productCerumen Management CD-ROM
Oaktree Products Inc, Chesterfield, Mo, introduces “The Illustrated Guide to Cerumen Management,” a CD-ROM, edited by Sam Kelso, AuD. The product provides more than 100 color illustrations of actual procedures with various instruments in use on differing amounts and consistencies of cerumen. In addition, it provides detailed instruction on infection control and cerumenolytics as well as an overview of third-party reimbursement and liability. (800) 347-1960;

 productDigital Hearing Instruments
Lotus Technology Inc, Mooresville, NC, offers conventional, programmable, and 100% digital circuitry in all its CIC products. LEGACY®, Lotus’ 100% digital circuitry, is available in both two and four channels and has seven adjustable parameters, individual compression ratios, attack and release times, and up to four memories. The programmable AGC-O circuitry comes with five adjustable parameters and up to two memories. Both the LEGACY and programmable AGC-O circuitries are programmed via PC fitting software and HI-PRO interface. Conventional circuitry comes standard with one trimmer, and all CIC products may have a set screw or manual volume control. (877) 483-1072.

 productDigital Hearing Aids
Interton, Minneapolis, introduces IQ™, a digital hearing aid family, built around a new DSP hybrid. The product features 14 independently adjustable frequency bands, adaptive feedback control, and three-channel expansion. In addition to the hearing aid itself, IQ is being marketed in a “no hassle” format that includes conveniences for the dispenser and extras for the patient. IQ also offers a unique “sound blending” scheme that accurately balances a WDRC and AGCo/AGCi gain/compression scheme for more comfortable listening. (800) 247-4741;

 productEvoked Potential Diagnostic System
SYNAPSYS, Austin, Tex, offers AURIS™, a full-featured auditory evoked potential diagnostic system, designed for objective evaluation of auditory function. Whether it is one- or two-channel, portable or desktop, the specific technical features of the AURIS line are high performance and ergonomic software. AURIS allows the collection of superior clinical information necessary for any otoneurological diagnostic examination by covering the whole range of evoked potentials. (800) 874-9889;

 productInstant Online Application
CareCredit‚ Anaheim, Calif, has introduced its Instant Online Patient Application, which enables patients to apply for financing in the comfort of their own home or from the practice—and receive a decision in seconds. The online application requires no paperwork or loan documentation to review or sign, and has only a few fields of information to complete. Go to the Web site, click on the “patients/clients” link to apply. Application results are given within 30 seconds. A great time saver for practices, the online application option lets patients secure financing on their own in less than 30 seconds. Once the patient has received an approval, they simply inform the practice of the decision and, upon verification, can begin care right away. (800) 300-3046, ext 4519;[email protected].

 productDigital Family
Oticon Inc, Somerset, NJ, introduces its GO line of affordable digital hearing instruments. GO features two-channel WDRC, NAL-NL1 rationale, Directional ITEs and BTEs, automatic feedback manager, optional programmable telecoil, and volume control, and is available in a full range of models. (800) 426-3921;

 productUniversal Phone
ADCO Hearing Products, Littleton, Colo, carries a wide range of telecommunications products, including the Uniphone 1140. The instrument can be used with normal volume, or amplified up to 20 dB for people with mild to moderate hearing loss. In addition, the Uniphone 1140 can be used as a full TTY to send and receive text; VCO (Voice Carry Over) to send by speech and receive by text; and HCO (Hearing Carry Over) to send in text and receive by voice. It also includes a text-based answering machine, 8k of text memory, a built-in ringer flasher, and 10-speed dial memory slots. (800) 726-0851;

 productHearing Aid Dryer
S & S Laser Productions, New Port Richey, Fla, offers the Moisture Guard Electronic Hearing Aid Dryer. The Moisture Guard provides users with a way to properly maintain their hearing aids. It is safe, easy to use, and portable. The unit is made of cherry wood and carries a money-back guarantee. (800) 934-6815.

 productCustom Mold
Perfect Seal Laboratories, Wichita, Kan, has developed a custom mold for the ReSound AiR. The mold is very easy to use, and takes the place of the stock tip. The mold is also available in a soft material. Perfect Seal can provide customers with a variety of finishes, including matte clear, pink, or brown tube. (800) 311-9810.

 productEntry-Level Digital Hearing Aids
Siemens Hearing Instruments Inc, Piscataway, NJ, introduces its PHOENIX™ One family of affordable, digital hearing solutions. PHOENIX One is a basic digital hearing instrument designed to upgrade analog to digital technology. Suitable for mild to severe hearing loss, PHOENIX One offers: trimmer controlled fitting (no programming unit required); enhanced signal dynamics through digital signal processing; standard manual volume control (except CIC model); standard audible signal indicators for low battery power; as well as an optional telecoil (available on ITE and ITC models). PHOENIX One is available in all custom styles to manage a wide range of hearing loss degrees and types. (800) 766-4500;

 productDigital Audio Technology
Gennum Corporation, Burlington, Ontario, Canada, offers high fidelity digital audio technology for hearing instruments. Gennum offers Sound Design Digital Audio and the benefits of high fidelity sound. (905) 632-2996;

 productSoftware Updates
Audioscan, Dorchester, Ontario, Canada, has released the 2.0 version of software for its Audioscan® Verifit® real-ear hearing aid analyzer. Among the program’s improvements are a real-time Speech Envelope, which offers a clearer picture of how a fitting is mapping speech into the residual auditory area, and Speechmap®, with a choice of DSL®, NAL-NL1, or auditory-area mapping approaches to hearing aid fitting. NAL-NL1 is also provided as an insertion gain fitting method. Additional features include networking of screen images and data that may be exported to network files via the Verifit LAN port. This software update is free, and is automatically mailed to all Audioscan Verifit owners. (800) 265-2093;

 productUpdated Marketing Data
Polk City Directories, Livonia, Mich, offers consumer and business information for marketing and advertising needs. Polk City Directories updates its resources every 4 weeks, to ensure timely and accurate data. Information includes age, income bracket, lifestyle, consumer home values, and SIC code. In addition, products from more than 900 communities can be ordered from the directory, which includes the number of employees, as well as the sales volume, for businesses in any geographical area in the United States and Canada. (888) 757-4642; (877) 542-0057;

 productVibrating Alarm Clock
Effective Communication Solutions Inc, Independence, Ky, presents the Sonic Boom alarm clock with a powerful 12 v bed shaker and built-in telephone signaler. This stylish and economical clock is an excellent solution to hearing the alarm and phone ring when hearing aids are removed at night. The unit features a hi/low display dimmer switch, a loud 113 dB adjustable tone and volume control, and a battery backup. (800) 838-1649;

 productMarketing Program
Hearing HealthCare News® announces its new Practice Development Program™. The program provides tools, tips, and techniques designed to stimulate practice growth by increasing patient utilization of audiology services, significantly increasing battery and hearing aid sales to current patients, encouraging patient and physician referrals, and improving patient satisfaction and loyalty. These strategies are based on nearly 18 years of work with hundreds of practices, and have proved to be effective at increasing growth and income by marketing to a practice’s most productive group of customers, its own patients. Hearing HealthCare News will be providing the Practice Development Program, including its new 150-page workbook, at no charge to all of its current and new subscribers. (800) 342-1643;

 productAcoustic Impedance/Microprocessor Audiometer
Micro Audiometrics, Murphy, NC, introduces the Earscan® middle-ear analyzer and pure tone audiometer. According to the company, the device is lightweight, durable, and affordable; performs an acoustic impedance test in 1 or 3 seconds; and can test ipsilateral reflexes. It reportedly presents signals from 250 through 8K, at 0 to 90 dB in a pulsed or continuous mode, and can test automatically. The Earscan comes complete with the audiometric headset, impedance probe, eartips, and a limited 3-year warranty. The first factory calibration is free. (800) 729-9509;

 productHearing Screening Booth
Acoustic Systems, Austin, Tex, introduces the RE-125 hearing screening booth. Shipped preassembled, the RE-125 offers improved isolation and meets OSHA standards. The unit is easily moved through most office doors and is kept in stock for rapid delivery. Acoustic Systems is accredited by the National Voluntary Laboratory Accreditation Program (NVLAP) and submits its audiometric rooms and suites to regular testing. Factory-trained representatives help with selection and installation. (512) 444-1961;

 productNew Catalog Supplement
Microsonic®, Ambridge, Pa, has announced the availability of its new supplement to its earmold accessories, materials, supplies, and tools catalog. These two publications include nearly 500 earmold accessories, materials, supplies, and tools. This resource is available in hard copy or online. The easy-to-use, informative product presentation is divided into seven well-organized sections filled with large, color product photos and detailed descriptions. It includes: impression supplies, materials, and tools; earmold tubing, supplies, and accessories; acoustic modification and venting accessories; testing accessories; tools, cleaning and finishing products; SafeTouch™ Ear Care and earmold maintenance products; and educational resources. All product purchases include accommodating customer support, reliable technical assistance, prompt shipping, and a satisfaction guarantee. (877) 376-7139; [email protected].

 productTinted Earmolds
Earmold Design Inc, Minneapolis, offers Conseal earmolds. These earmolds contain a fiber additive in a choice of three tints—pink, beige, and smoke—which can be combined with acrylic, Formaseal, and Softech silicone earmold materials, for a cosmetically pleasing appearance. In addition, the tubing comes in a matte finish and tinted to match the earmolds. Replacement tubes are available. (800) 334-6466; [email protected].

 productFlex Strips
Deltek, the electromechanical solutions division of Knowles Electronics, Elgin, Ill, has released Models 9200 and 9201 battery door style programming flex strips. The Model 9200 is a replacement flex strip that can be used with existing press-fit modules. The Model 9201 incorporates a Deltek Model 0009 four-pin socket at one end to accommodate a standard micro-plug/mini-DIN style programming cable. Its design offers superior resistance to lead fracture as a result of torsion or flexion during use. DelTek does not seal the contact ends in kapton (popular among existing products) eliminating the need for overprinting of gold-plated contacts, known to be susceptible to contact fracture through normal use. Deltek’s design provides a consistent and reliable contact point and minimizes contact resistance. (847) 841-3000;;

 productHearing Instrument
Starkey Laboratories Inc, Eden Prairie, Minn, introduces the newest member of its Genesis 4 product family—Arista, featuring three-channel compression with advanced seven-band filter shaping, memory-selectable directionality, adaptive noise management, and a robust feedback management system. Arista is available in all custom styles and exclusively in S13 and A312 BTE package designs. (800) 328-8602;

 productAmplified Telephone
Clarity®, a division of Plantronics Inc (formerly Walker Ameriphone), Chattanooga, Tenn, offers the XL-40 Amplified Telephone. The unit delivers up to 43 +dB extra amplification and features a separate adjustable tone control (500-2,400 Hz) for high-frequency sounds. Its back-lighted keypad with big buttons makes it easy to dial. Other features include an extra bright ring flasher, a super loud ringer with adjustable tone control, and voice mail and missed call indicators. The XL-40 includes 12 memory buttons, plus redial, hold, and flash buttons, is wall-mountable, and has a battery backup in case of power outage. The XL-40 is hearing aid telecoil compatible and has an audio output jack for connection to a headset, neckloop, or cochlear implant. (800) 874-3005;

 productPortable Workstation
Oaktree Products Inc, Chesterfield, Mo, offers the Porta-Lab Workstation. The workstation measures 31.5 inches by 20 inches and comes standard with a flexible light and attached magnifier. Mounted to the Porta-Lab is a tray for holding parts and tools, and a self-healing cutting board for all cutting applications. The station is portable enough to store anywhere, but is designed to be used everyday. No tools are required to move either the magnifier light or accessories. The other mounting area can be used to hold the optional shield. The flexible light and magnifier make it easy to see the work. The eight-plug power strip with circuit breaker was specifically designed for the workstation. The small parts tray can accommodate not only small parts but is large enough to handle tweezers, cutting blades, and even grinder handpieces. The board is sturdy and comes with a black scratch-resistant plastic laminate top that is chemically bonded to the surface. (800) 347-1960;

 productEngineering Expertise
At In’Tech Industries Inc in Ramsey, Minn, engineering experts strive to produce a product that matches its customers’ design criteria. Whether producing a complete design based on generic sketches or integrating an existing design into a final product, combining the company’s services with its customers’ creativity is the key. (763) 576-8100;

 productTinnitus Treatment
EAR Inc, Boulder, Colo, introduces RingSTOP™, an all-natural product for people suffering from tinnitus. The product is a homeopathic formula that is available in capsule form. Ingredients include amino acids, herbal extracts, antioxidants, and vitamins that have been reported to reduce the symptoms of tinnitus, a condition for which there is no known remedy. (800) 525-2690;

 productEar Wash System
ADCO Hearing Products, Littleton, Colo, offers the Ear Wash System by Welch Allyn. This product enables an easy, safe, and effective means of cleaning the ear canal. Unlike other irrigation systems, this product automatically collects the outflow of water, cerumen, and debris through a vacuum in the nozzle. Replaceable eartips filter cerumen and debris and return water outflow to the sink basin. Ear Wash System is non-electric and connects directly to a tap. It removes impacted cerumen, allows better impressions, and reduces plugged molds and receivers. (800) 726-0851, (303) 794-3928;

 productDirect Mail Advertising
Action Marketing, El Cajon, Calif, specializes in the design and production of direct mail advertising. The company’s marketing approach focuses primarily on new patients, which reportedly results in predictable and consistent business growth. In addition, the company’s products are tested before inclusion in its product line, a process that is designed to minimize the risks involved in a new advertising approach. The company further reports that it has invested heavily in the development of an extensive production facility, while refinements in its tracking and production systems increase accuracy and decrease production time. (800) 227-0819.

 productPortable Fitting System
Starkey Laboratories Inc, Eden Prairie, Minn, offers the Pocket Professional Fitting System, version 4.0, for the fast, flexible, and portable hand-held programming of all Genesis 4.0, and older, hearing instruments. Pocket PFS provides full access to powerful fitting algorithms to assist in the selection of linear and nonlinear systems including DSL[i/o] and NAL-NL1. In addition, patient complaints can be easily addressed using the built-in Expert Assistant to troubleshoot an array of hearing aid issues. The Pocket PFS patient database is quickly synchronized with PFS desktop software to transfer patient data between the two platforms. (800) 328-8602;

 productPersonal Care Products
Warner Tech-care Products (formerly Hagemeyer), Minneapolis, features its own line of personal care products, including Earmold Cleaner, Sta-Dri dehumidifier jar, Ear-gel, Ear-fresh, Derm-aid Cream, and Tech-care ear wax removal system. All of the Tech-care products are alcohol-free to prevent ear irritation. (800) 328-4757;

 productLanyard with Clip
Designed with the intent to keep children from losing their hearing instruments, the OtoClip™ collection by Westone Laboratories Inc, Colorado Springs, Colo, features lightweight lanyards that attach to children’s hearing instruments. Then, a clip in the shape of a colorful animal clips to their clothing. Critter Clips, Dino Clips, Farm Clips, and Sea Clips are available. (800) 525-5071;  

 productDigital Speech Mapping
MedRx Inc, Largo, Fla, offers the DSM-PRO™ digital speech mapping system. The NOAH™-compatible DSM-PRO interfaces with most computers via the USB port, enabling use of fitting protocols. Features include live speech mapping and hearing loss simulator. (888) 392-1234;

 productSales Brochure
CareCredit‚ Anaheim, Calif, a national patient payment program, has released a sales brochure for the hearing dispenser market. Included is advice on how audiologists can use “No Interest” and “Low Interest” patient financing to help patients get recommended care and optimal technology. Supported by case studies, as well as patient and practitioner testimonials, the brochure details how giving patients the opportunity to pay for care in installments, with low monthly payments, can help increase patient satisfaction, reduce returns, improve cash flow, and reduce A/R and risk of nonpayment. (800) 300-3046, ext 4519; [email protected].

 productHigh Performance Batteries
ZeniPower, Zhuhai, China, offers new hearing aid batteries with a 20% increase over last year’s IEC pulse test results. Suitable for full digital and cochlear implants, as well as general purpose hearing aids. Free samples are available.Visit us at AAA at booth #1906. (814) 825-8398;;

 productPressure-Free Impression Material
Precision Laboratories, Altamonte Springs, Fla, offers Flextime ear impression material. The silicone-based, low viscosity material is available in bulk kits, single-use containers, convenient new single-use cellophane packages, and cartridges. It is especially recommended for almost pressure-free impression taking. The product has a wildberry scent. (800) 327-4792;

 productConditioning System with Cochlear Implant System
Ear Technology Corporation, Johnson City, Tenn, has announced that a Dry & Store® Global unit will be included with every Cochlear Americas implant system shipped in this hemisphere (North America, South and Central America). With two models available, Dry & Store accommodates all types of hearing instruments including cochlear implant hardware. (800) 327-8547;

 productIn-Office Demonstration Program
SeboTek® Hearing Systems, Tulsa, Okla, and Energizer Batteries offer an in-office demonstration program designed to stimulate consumer awareness and interest in SeboTek’s PAC (post auricular canal) hearing instrument and other advanced hearing technology. For a limited time, hearing professionals conducting demonstrations of PAC qualify for free Energizer “EZ Change” battery dispensing packages. (800) 388-9041;

 productITE Pushbutton
Deltek, the electromechanical solutions division of Knowles Electronics, Elgin, Ill, has announced the qualification and release of the Model 2800 ITE Pushbutton. The pushbutton is 2.54 mm (.100 inch) in diameter and was designed to replace the Deltek Model PBS. Improvements to the 2800 include two activation force options, a reduced travel option of 0.15 mm total travel and a reduction of the overall housing height to 2.0 mm (.0790 inch) to provide improved clearance in ITE faceplates. In addition, the housing has been designed with a stepped, lead-in feature to ease installation in faceplates. It was also designed to be an identical, drop-in replacement to existing competitive 2.54 mm diameter ITE pushbuttons on the market. The Model 2800 is available in flanged and flangeless housing styles, with or without an oversize pushbutton cap, and in many different colors. (847) 841-3000;;

 productDealer Program
TV Ears Inc, Amsterdam, NY, announces the launch of its “Authorized TV Ears Dealer Program” and its “Put On Your TV Ears” marketing campaign. Authorized dealers will be listed on the TV Ears Web site and included in the TV Ears telephone referral program. The “Put On Your TV Ears” marketing kit includes everything an office needs to generate doctor referrals, attract new customers, and stimulate existing customers. Each kit includes ads, postcards, statement stuffers, brochures, “TV Bucks,” and an eye-catching point of purchase display. (888) 883-3277;

 productSonic Cutter
Kingwood Industrial Products, Hackettstown, NJ, is featuring its Sonic Cutter as there product of the month. This compact and lightweight unit is designed to fit in your hand without creating fatigue even after long continuous operation. The Sonic Cutter guarantees a straight, sharp, and burr free cut every time. Since the unit cuts rather than grinds, it eliminates the dust and noise normally associated with hand and bench grinders. Kingwood has demonstration units available for customers to evaluate and return if not completely satisfied. (908) 852-8655;

 productInfant Screening Device
Starkey Laboratories Inc, Eden Prairie, Minn, features the DP2000, a state-of-the-art otoacoustic emissions infant screening device. Weighing less than six ounces, without the computer, the DP2000 has a range from 500 to 16,000 Hz. The system allows the examiner to save up to 10 curves per ear per test session for each patient. The system comes with seven different sizes of disposable test tips to ensure a good acoustic seal. The DP2000 plugs into any Windows-compatible computer with an available PCMCIA type II slot. (800) 328-8602;

 productImpression Material
All American Mold Laboratories Inc, Oklahoma City, offers an “intelligent” impression material by Detax. The pleasantly scented material sets in just 3 minutes—body temperature (in the ear) accelerates the curing process, providing the hearing health care worker sufficient working time. (800) 654-3245;

 productHearing Instruments
Siemens Hearing Instruments, Piscataway, NJ, introduces the MUSIC® Professional. MUSIC Pro incorporates a fully digital set of features, and incorporates Siemens’ Voice Activity Detection (VAD) system as a standard. VAD sound processing system continually monitors for speech sounds and automatically reduces the level of background noises when speech is detected. Additional features of the user-friendly MUSIC Pro include: a core digital sound processor, an enhanced Directional Microphone System, two channels, flexible compression kneepoints and ratios, plus additional frequency shaping tools. There is also a “power on” delay and low battery and program change indicators. MUSIC Pro is available in a complete range of styles, from Micro-CIC™ to BTE. (800) 766-4500;

 productLong-Lasting Batteries
iCellTech, Seoul, Korea, offers hearing aid batteries. The company guarantees superior quality by strict piece-by-piece in-house inspections and reliability tests under ISO-9001-2000 quality management. According to the test results by our customers and authorized laboratories, the average running times of iCellTech batteries are much longer compared to most of the other leading brands. iCellTech batteries deliver enhanced power under high current drain and provide better performance for a larger range of devices including most of the cochlear implants. Magnatone (for the United States and Canada) (800) 789-6543; [email protected].

 productMarketing Resources
Polk City Directories, Livonia, Mich, a supplier of consumer and business information for marketing and advertising needs, offers the City Directory, which features regional breakdown by age, income bracket, lifestyle, consumer home values, and SIC code. Products from more than 900 communities can be ordered from the directory, which includes the number of employees, as well as the sales volume, for businesses in any geographical area in the United States and Canada. (888) 757-4642; (877) 542-0057;

 productLaser Shell Patching Kit
Warner Tech-Care Products (formerly Hagemeyer), Minneapolis, offers a patching kit designed for laser shell patching. The patching kit contains a small portable UV light, polymers, buffing, and Tech-care Products’ new Clean wipes, pop-up wipes especially formulated for cleaning hearing products. (800) 328-4757,

 productImpression Materials
Westone Laboratories, Colorado Springs, Colo, offers a full line of impression materials, with all types and styles available. From powder and liquid to silicone cartridges, regardless of your style preference, you can find the highest quality material at Westone. Silicone Singles are a single dose, accurate, and easy-to-use hand-mixed silicone impression material. To purchase this material in bulk form, try Pink Silicast. Westone’s SiliClone brand cartridge impression material is now available in both the 48 mL and S-50 formats. For those wanting a higher viscosity cartridge material, the company recommends SiliClone Firm (available only in the S-50 format). (800) 525-5071;

 productHandheld Screening Audiometer
The DSP Pure Tone Audiometer® from Micro Audiometrics Corp, Murphy, NC, is a 10-ounce, battery-operated, handheld audiometer. Signals can reportedly be presented in a pulsed or continuous mode, pure tone or warble, and from 250 through 8,000 Hz at levels from 10 to 80 dB, according to the company. The audiometer also contains an Automatic Sequencing™ function, which is designed to enable a screening test to be conducted without operator intervention. It comes with headset, batteries, carrying case, and a limited 3-year warranty. (800) 729-9509;

 productAmplified Phone
HITEC Group, Burr Ridge, Ill, announces the release of the Freedom Phone. The ClearSounds 40XLC has Caller ID, amplification up to 50 dB, and hands-free operation with both a 2.5 mm and 3.5 mm audio jack for use with any headset, neckloop, T-hook silhouette, or patchcord. It is a speaker phone with volume control, and it has a built-in signaling system including a loud ringer, a flashing strobe, or an optional bed shaker. A three-level speech output control enables volume adjustment of outgoing voice control. Large buttons and memory dial make it easy to use. It is stylish, elegant, and hearing aid compatible with a 2-year warranty. (800) 288-8303;

 productAdaptive Beam Forming Technology
Interton, Minneapolis, announces the release of a new directional microphone with Adaptive Beam Forming technology available on Interton’s newly released IQ line of digital hearing aids. Adaptive Beam Forming provides a variable polar pattern that changes as the acoustic environment changes, creating different patterns whenever needed. This is a different strategy from programmable directionality, where omni and directional microphones are selected via a programmed algorithm. Interton went beyond the current standard to produce an adaptive beam forming technology that automatically creates different patterns whenever needed. Adaptive Beam Forming technology is available on Interton’s newly released IQTM line of hearing aids. (800) 247-4741;

 productEar Gel
EarGuy™ Ear-gel by Earmold Design Inc, Minneapolis, is a gel lubricant designed to make earmold and hearing instrument insertion easy and comfortable. It is water soluble and will not leave residue or buildup on the ear, according to the company. The squeeze bottle is used to apply the gel onto a Q-tip™, which is then swabbed at the opening of the ear canal. (800) 334-6466; [email protected].

 productWeb Site Unveiled
Ear Technology Corporation, Johnson City, Tenn, has unveiled its new Web site. The site has been designed to provide greater ease of use by both consumers and professionals, and will enable visitors to download technical and product information, promotional literature, and graphics suitable for use in newsletters and advertising. (800) 827-8547;

 productPotentiometer-Controlled Instruments
Starkey Laboratories Inc, Eden Prairie, Minn, offers an alternative to analog technology—GENESIS DX, a new family of nonprogrammable, potentiometer-controlled instruments, offering the flexibility and control of digital technology. The DX line features Inteli D, available in three configurations, WDRC, S-Amp, or high frequency; Discovery D, available in 3k Hz standard or 2k Hz mid-frequency responses; and Inteli Power D. Directional microphone, telecoil, and wax prevention options are available. (800) 328-8602;

 productEarmold Manual
Microsonic®, Ambridge, Pa, a full service earmold laboratory, has published the seventh edition of its Custom Earmold Manual. The manual is a comprehensive, easy-to-understand sourcebook that fully illustrates all aspects of impression making, successful earmold selection, and fitting. Additional topics referenced are: acoustic options; earmold styles and techniques; impression materials; open-jaw impressioning; tubing and tubing retention options; as well as nonamplified applications and special products, case studies, and a guide to earmold selection. (877) 376-7139; [email protected].  

 productNew Released Batteries
ZeniPower, Zhuhai, China, offers patented hearing aid batteries with low impedance and stable voltage (above 1.1V) with high drain use to ensure longer wear with new high-power hearing aids. A strictly controlled manufacturing process guarantees high reliability and consistency. Free samples are available.Visit us at AAA at booth #1906. (814) 825-8398;;

 productHearing Aid Vacuum System
Hearing Loss Help Co, Worcester, Mass, offers the JODI hearing aid vacuum system designed for consumer and home use. The consumer-rated 400-hour motor should provide 10 to 12 years of operations, and operates on a 13.5 vDC with transformer. The unit has a replaceable filtered syringe assembly for simple maintenance. The syringe has a flow indicator showing the suction at work, and also acts as a warning that the syringe is clogged. The JODI hearing aid vacuum system can be used with all hearing aid types. (508) 755-1120; 

 productTabletop Displays
S & S Laser, New Port Richey, Fla, offers the “ready to show” briefcase tabletop display. It sets up in less than a minute and is completely self-contained. The display morphs from a briefcase to a 48-inch x 24-inch fabric-covered display. The header attaches to the top and is stored inside when not in use. Velcro-ready fabrics are available in assorted colors. The display weighs just 9 pounds. Also available: graphics packages and larger style displays. (800) 934-6815.

 productFree Digital Media Kit
CareCredit‚ Anaheim, Calif, has developed a free Digital Media Kit for hearing health care practices to use on their Web sites. This easy-to-use promotional kit features multiple button options that can be copied and placed on the practice’s site—including animated buttons, and several that link directly to CareCredit’s Instant Online Application. The direct link enables patients to secure financing on their own in less than 30 seconds. Also featured are text options of varying length, a full Web-page design that can be used in its entirety or for reference, and professional photographs that can be used on clients’ Web sites for visual accent are also included. Practices enrolled in the CareCredit program are eligible for a free Digital Media Kit. (800) 300-3046, ext 4234;;   [email protected]

 productHearing Solutions
The Atlas Plus is an affordable family of digital hearing solutions by Oticon Inc, Somerset, NJ, featuring OpenEar Acoustics, dynamic feedback cancellation for occlusion and feedback. Options include directional microphone, volume control, and programmable telecoil. Atlas Plus is offered in a full range of styles and options. (800) 426-3921;

 productCordless Amplified Phone
Clarity®, a division of Plantronics Inc (formerly Walker Ameriphone), Chattanooga, Tenn, offers the CL-40 Cordless Amplified Telephone, increases incoming sounds up to 40 +dB and features a separate tone control (600-2,400 Hz) for high-frequency sounds. The unit’s 900 MHz technology and an automatic channel scanner provide a stable, extended operating range and static-free transmission. (800) 874-3005;

 productHealthy Ears
MiraCell Inc, Orem, Utah, offers MiraCell, a skin conditioning ear care product. Botanically-derived MiraCell provides nutrients necessary to maintain healthy ears, while acting as a lubricant for hearing instruments and procedures. (800) 748-5040;

 productProfessional Products Catalog
ADCO Hearing Products, Littleton, Colo, announces its Volume 11P wholesale catalog for hearing health care professionals. It is filled with pictures and descriptions of tools and supplies for earmold impressions and modification, professional supplies, hearing aid accessories, hearing protection, AdcoMold products for on-the-spot earmolds and repairs, and a large range of assistive devices. Free copies available. (800) 726-0851, (303) 794-3928;

 productDSP Audio Processor
Gennum Corporation, Burlington, Ontario, Canada, introduces Duet Digital, a new DSP audio processor for hearing instruments. Duet features an advanced second-generation noise reduction algorithm that incorporates psycho-acoustics modeling to reduce the perception of noise, while affecting speech content less than current first-generation algorithms. Duet also includes adaptive feedback cancellation, Gennum’s FRONTWAVEÝ directional system, four-channel WDRC, AGC-O compression limiting, and an advanced codec for high quality sound. (905) 632-2996;

 productFlex Strips
Deltek, the electromechanical solutions division of Knowles Electronics, Elgin, Ill, has released Models 9200 and 9201 battery door style programming flex strips. The Model 9200 is a replacement flex strip that can be used with existing press-fit modules. The Model 9201 incorporates a Deltek Model 0009 four-pin socket at one end to accommodate a standard micro-plug/mini-DIN style programming cable. Its design offers superior resistance to lead fracture as a result of torsion or flexion during use. DelTek does not seal the contact ends in kapton (popular among existing products) eliminating the need for overprinting of gold-plated contacts, known to be susceptible to contact fracture through normal use. Deltek’s design provides a consistent and reliable contact point and minimizes contact resistance. (847) 841-3000;;

 productSingle-Wall Screening Booths
Acoustic Systems, Austin, Tex, offers single-wall screening booths for screening environments where the ambient conditions require increased attenuation, or clinical testing may be required. The booths are constructed with the company’s standard, Type 2, 4-inch-thick wall panels and provide isolation. Acoustic Systems is accredited by the National Voluntary Laboratory Accreditation Program (NVLAP) and submits its audiometric rooms and suites to regular testing. (512) 444-1961;

 productOffice Management Software
Starkey Laboratories Inc, Eden Prairie, Minn, offers ProHear office management software for hearing health care professionals, providing fast, accurate methods for accessing customer information, finances, analyzing business trends, creating marketing strategies, and scheduling. ProHear 5.5 now provides instant access to NOAH 3.0. Measure and record a patient’s hearing loss with any NOAH 3.0 certified device using 5.5’s audiogram, speech test, or loudness scaling features. Results are then passed automatically to a common database, for use by any fitting system from any manufacturer. (800) 328-8602;

 productALD Brochure
Effective Communication Solutions Inc, Independence, Ky, introduces a full-color ALD brochure designed for hearing health care professionals to use for patient counseling. The devices chosen for this brochure were based on extensive ALD experience working with consumers and represent the most frequently purchased products for home and work. (800) 838-1649;

 productTechnology Payment Plans
CareCredit®, Anaheim, Calif, a nationwide patient payment program, offers a 48-month extended payment option for the purchase of hearing technologies, which average a cost of $2,500 per instrument for better models. CareCredit’s 48-month low-interest extended payment plan has no initial costs and manageable monthly payments as low as $68. Shorter term and no-interest plans are also available. A comprehensive range of plans are available, including 3, 6, and 12-month no-interest arrangements, and 24, 36, and 48-month low-interest payment plan options. CareCredit is currently serving more than 40,000 practices nationwide. (800) 300-3046, ext 519; [email protected].

 productNew Product Line
In’Tech Industries Inc, Ramsey, Minn, a leading supplier of miniature plastic hearing aid components introduces their new VTM™ product line. Services include providing high-quality, highly accurate, digitally created ear shell services and rapid manufacturing to hearing instrument manufacturers. Proven technology includes precision scanning, electronic detailing, and stereo-lithography services while offering multiple surface finishes and color options that can improve your customer satisfaction ratings. This service is now available to all hearing aid manufacturers.

 productHands-Free Communication
All American Mold Laboratories Inc, Oklahoma City, offers custom earpieces for a variety of communication devices for cellular telephone users, air traffic controllers, news broadcasters, etc. The custom devices increase clarity and comfort. (800) 654-3245;

 productHearing Protection
Perfect Seal Laboratories of Wichita, Kan, offers many styles of hearing protection. No matter what your client’s needs, Perfect Seal can accommodate them. From the electronic series (shown) to solid plugs, Perfect Seal can provide solutions for many specific industrial applications. (800) 311-9810.

 productInterton Joins Audiology Online
Interton, Minneapolis, has partnered with Audiology Online ( to create an industry crossroad for information related to hearing health and hearing industry, both the professional sector and consumers, through the sister site, The interactive seminar forum makes it possible for Interton to offer compelling courses online that will enable audiologists and dispensers to obtain CEUs anywhere they can access the Internet. As a portal for useful information, Interton’s partnership with Audiology Online addresses the audiology community and garners recognition from this important group. Interton offers a complete line of advanced digital hearing solutions and state-of-the-art fitting programs that are noted for their user friendliness and effectiveness. (800) 247-4741;

 productProduct Line Expansion
EAR Inc, Boulder, Colo, announces the expansion of its product line in response to the needs of consumers participating in competitive shooting, hunting, motorcycling, law enforcement, and industry. Products for 2004 include a new series of high-end analog and digital electronic ear protectors, waterproof BTEs, EAR Mini-Canals™, Sports Monitors™, and wireless two-way radio communications. (800) 525-2690;

 productCompact Battery Testers
Precision Laboratories, Altamonte Springs, Fla, offers two new hearing aid battery testers. Both testers are lightweight and compact. Each features a convenient compartment for spare batteries and a display that is easy to read. Within seconds, users can determine the strength of any hearing aid battery. (800) 327-4792;

 productNew Patient Education Brochure
Understanding Your Baby’s Hearing©, by Robert H. Margolis, PhD, Minneapolis, was designed for use by hospital universal newborn hearing screening programs and by audiologists. It explains in clear language the causes and effects of congenital hearing loss, risk factors, developmental milestones, test methods, treatment, and educational options. A space is provided for test results and recommendations. It is printed with the same format as Understanding Your Hearing, Understanding Your Child’s Hearing, and Understanding Hearing Aids. It is viewable at, and is available from Medical Technologies (800) 328-6709, Oaktree Products (800) 347-1960;;  and Audiology Online,