, aggressive advertising, and on-going support to help hearing instrument dispensers prepare their businesses for the future, according to the company. Members of the network, reportedly a byproduct of a successful hearing aid practice, own their own practices and control their futures. Oklahoma City; (866) 840-9008

The Hearing Review/Allied Healthcare Group
Booth 1104
Stop by and say hello to The Hearing Review’s publisher Pauline Davies, editor Karl Strom and associate editor Jesse Kauffman. While at the booth, be sure to update your qualification so you can continue to receive your complementary issues of The Hearing Review and the HR Worldwide Registry, the award-winning reference/phonebook of the hearing health care field. Find out what articles and special topics are scheduled in the next year, and provide the HR staff with your insights about what needs to be covered in the world of hearing care. Extra copies of HR and Hearing Products Report, as well as select reprints, will be available. Los Angeles, CA; (310) 642-4400

Booth 712
HIMSA’s exhibit will feature NOAH System 3, the new release of the company’s software. According to the company, the software has been rebuilt from the ground up for more effective data processing, improved database stability and greater overall performance. The software is designed to help hearing health care professionals make better use of computer-based tools such as fitting systems, diagnostic instruments and office management systems by enabling these tools to exchange information and operate together as an integrated system. St. Paul, MN; (800) 435-9246

HITEC Group International Inc
Booth 714
HITEC Group is a single-source supplier of assistive products to hearing professionals to complement the sale of hearing aids. Featured products at IHS will be amplified phones (including cordless phones), amplified TV listening systems and cell phone accessories for hearing instrument users. More products can be viewed on the company’s website, www.hitec.com. Burr Ridge, IL; (800) 288-8303

Booth 210
Magnatone’s exhibit will feature the company’s TruVoice® 100% digital hearing instruments with a 3-in-1 circuit. The circuit offers a choice for a single, dual or full four-channel system, and the DigiPro™ software is designed to make fittings easier. Also available will be the new Liberty DigiPro™ canal, which uses a nickel-metal-hybrid cell that is the same size as a #13 battery. Rechargeables come in sealed, replaceable or swing-out faceplate options, depending on the model. Casselberry, FL; (800) 327-5159

Maico Diagnostics
Booth 606
Maico Diagnostics will feature its MA 27 audiometer. The MA 27 is designed to be used primarily in the screening of school-age children, which is mandated in most states. It is a pure tone audiometer that has had only a few minor changes in its production history, according to the company. Eden Prairie, MN; (888) 941-4201

Marcon Hearing Associates
Booth 209
Marcon Hearing Associates is an exclusive nationwide group of dispensers and audiologists that has reportedly operated for nearly 25 years. According to the company, members benefit from exclusive marketing territory and access to private label or manufacturer labeled products with marketing support and preferred pricing from 14 manufacturers. Members own and direct the company, sharing in decisions, profits and year-end rebates. Hopkins, MN; (888) 962-7266

Booths 402 and 404
The MedRx team looks forward to celebrating with the IHS attendees at this year’s 50th anniversary convention. The company’s booth will be filled with party favors, such as the OtoWizard fitting system, as well as tympanometers, audiometers, and hearing aid restoration systems. The company’s line of video otoscope systems will also be on display. Seminole, FL; (888) 392-1234

Booths 703 and 705
Micro-Tech is proud to be a part of this year’s IHS convention. The company invites attendees to stop by its booth and try the all-new Touchless Telecoil® , which is designed to allow patients to use the telephone the same way they always have. In addition, the company’s 100% digital Dx3 harnesses the flexibility of digital processing in a coherent, straightforward approach while reportedly providing outstanding sound quality, and the Nx2 programmable circuit combines dual-band versatility with a resonance booster. Plymouth, MN; (800) 745-4327

Midwest Hearing Industries Inc
Booth 102
Midwest Hearing Industries will introduce a new loss and damage program that will pay a refitting fee for all makes and models of hearing aids on every claim processed. Minneapolis; (800) 821-5471

Booths 201 and 203
Miracle-Ear will be offering information on nationwide positions in direct patient care, outreach, training, aural rehabilitation, counseling and supervision. Plymouth, MN; (800) 234-7714

Booths 1117 and 1118
Oticon will present the Ergo, a new family of programmable hearing instruments. The instruments offer fewer components and a simple layout designed for robotic manufacture and dependable performance. The product range covers custom instruments from CIC to full shell, as well as BTE and BTE power models. A full line of accessories for children is available, and the BTEs are reportedly compatible with all wireless FM systems. Somerset, NJ; (800) 526-3921

Island A
Phonak will present new pediatric support material for children, parents and audiologists, and will introduce a new digital hearing instrument line bridging the gap between Astro and Claro. Claro uses cochlea-like DSP and adaptive digital AudioZoom™ (dAZ) and offers many automatic features, such as program selection and feedback control. The WatchPilot, a combination watch/remote control, is an added option for the instrument. Warrenville, IL; (800) 777-7333

Precision Laboratories Inc
Booth 205
Products to be exhibited at Precision Laboratories’ booth will include JB-1000 Plus™, Catamaran™ swim plugs, Challenger™ earphones and ER-15 musician’s earplugs. Bright neon colors are available, as are swirl and sparkle. In addition, its all-make repair/recase service features Vinyl Seal™ for comfort and feedback control. The company will also be demonstrating two of its newest products, the Precision Ear starter hearing aid, and its hands-free cell phone. Attendees who stop by the company’s booth can enter to win a Heine mini 2000 otoscope. Altamonte Springs, FL; (800) 327-4792

Islands C and D
Qualitone manufactures and distributes complete lines of hearing instruments, audiometers/special instruments and batteries, and provides an all-make repair lab. The company’s latest release is the Topas DSP, which contains both WDRC and OCL in a multi-channel instrument with resonant peak control. Minneapolis; (800) 328-3897

Booths 504 and 506
Rayovac offers the Ultra ProLine batteries, the benefits of which include a long battery life and a complete marketing support program. Rayovac invites attendees to stop by its booth to learn about the total ProLine program, including its most powerful batteries yet in new, user-friendly packaging, year-round promotions, free marketing support, customized battery cards, and its new on-line ordering capabilities via its website. Madison, WI; (800) 356-7422

Booth 601
Rexton invites all IHS attendees to view a broad selection of digital, programmable and analog hearing products. The company’s full line of Sensation digital hearing instruments will be featured, as will its trimmer adjusted, fully digital gran-D Custom hearing instruments. Attendees are also invited to familiarize themselves with the Rexton 3D and D2 digital hearing instruments, as well as the company’s Horizon 3 programmable product line. Plymouth, MN; (800) 876-1141

Booths 1012-1016
Siemens will present the Phoenix™ family of advanced non-programmable hearing instruments. The company will also feature new products for its full line of digital, programmable and conventional hearing instruments, other audiometric equipment, and software, including the SD28 audiometer and the Practice Navigator™ comprehensive practice management software. The company also invites attendees to stop by and ask about the new LasR™ shell manufacturing process, the Silhouette™ Plus impression system, and the Crescendo™ amplified phone. A live demonstration of the company’s e-business website, OnlineSHI.com, will be given. Piscataway, NJ; (800) 766-4500

Sonic Innovations
Booths 211 and 213
Sonic Innovations invites attendees to familiarize themselves with the Natura™ 2 SE hearing instrument. The instrument uses the company’s patent-pending Personalized Noise Reduction™ and offers its new Directional Plus technology. Now available on the company’s ITE and BTE models, Directional Plus technology combines switchable directional technology with Personalized Noise Reduction. Also on display will be the Altair™. Salt Lake City, UT; (888) 5-SONICI

Booth 812
Sonotone will be exhibiting its new line of BTE instruments, including power and compression. These items add to its line of custom ITEs: full shell, canal, 1/3, mini and CIC, with class “A”, class “D”, ASP comp., AGC comp., EQ, K-amp and push pull circuitry. Longwood, FL; (800) 776-0222

Sonus Network
Booth 1019
The Sonus Network provides independent hearing care professionals with practice-building tools such as marketing and operations strategies, private-label products and national consumer advertising. At its booth, the company will be providing information about this year’s annual network retreat, which will be free to attend for those who become a member. Portland, OR; (888) 333-9152

Starkey Labs
Islands C and D
Starkey invites attendees to stop by and see a demonstration of its new feedback management, noise cancellation and digital technologies. Available for testing will be the Professional Fitting System 3.0™ software. Developed on a 32-bit platform, PFS 3.0 reportedly provides Expert Assistant™ and Best Fit™ intelligence features in an interface designed for ease of use. In addition, attendees will be able to try the new Pocket PFS™ hand-held companion to PFS 3.0, to see the new Automatic T-Coil™ in operation, and browse the company’s new website. Eden Prairie, MN; (800) 328-8602

Booth 1004
Telex will feature the digital Sontiva™. Available in CIC to full-shell, it is offered in several models, including DLX Plus with VoiceSync, which reportedly combines 14 bands, 3 channels, and Feedback Manager, and DLX with VoiceSync, which combines seven bands, three independent channels and microphone noise reduction. The company also invites attendees to stop and see the new programmable Comfort Sound, available in BTE through CIC. Burnsville, MN; (800) 328-8212

United Hearing Systems
Booth 1119
United Hearing Systems will introduce the Unita 100% digital ITE and BTE hearing instruments, which feature a third-generation, open-platform IC design that reportedly allows for unlimited speech processing algorithms. Also to be presented is the Paradigm Series, a new line of programmable hearing instruments. Paradigm amplifier options include a WDRC 2-band, WDRC broadband single channel and a new AGC-o. All feature class “D” amplifiers and choice of user VC and/or programmable VC. Three directional microphone options are available in the custom models. In addition, the new edition of the company’s Audio Gallery software features its Plum 1 target formulas and is available in both NOAH and stand-alone versions. Plainfield, CT; (800) 835-2001

Warner Technologies
Booth 803
Warner Technologies will present its new Tech-Care product line, which offers Sta-dri dehumidifier jars and an ear-gel designed for soothing ear lubrication. Featured in this line is Ear-fresh, an alcohol-free ear hygiene solution. The company will also be demonstrating its line of ultra-violet light repair products and will run a special promotion on Dreve Otoplastik Products’ Otoform a/k. Minneapolis; (800) 328-4757

Booth 406
Westone invites attendees to try out the new ImpressEar cordless impression system and learn more about the differences in cartridge styles. Attendees can sample Siliclone Firm, which combines the viscosity of hand-mixed impression materials with the convenience of a gun, and they can learn about the company’s line of professional-quality products for musicians, including the new UM1 in-ear monitor. Colorado Springs, CO; (800) 525-5071

Booth 609
Widex will present the Bravo series of fully digital hearing instruments. Features include: instrument value with digital performance; CD-quality fully digital signal processing; comfortable and clear sound quality; provides a reduced risk of feedback; inaudible microphone noise; and availability in CIC, ITE and BTE models. The company will also present the Senso Plus line of hearing instruments, which includes a CIC model that is designed to be nearly invisible, as well as ITE and BTE models; the Senso Performance series CIC to Super Power BTE hearing instrument models; and the digital A3 and A4 mini-BTE models. Long Island City, NY; (800) 221-0188