Oaktree Offers Fanstel Phones

Oaktree Products Inc, St Louis, introduces one- and two-line amplified phones from Fanstel. These phones provide 52 dB amplification at 120 dB SPL through the handset and outstanding speaker phone performance. Fanstel phones provide the best speakerphones available with up to 83 dB SPL at about 20 inches.

Oaktree Products Inc
(800) 347-1960

Jodi-Vac Web Site Relaunched

Newly relaunched in January 2009, Portland, Ore-based Jodi-Vac Hearing Aid Vacuum Systems’ Web site features detailed product information, a training video, and testimonials from consumers and professionals. Visit to learn how the company’s professional products may benefit your practice by reducing return rates and increasing patient satisfaction.

Jodi-Vac LLC
(866) 856-5634

New Series of Monitors Available

Microsonic Inc, Ambridge, Pa, has introduced its new EPIC line of Musicians’ Monitors. Available in two models that fit any size ear, these universal monitors feature the patent-pending swiveling nozzle that offers the best fit of any universal product. Designed for a wide range of wearers, from the professional musician to the everyday iPod user, the EPIC Series offer a number of benefits, including noise isolation, comfort, and the very best in quality, and are available as custom-molded products.

Microsonic Inc
(800) 523-7672

Lightning Vac 2

Lightning Enterprises, Limington, Me, announces the Lightning Vac 2, a compact vacuum pump designed for effective hearing aid cleaning and maintenance. The Lightning Vac 2 system offers exceptional performance and includes a suction port with vacuum tubing, compressor port for blowing air, compressor tubing with lock fitting for cleaning or obstruction removal, filter wand for trapping debris, and five various size needle tips. Options include vacuum desiccator jar and carrying case.

Lightning Enterprises
(877) 546-1797

Marketing Goes Virtual

Partnering with private practice physicians to help grow their practices, Practice Builders, Orange, Calif, has announced its new Virtual Marketing House Call, which features a no-travel, all-phone-and-Internet format, a step-by-step customized marketing plan, two private consultations, and a 100% money-back satisfaction guarantee.

Practice Builders
(800) 769-1200

Warner Tech-care Debuts New Web Site

Warner Tech-care Products Inc, Roseville, Minn, has debuted a redesigned Web site and online store. Warner Tech-care has provided a diverse range of hearing aid products and accessories since 1984, and its new online store features a comprehensive product offering from its 184-page catalog available to audiologists, hearing aid dispensers, hearing aid manufacturers, earmold labs, and repair labs. A variety of its products can be personalized to promote name recognition and increase office sales.

Warner Tech-care Products
(800) 328-4757

Cable Management System

Pehratek Products, Chaska, Minn, introduces the NOAH’S ARC Cable Management/Storage System for the many programming cables that dispensers have to store and find to fit programmable hearing instruments. This new system neatly and efficiently winds up programming cables into color-coded pods that store on top of the HI-PRO box or on any flat surface. Up to 10 cable pods can be stored in each NOAH’S ARC tray within easy reach of the computer. This new system eliminates tangled cords and the time spent searching for the right cable in a drawer or hanging behind a door. Each NOAH’S ARC comes with 10 cable pods, storage rack, Mylar cable combiners (to wrap right and left cables together in one pod), and manufacturer’s labels to find the right pod quickly. Save time and the trouble of always having to untangle programming cables before each fitting.

Pehratek Products
(866) 470-3532

Warner Wants to Spruce Up Your Office

Warner Tech-care Products Inc, Roseville, Minn, wants to help you spruce up your office for the coming new year. Stocking a variety of hearing instrument display stands, Warner wants to make your office space a more compelling place. Bring color and knowledge to exam rooms and waiting areas with easy-to-hang ear charts. The charts are 20 x 26 inches and can be framed or laminated for quick hanging. Provide instruction on the ear canal with life-size ear models and giant, dissectible ear models.

Warner Tech-care Products
(800) 328-4757

CareCredit Endorsed by Canadian Health Care Association

The Canadian Academy of Audiology (CAA) has announced that it is endorsing Costa Mesa, Calif-based CareCredit, one of the leading payment programs in health care. The CAA joins an impressive list of associations across North America to have exclusively selected CareCredit for their members. CareCredit offers a comprehensive range of convenient monthly payment options for treatment fees. Currently at work in more than 100,000 practices in North America, CareCredit has helped more than 7 million patients get the care they want and need.

(800) 300-3046

Ear Gear Line Available at Oaktree

Oaktree Products Inc, St Louis, is now offering the full line of Ear Gear, a water-resistant double-wall spandex nylon sleeve that protects hearing instruments from loss, rain, sweat, dust, and dirt. It also makes hearing instruments more comfortable to wear. Developed by the parent of a special needs child who was constantly misplacing a valuable digital hearing instrument, Ear Gear not only can keep hearing instruments safe and clean, but it is available in lots of great colors. All models of Ear Gear are available in both corded and cordless models.

Oaktree Products Inc
(800) 347-1960

BDM-2 Battery Meter

Lightning Enterprises, Limington, Me, announces the availability of the BDM-2 Battery Drain and Voltage Meter. The BDM-2 supplies working voltage to a hearing aid while accurately measuring and displaying battery drain, and can also measure DC voltage with a supplied voltage probe. Connecting to the hearing aid battery compartment using a standard battery probe, the BDM-2 can be used for testing, quality assurance, trouble-shooting, or any situation where hearing aid battery drain or measured voltage needs to be displayed. Available in 120V/60 and 230V/50 versions.

Lightning Enterprises
(877) 546-1797

Custom Earmolds, Earplugs

Hocks Hearing Healthcare Products, Portland, Ore, manufactures a wide variety of earplugs and custom earmolds for swimming, sleeping, and hearing protection, including the Hocks Noise Braker and Pikaso Plugs.

Hocks Hearing Healthcare Products
(800) 654-6257