New FM Listening System

Sound Clarity Inc, Iowa City, Iowa, has introduced the Bellman Domino FM personal listening system. Domino uses digital state-of-the-art sound processing and wireless wideband technology to bring out speech in difficult listening situations. The Bellman Domino system consists of a transmitter and a receiver equipped with high-quality microphones. Sound is converted into digital data and then streamed over an encrypted wireless radio link to the receiver. The transmitter also incorporates a stereo input for streaming high-quality audio from a TV, MP3 player, or stereo system.

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DECT Cordless Amplified Phones

Clarity, Chattanooga, Tenn, has launched a new line of amplified phones that utilizes Digital Enhanced Cordless Technology 6.0 (DECT). The two new phones, the D613 and the D603, include DECT to ensure crisp, clear, and interference-free communication for the millions of Americans experiencing hearing loss. The cordless handsets amplify incoming sounds up to 30 decibels, and also feature a digital answering machine. The phones are hearing aid and T-coil compatible and comply with TIA-1083 guidelines to ensure reduced interference for those using hearing aids during conversations.

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Serene Innovations Phone Amplifier

Harris Communications, Eden Prairie, Minn, now offers the Serene Innovations UA-50 Phone Amplifier with H141N Headset for people needing extra amplification on their phone at work. The phone amplifier attaches easily to business phones for loud and clear calls that are amplified up to 170 times louder on handsets or headsets. The UA-50 is available with H141N DuoSet Noise-Canceling Headset with RJ9 Adapter that is worn over-the-ear or over-the-head to enable you to multitask, keeping your hands free. Other headset options are available.

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Hocks Hearing Protection Special

Valid through the month of September, Hocks Hearing Healthcare Products, Portland, Ore, is offering three free Noise Brakers Standards for every 10 purchased. Noise Brakers convert loud noise to a safer sound level of 80-85 dB, using the principle of accelerated resonant decay to convert sonic energy into thermal energy. Hocks Noise Braker Filters feature a multiflange design for a comfortable fit and a good seal every time for average to large sized ear canals.

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Breakthrough ProtectionTechnology

Boulder, Colo-based EAR Inc’s HearPlugz-DF multifunctional dual-filtered hearing protectors offer breathable, moisture-resistant, dual acoustical filters that improve sound quality when the ear is overloaded with excess noise (continuous or impact). Dual filters provide the user with a choice of two levels of noise reduction. HearPlugz-DF are available in a choice of colors, three sizes, and with a removable cord. The exterior filter can be easily removed if less attenuation is desired or to connect radio communications.

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Quick, Convenient Earplugs

McKeon Products Inc, Warren, Mich, has created Mack’s Roll Ups Wallet Earplugs that are small enough to carry anywhere, but are big on protection. Developed with patent-pending technology and featuring packaging that is smaller than a credit card, Mack’s Roll Ups include a pair of foam strips that roll up in seconds to fit any ear canal and provide quick and comfortable hearing protection.

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Styles of Protection

Westone Laboratories, Colorado Springs, Colo, long a proponent of hearing protection for a multitude of applications, offers an array of custom earplugs appropriate for virtually any high-noise environment. For maximum protection on the firing range, Westone’s Style No. 40 earpieces in OtoBlast provide an NRR of 29 dB. Westone’s Style No. 47 ear pieces allow verbal communication, but will also protect users’ hearing from high noise levels they may encounter such as vehicle sirens and road noise. Westone also offers the Style No. 32 custom communication earpiece (pictured). When ordered with either no vent or a tiny pressure vent, it can provide both radio communications capability and some hearing protection.

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Siemens Pure 300

Siemens Hearing Instruments Inc, Piscataway, NJ, has introduced its new Pure 300 RIC BTE hearing instrument, the newest addition to the Pure product line. The device is rechargeable, equipped with a range of features in a discreet design, and complements the 700 and 500 models. The Pure 300 is compatible with the Siemens Tek wireless enhancement system, a Bluetooth accessory that allows users to stream sound from audio devices such as mobile phones, MP3 players, and televisions, and lets users hear wireless-compatible devices in both ears.

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Secure Earphone Cable System

Sensaphonics Hearing Conservation, Nashville, Tenn, has announced the availability of field-replaceable cables for its ProPhonic 2X-S and 2MAX dual-driver custom earphones. Designed by Sensaphonics Japan, the new cables are a tour-grade, dual-conductor design, featuring a memory-wire insert at the earpiece end and a split adjuster (zipper) to ensure a secure fit behind the head. Users may specify either matte silver or black, in lengths of 52 or 60 inches.

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Moisture Guard

Raycare Solutions, Lincoln, Neb, introduces The Deflector hearing instrument moisture guard. Enjoy all of life’s activities without the fear of moisture damaging a behind-the-ear (BTE) investment. The wearer of a BTE instrument can be involved in everything from strenuous activity to a walk in the rain. The simple, lightweight, clear plastic design deflects moisture away from the hearing instrument. The on-and-off application allows clients to use The Deflector when moisture occurs and remove it when not needed. It also helps in dusty situations, because dirt is not attracted to dry areas.

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Sanitary Equipment Cleaner

Medtrol, Niles, Ill, has introduced Audiotech wipes, presaturated with a nonalcohol, nonbleach solution. Designed to clean and deodorize, the wipes are quick-drying and require no rinsing, while reducing oil and wax buildup. Compatible with plastic, rubber, metal, and all fabrics, Audiotech wipes are recommended for hearing aids, testing devices, earmolds, specula, otoscopes, assistive listening devices, phones, headsets, and noninvasive audiology equipment/instruments. Resealable pop-up canister contains 160 6- x 7-inch wipes. Regular and mini.

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Portable UV Cure Unit

Lightning Enterprises, Limington, Me, offers the Spotty-P, a portable UV LED cure system capable of curing UV lacquers, coatings, and adhesives. The Spotty-P system includes handpiece, LED cure head, white light inspection head, 120-volt wall transformer, and nine-volt battery pack for remote operation. UV safety glasses and a hard-shell carrying case are included. The case measures just 12 x 8 inches and includes extra space for tools and UV materials.

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Megaview Loupes

Vision USA, Cherry Hill, NJ, is continuing to include free disposable sweatbands with its LED Megaview or Megaview systems through the end of September. The soft sanitized cellulose sponge absorbs perspiration and is worn under any loupe such as its Megaview with its wide field of view and clear optics with interchangeable magnification lens. The LED Megaview has 3-watt long-lasting LED lights and the illumination angle is adjustable. It includes four different interchangeable power lenses, 2X, 2.5X, and 3X & monocular 4.0X. The Megaview Loupe (no light) comes with three interchangeable lenses, 2.0X, 2.5x, and 3.0X.

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Jodi-Elite Vacuum

Jodi-Vac LLC, Portland, Ore, offers the Jodi-Elite, a vacuum with improved performance and more power that runs more quietly than the Jodi-Consumer. Storage and portability have been upgraded by having the vacuum hose, needle assembly, and new storage compartment fit into their own boxes. The Jodi-Elite joins the company’s regular line of vacuum systems to continue its commitment to preserving the sound quality of hearing aids by users and hearing aid service providers.

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Relationship Builder

The Ida Institute, Naerum, Denmark, has introduced its Reflective Journal, a practical tool to help hearing care professionals explore issues in the patient-practitioner relationship and use the insights gained to enhance their ability to practice more effectively. The downloadable tool, available from the Ida Institute Web site, was produced by its faculty and staff and represents the collaborative thinking of 65 hearing and health care professionals from around the world who participated in the Institute’s first seminar series. The Reflective Journal takes practitioners through a series of questions that help formalize the reflecting process.

Protection from Noise, Water

Warner Tech-care Products, Roseville, Minn, now has patient brochures available that advertise in-office solutions for noise and water problems. Instant-fitting Ear-Guard is a gun-dispensed material that sets up in 5 minutes and provides a 23 dB NRR measured protection. Ear-Guard is quick, sanitary, and durable. Aqua-Guard is a hand-mixed and syringe-dispensed material that sets up directly in the ear. These floatable plugs are perfect for bathing and swimming.

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Sound Level Meter Kit

Extech Instruments, Waltham, Mass, has announced the introduction of its Model 407732-Kit, a new Low/High Range Sound Level Meter Kit, featuring ranges measuring 35 to 100 dB (low) and 65 to 130 dB (high). The included Model 407722 sound calibrator features ±5% accuracy, allowing for the kit to meet both ANSI and IEC 651 Type 2 standards. A backlit LCD display allows for viewing in dimly lit areas, and features data hold and max hold functions. The kit includes the 407732 sound meter, a microphone wind screen, calibration screw driver, 9V battery, and the 407722 sound calibrator with an additional 9V battery. The included hard-plastic carrying case provides protection and organization for the meter and calibrator kit.

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Wireless Video VRA

Pehratek Products, Chaska, Minn, now offers a new Wireless Video VRA system that utilizes animated cartoon images to help engage children during hearing tests. Weighing 8.6 pounds and operating on 315 MHz frequencies with a 50-foot range, the unit features two mounting systems. A 15-inch color LCD display shows 24 animated 20- to 50-second cartoon clips.

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Universal Hearing Screener

Hearing Technologies International Inc, Pinellas Park, Fla, offers the Universal Hearing Screener, which presents 40 dB tones independently at 500, 1,000, 2,000, and 4,000 Hz. It is powered by two easy-to-replace AAA batteries, and comes equipped with a foam cushion pad to help reduce ambient noise and allow for firm positioning of the speaker to the ear. Universal Hearing Screener is distributed by: Hal-Hen, (800) 242-5436; Oaktree Products, (800) 347-1960; Warner Tech-Care, (800) 328-4757; and Westone Labs, (800) 582-4771. Custom label and designs available.

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Integrated Testing Solution

The ICS Chartr EP 200 is a new system for Evoked Potential (EP) testing from GN Otometrics, Schaumburg, Ill. The system builds on Otometrics’ ICS Chartr line offering comprehensive EP testing. The Chartr EP 200 can be combined with Otometrics’ VNG/ENG system, the ICS Chartr 200, creating a state-of-the-art solution. Install both Chartr EP and Chartr VNG/ENG software on the same computer and benefit from a complete test battery and a shared database.

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Dual-Channel Audiometry

MedRx Inc, Largo, Fla, presents the advanced AVANT audiometer, which utilizes innovative computer technology to create a state-of-the-art testing environment. The AVANT audiometer allows fast, accurate pure tone and speech testing, with an intuitive user interface for data presentation and patient monitoring. Features include dual-channel audiometry, separate outputs for all transducers and speakers, plug-and-play USB single cable connection from PC through a sound booth, and high-power 2 x 20-watt internal amplifiers. The system is available with a high-frequency option, and is NOAH system 3 and TIMS compatible.

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