productNew Style Hearing System
SeboTek Hearing Systems, Tulsa, Okla, introduces PAC, a post-auricular canal hearing system. Discreetly designed, PAC features a digital sound processor situated along the back of the ear and a separate component speaker that is worn deep in the ear canal. A nearly transparent wire connects the two pieces. PAC also features a directional microphone system, WDRC, and multi-memory programming. Software is available in stand-alone and NOAH formats. The system can be worn immediately after the user’s visit to a hearing professional. (800) 388-9041;

productDigital Hearing Systems
Phonak Inc, Warrenville, Ill, offers new additions to the Supero and Aero families of digital hearing systems. The compact-designed Aero 311 Forte and Aero 311 AZ Forte are power BTEs for severe hearing loss. They feature Phonak’s latest FM equipment, easy-to-use controls, 15 channels, three signal processing options, three hearing programs, the digital Noise Canceler, TacTronic switch, and AudioZoom (in the 311 AZ Forte). The Supero 413 AZ features AudioZoom technology. This zoom feature with dual microphone directionality significantly improves speech intelligibility in noise, bringing increased wearer satisfaction. The Supero 413 AZ (for severe to profound hearing loss) includes RECDdirect, for one-step Real Ear to Coupler Difference measurements. Supero is the first digital hearing instrument ever to be designed specifically for power applications. Its robust, protective construction ensures high performance in all situations, and effectively resists dirt and moisture. For the ultimate in sound quality and practicality, Supero also is compatible with the Phonak FM system that overcomes the significant barriers of distance, echo, and background noise. (800) 777-7333;

productLaser Shell Patching Kit
(formerly Warner Technologies), Minneapolis, offers a patching kit designed for laser shell patching. The patching kit contains a small portable UV light, polymers, buffing wheel, UV Loctite adhesive, carbide cutter, and Tech-care Products’ new Clean-wipes, pop-up wipes especially formulated for cleaning hearing products. (800) 328-4757;

productDrying System
Egger Corp, Duluth, Ga, offers its new drying system Dry & Away for hearing aids. Dry & Away is simple and easy to use. The unit’s inner granular drying pouch absorbs humidity, which is completed over a 4-hour cycle. The process is hygienic and helps to prolong the life of the hearing aid. (800) 327-0573;

productPractice Management CD
CareCredit, Anaheim, Calif, a patient payment program company, is offering hearing health care practitioners a free CD or audio tape of the practice management program, “Growing Your Practice; Effective Communication Techniques,” by J. Scott Bailey, a professional sales trainer for the Sandler System. Bailey has more than 25 years of experience teaching effective communication techniques, including discovering patients’ emotional needs, buying cycles, and buying objectives. Care Credit offers extended payment plans for patients with treatment fees ranging from $1 to more than $25,000. Also available are 3-, 6-, and 12-month interest-free plans, as well as 24-, 36-, and 48-month low-interest payment options. The company is currently serving more than 35,000 practices nationwide. (800) 300-3046, ext 519; [email protected].

productPrivate Label Batteries
Westone Laboratories, Colorado Springs, Colo, presents private label batteries for the hearing health care provider. Westone’s private label batteries provide the same high quality and long life as name brand batteries, but are more economical. In addition, private label batteries are an excellent marketing tool. Whether providers retail the batteries, provides them with a service agreement, or both, private label batteries are an easy and convenient way to keep the business name in front of loyal customers and serve as a constant reminder of the professional services provided. (800) 525-5071;

productSample Pack
S & S Laser Productions, New Port Richey, Fla, features the Lab Pak sampler pack. It includes a battery tester with a swing-out storage drawer and eight different brushes, picks, magnets, screwdrivers, and vent cleaning tools. These items can also be purchased separately. (800) 934-6815.

productHearing Product Catalog
Starkey Laboratories Earmold Division, Eden Prairie, Minn, has developed a comprehensive catalog featuring the industry’s widest variety of hearing conservation, enhancement, and earmold solutions. From shell molds to pilot headset molds, Starkey’s long history of custom manufacturing is represented in the more than 100 different styles of products showcased in the catalog. (800) 328-8602;

productWeb Site Launched
SeboTek™ Hearing Systems, Tulsa, Okla, has launched a new Web site featuring online ordering of its PAC (Post Auricular Canal) instruments. The Web site provides hearing professionals with information on SeboTek’s PAC instrument, including PAC specifications, 3-D product viewing, technical support, training materials, and electronic versions of brochures and dispenser guides. The E-store section features Pro-VES software downloads, electronic ordering of PAC instruments, and account status information. (800) 388-9041;

productSoftware Updates
Audioscan, Dorchester, Ontario, Canada, has released the 2.0 version of software for its Audioscan® Verifit® real-ear hearing aid analyzer. Among the program’s improvements are a real-time Speech Envelope, which offers a clearer picture of how a fitting is mapping speech into the residual auditory area, and Speechmap®, with a choice of DSL®, NAL-NL1, or auditory-area mapping approaches to hearing aid fitting. NAL-NL1 is also provided as an insertion gain fitting method. Additional features include networking of screen images and data that may be exported to network files via the Verifit LAN port. This software update is free, and is automatically mailed to all Audioscan Verifit owners. (800) 265-2093;

productPatient Financing
The HELPcard, Fayetteville, Ark, offers patient financing for the health care industry. Interests rates from 0% to 4.9% (on standard transactions) and leasing programs are available. Additional features include instant application and approval via phone, fax, or Internet. HELPcard providers receive free training and a personal account manager to increase individual office profitability. (800) 945-HELP (4357), ext 316;

productNational Seminars
Audina Hearing Instruments, Longwood, Fla, is presenting its fourth year of national seminars, which offer information on advanced technology, customer support, and training. Sessions will be presented in Texas, Nevada, Illinois, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Oregon, Missouri, New Jersey, North Carolina, California, and Florida. Seminars are approved by the International Hearing Society and American Academy of Audiology and earn CEUs. (800) 223-7700;

productInformation Web Site
CareCredit‚ Anaheim, Calif, a provider of patient payment programs, has launched its enhanced Web site at The site provides information and tools on how practices can use CareCredit’s range of patient payment plans to enhance care. Additional features include an online application on the “Getting Started” page (to receive a credit decision in seconds), and a payment calculator, which provides estimated monthly payments based on care fees and plan type. Care Credit offers extended payment plans for patients with treatment fees ranging from $1 to more than $25,000. Also available are 3-, 6-, and 12-month interest-free plans, as well as 24-, 36-, and 48-month low-interest payment options. The company is currently serving more than 35,000 practices nationwide. (800) 300-3046, ext 519; [email protected].

productEar Gel
EarGuy™ Ear-gel by Earmold Design Inc, Minneapolis, is a gel lubricant designed to make earmold and hearing instrument insertion easy and comfortable. It is water soluble and will not leave residue or buildup on the ear, according to the company. The squeeze bottle is used to apply the gel onto a Q-tip™, which is then swabbed at the opening of the ear canal. (800) 334-6466; [email protected].

productAmplified Telephone
Walker Ameriphone, a Division of Plantronics Inc, Chattanooga, Tenn, offers the XL-40 Amplified Telephone. The unit delivers up to 43 +dB extra amplification and features a separate adjustable tone control (500-2,400 Hz) for high-frequency sounds. Its back-lighted keypad with big buttons makes it easy to dial. Other features include an extra bright ring flasher, a super loud ringer with adjustable tone control, and voice mail and missed call indicators. The XL-40 includes 12 memory buttons, plus redial, hold, and flash buttons, is wall-mountable, and has a battery backup in case of power outage. The XL-40 is hearing aid telecoil compatible and has an audio output jack for connection to a headset, neckloop, or cochlear implant. (800) 874-3005; [email protected]

productConversion Communication Kit
Hocks Hearing Healthcare Products, Portland, Ore, features the Hocks Conversion Kit, which can be used to turn solid molds into filtered molds. Included in the kit are all the necessary parts to produce or modify most communication setups. (800) 654-6257;

productDigital Hearing Instruments
Siemens Hearing Instruments Inc, Piscataway, NJ, announces the enhancement of the TRIANO™ family of digital hearing instruments. TRIANO offers TriMic™ three-microphone directional technology. All TRIANO hearing aids are developed with the Speech Comfort System™ offering the following benefits: automatic situation detection, signal optimization, and an automatic directional microphone. Available in all styles from the smallest micro CIC (completely-in-the-canal) to a super power BTE (behind-the-ear), TRIANO offers a complete family of hearing solutions for all degrees of hearing loss for people of all ages. (800) 766-4500;  

productInteractive Web Site, Alexandria, La, announces the July 2003 launch of its interactive Web site for hearing health care professionals. Created by Dr Terry L. Roberts, will offer site members such features as: Direct Representative Access (DRA), for direct access to and contact information for sponsor representatives; the Virtual Exhibit Hall, for companies to present new or existing products in various multimedia formats; and the Product Clearinghouse, featuring manufacturers’ product information for easy search and order. Among additional interactive features are Digital Grand Rounds, a 24/7 Think Tank Forum, and a Marketing Toolkit, to help members design and create their own marketing materials, including advertisements, newsletters, and personal Web sites. Membership is free to hearing health care associates. (All those registering before July 30 will be eligible for a weekend in New Orleans, including airfare and hotel accommodations.) (800) 945-6582;

productRandom Gap Test in Spanish
AUDiTEC™ of St Louis has released the Random Gap Detection Test for the Spanish language patient (RGDT-SP). While the test itself is nonlinguistic, instructions in Spanish have been added to the test recording to aid the non-Spanish-speaking examiner. The RGDT-SP will soon be available on both cassette and compact disc. It will also be available in the Expanded version of the RGDT. (314) 781-8890; (800) 669-9065; [email protected].

productHearing Aid Sweat Band
VanB Enterprises of West Valley, NY, offers the Hearing Aid Sweat Band, a disposable soft fabric sleeve that protects behind-the-ear (BTE) devices from moisture. Available in four colors and five sizes, the Hearing Aid Sweat Band protects BTE hearing aids from perspiration, snow, and rain, as well as from infiltration of damaging dirt and grime. The sleeve is easily slipped over the microphone of a hearing aid, without the need for a tool. (716) 942-6313;

productBTE Volume Control
Deltek, the electromechanical solutions division of Knowles Electronics, Elgin, Ill, offers the Model 7500 volume control for BTE applications. The volume control’s multiple axle styles offer the greatest mounting flexibility in the industry. Axles can be configured on a single side or as a pass through, two-sided axle. Several axle lengths are also available to meet design needs. Distance between the housing and knob has been reduced, which provides greater resistance to contamination from normal environmental conditions such as perspiration, humidity, and dust. Resistive bases are now dispense printed, ensuring a more uniform curve and consistency of resistive values over the life of the product. (847) 841-3000;;

productMusicians’ Earplugs
Perfect Seal, Wichita, Kan, offers the Er 15 & 25 musicians’ earplugs, which are countersunk into the molds. In addition, the company reports that the sound bore of every mold is carefully measured, ensuring that the correct volume of air is present to achieve flat attenuation. All of the molds are made of a durable silicone. (800) 311-9810.

productEarmold Catalog
Great Lakes Earmold Laboratory Inc, Cleveland, Ohio, supplier of earmolds, accessories, and expertise to the hearing care industry, has released its new Earmold Catalog. The 38-page, full-color catalog offers earmold selections, types of impression, materials, and impression techniques. This easy-to-read, informative, quick reference catalog can be a useful guide to your practice. (800) 842-8184; [email protected].

productAcoustic Impedance/Microprocessor Audiometer
Micro Audiometrics, Murphy, NC, introduces the Earscan® middle-ear analyzer and pure tone audiometer. According to the company, the device is lightweight, durable, and affordable; performs an acoustic impedance test in 1 or 3 seconds; and can test ipsilateral reflexes. It reportedly presents signals from 250 through 8K, at 0 to 90 dB in a pulsed or continuous mode, and can test automatically. The Earscan comes complete with the audiometric headset, impedance probe, eartips, and a limited 3-year warranty. The first factory calibration is free. (800) 729-9509;

productMarketing Resources
Polk City Directories, Livonia, Mich, a supplier of consumer and business information for marketing and advertising needs, offers the City Directory, which features regional breakdown by age, income bracket, lifestyle, consumer home values, and SIC code. Products from more than 900 communities can be ordered from the directory, which includes the number of employees, as well as the sales volume, for businesses in any geographical area in the United States and Canada. (888) 757-4642; (877) 542-0057;

productPortable Sound System
ELT Group, West Palm Beach, Fla, offers the ChatPACK™ Totable Soundfield System. The system can be ordered complete with the 55-channel Comtek® FM system (216 MHz), or a la carte for use with existing FM systems. Rechargeable, the ChatPACK operates for more than 20 hours on a single charge. Included is a ballistic nylon tote with hand/shoulder strap for easy transport, NiMh batteries, and a charger. ChatPACK carries a 2-year warranty. (800) 286-3481, (866) 845-2537 (Canada);

productDry and Store Global Unit with Cochlear Implant System
Ear Technology Corporation, Johnson City, Tenn, has announced that a Dry & Store Global unit will be included with every Cochlear Americas implant system shipped in this hemisphere (North America, South and Central America) beginning this summer. With two models available, Dry & Store accommodates all types of hearing instruments including cochlear implant hardware. (800) 327-8547;

productAmplified Cordless Phone
HITEC Group International Inc, Burr Ridge, Ill, introduces its new 900 MHz amplified cordless phone with caller ID. Amplified up to 30 dB, the phone also has a headset jack for use with an optional under-the-chin headset, providing hands-free operation. Hearing-aid compatible, the phone provides excellent volume and clarity in noisy situations and long-range communications, according to the company. (800) 288-8303;

productCochlear Implant Earmold
Westone Laboratories, Colorado Springs, Colo, introduces the T-Mic® Retainer for Advanced Bionics cochlear implants. Only available from Westone, this unique earmold was designed specifically for the purpose of maintaining the optimal acoustic position for the T-Mic that attaches to Advanced Bionics cochlear implant processors. It also helps to keep the BTE processor in place, and a handle enables easy removal from the ear without pulling on the T-Mic. The T-Mic Retainer is produced with Westone’s most comfortable vinyl material, which is easily cleaned and maintained. (Request “Style No. 2 skeleton earmold” on the Westone order form. In the “Special Instructions” section of the form, write “T-Mic Retainer.”) (800) 525-5071;

productHearing Aid Dryer
S & S Laser Productions, New Port Richey, Fla, offers the Moisture Guard Electronic Hearing Aid Dryer. The Moisture Guard provides users with a way to properly maintain their hearing aids. It is safe, easy to use, and portable. The unit is made of cherry wood and carries a money-back guarantee. (800) 934-6815.

productTinted Earmolds
Earmold Design Inc, Minneapolis, offers Conseal earmolds. These earmolds contain a fiber additive in a choice of three tints—pink, beige, and smoke—which can be combined with acrylic, Formaseal, and Softech silicone earmold materials, for a cosmetically pleasing appearance. In addition, the tubing comes in a matte finish and tinted to match the earmolds. Replacement tubes are available. (800) 334-6466; [email protected]

productPhoto-Polymerization Technique
Egger Corp, Duluth, Ga, offers a new material as concentrate to manufacture negative molds on a hydrocolloidal basis. Due to its transparency, the material is especially suitable for the manufacturing of negative molds using the photo-polymerization technique. It can also be used for the processing of acrylic cold-polymerisates. Mixing the concrete (3 liters) with water results in a quantity of 5.3 kg. The duplicating material can be used several times and therefore is an alternative to silicone material. The negative molds have a very smooth surface. As the concentrate has a lower weight, freight and handling costs can be reduced. The company recommends the duplicating device EDG 1 for mixing and processing. EDG 1 is an efficient and compact duplicating device with a strong agitator. A micro-controller monitors all functions of the device and enables simple handling. (866) 344-3787;

productFitting Software
Audina Hearing Instruments, Longwood, Fla, has added three new features to its ezFIT fitting software. This software, version 3.5, is now compatible with the MicroConnect card. The MicroConnect card is a small, portable PCMCIA card for use in laptop computers and can now be purchased from Audina. The software also features ezFIX, an automatic troubleshooting tool for ease of adjustment. Adjustments are made simple by selecting the user complaint and applying the remedy. New targets are also introduced and are based on audiometric information and the style of the hearing aid. Products supported by the ezFIT software include Nueve DSP, Paragon 4 DSP, Paragon 2 DSP, Paragon Super Power DSP, and the entire Audina analog programmable product line. EzFIT version 3.5 can be downloaded at

productDry and Store Global Conditioning System
Ear Technology Corporation, Johnson City, Tenn, recently introduced the Dry & Store Global, its newest version of the Dry & Store hearing aid conditioning system. Designed for portability and versatility, the Global model accommodates a wide range of hearing instruments, including body-worn processors, cochlear implant hardware, ear monitors, and noise maskers. Codeveloped as the export version of the popular Dry & Store family, Global will operate on all worldwide power supplies with the proper AC adapter and plug configuration. A variety of additional plugs and adapters are available as optional accessories for overseas travelers. (Due to purchasing demands for the unit, demand has frequently exceeded supply. The company expects to resume “real-time shipping” in the second quarter of 2003.) (800) 327-8547;

productHearing Aid Batteries
Based in Burr Ridge, Ill, HITEC Group International Inc is the exclusive distributor of the power one® hearing aid batteries. A new rebate program is available to hearing care professionals. Find out about earning bonus checks by purchasing as few as 150 six-cell cards of these high performance batteries. (800) 288-8303;

productCustom Earpieces
Mid-States Laboratories, Wichita, Kan, offers its custom earpieces that attach to standard ear buds, which are designed to enable hands-free cellular phone use. The product also reportedly increases clarity by decreasing background noise and road noise. The company can provide the complete package, including the Plantronics lightweight headset #M140 or #M145. (800) 247-3669;

productUltrasonic Cleaner
ADCO Hearing Products Inc, Littleton, Colo, offers the Branson B200 Cleaner. With a perfect size for the hearing health care industry, the ultrasonic wave action deep cleans the areas brushes cannot reach. Basket size is 6.5 inches x 3.5 inches x 2.25 inches, perfect to clean earmolds, otoscopes, speculae, curettes, and more. Most cleaning requires only 2 to 3 minutes. For safety, an internal timer turns off the cleaner after 5 minutes. Use the Branson B200 cleaner with Wavecide or Ultrasonic Cleaners, also available through ADCO. (800) 726-0851; (303) 794-3928;

productCustom Fit Earmolds
Westone Laboratories, Colorado Springs, Colo, offers a complete line of custom fit products for the ear. Westone provides standard-style earmolds for any amplified application (as well as a few unique specialty styles), including custom noise protection for industrial use, motorcycling, shooting, and recreation. Also available are AquaNot and Swyrl swimplugs, custom earpieces for cell phone headsets, as well as plugs for medical personnel, pilots, and music lovers. In addition, the new Westone Music Products division offers a full line of in-ear musicians’ monitors. (800) 525-5071;

productFoam Blocks
Hocks Hearing Healthcare Products, Portland, Ore, offers Memory Foam Blocks, a new foam prestrung in three sizes—small, medium, and large. The open cell foam reduces the vacuum effect. Each block will shape itself to the ear canal, producing more accurate impressions. The foam conforms and expands to the individual’s ear. (800) 654-6257;

productMedical Grade Silicone Swim Plugs
Perfect Seal, Wichita, Kan, offers Aqua-Tite swim plugs, which are reportedly made from medical-grade silicone. They are hypoallergenic and can be tinted to almost any color, or swirled up to three colors for the same price. Each plug comes with embedded handles, which are designed to make them easier to insert and remove. A connecting cord can also be ordered. (800) 311-9810.

productComponent Silicone Materials
Egger Corp, Duluth, Ga, offers two component silicone materials: Egger-Aqua material in cartridges and Egger Flex S/AB Putty. Egger-Aqua material in cartridges is available in different colors. The inject pistol with mixing cannulas makes it possible to inject the material. One unit contains eight double cartridges with 50 mil each. Egger Flex S/AB Putty is available in red, orange, and blue, and is packed as a 2 x 120 g and 2 x 500 g unit. Impression is effected by syringe. The company recommends brilliant lacquer for surface finish, which is applied easily with a brush. An extensive assortment of special tools for the finishing and impression taking is available. (866) 344-3787;

productMoisture Proof Toggle Switch
Deltek, the electromechanical solutions division of Knowles Electronics, Elgin, Ill, has released the Model 2700 Moisture Protected Toggle Switch for production. The switch is a drop-in replacement to its competitors but provides superior moisture and contamination protection, which improves performance and switch life. Using a completely sealed switch element, the 2700 is practically impervious to perspiration or humidity. Optional lead configurations and switch configurations are available. Many different knob colors are also available. (847) 841-3000;;

productUpdated Marketing Data
Polk City Directories, Livonia, Mich, offers consumer and business information for marketing and advertising needs. Polk City Directories updates its resources every 4 weeks, to ensure timely and accurate data. Information includes age, income bracket, lifestyle, consumer home values, and SIC code. In addition, products from more than 900 communities can be ordered from the directory, which includes the number of employees, as well as the sales volume for businesses in any geographical area in the United States and Canada. (888) 757-4642; (877) 542-0057;

productInfrared Listening System
ELT Group, West Palm Beach, Fla, offers the AudioLink® PLS-951A Infrared Listening System— the AudioLink-II®. The TV listening system works with any TV, and is compatible with most public 95 kHz systems. Features include an auto power switch, low IR carrier mute, individual tone control, balance control (adjusting tool provided), 115 dB maximum SPL, two rechargeable NiMh batteries, TV microphone, and a 2-year warranty. (800) 286-3481, (866) 845-2537 (Canada);

productCerumen Protection System
Starkey Laboratories Inc, Eden Prairie, Minn, introduces the Waxceptor™, a cerumen protection system with disposable wax guards. The wax guards help prevent earwax accumulation in the hearing aid receiver, a leading cause of hearing aid repair and patient dissatisfaction. Waxceptor wax guards are quickly and easily inserted utilizing the customized removal tool. Each kit contains five wax guards and does not alter the hearing aid’s frequency response, gain, or output. Waxceptor kits are free of charge and include two complete wax guard packs and an insertion and removal tool. (800) 328-8602;

productTime Compressed Sentence Test
AUDiTEC™ of St Louis recently released the Time Compressed Sentence Test (TCST) developed by Robert W. Keith, MD. The purposes of the TCST are to identify and quantify disorders of auditory processing. It is believed that time compressing sentences is a more valid measure of central processing than time compressing single words. The sentences are simple declarative sentences at zero (0) compression and 40% and 60% compression. This test will further enable audiologists, teachers, and other professionals to institute intervention programs for children who have problems learning due to deficits in the auditory modality. (314) 781-8890; (800) 669-9065; [email protected].

productDirect Mail Advertising
Action Marketing, El Cajon, Calif, specializes in the design and production of direct mail advertising. The company’s marketing approach focuses primarily on new patients, which reportedly results in predictable and consistent business growth. In addition, the company’s products are tested before inclusion in its product line, a process that is designed to minimize the risks involved in a new advertising approach. The company further reports that it has invested heavily in the development of an extensive production facility, while refinements in its tracking and production systems increase accuracy and decrease production time. (800) 227-0819.

productComparative Hearing Test
Oaktree Products Inc, Chesterfield, Mo, offers the Comparative Hearing Test, a CD-ROM program for use in the evaluation of hearing ranges (from normal to severe hearing loss). The program can be installed on a PC, or played on a CD player. It has been proven more than 90% accurate in independent tests. Results can be stored, printed, and graphically displayed on a speech sound audiogram. (800) 347-1960;

productPersonal Care Products
Hagemeyer Tech-care Products (formerly Warner Technologies Inc), Minneapolis, features its own line of personal care products, including Earmold Cleaner, Sta-Dri dehumidifier jar, Ear-gel, Ear-fresh, Derm-aid Cream, and Tech-care ear wax removal system. All of the Tech-care products are alcohol-free to prevent ear irritation. (800) 328-4757;

productOAE System
Starkey Laboratories Inc, Eden Prairie, Minn, features the DP2000, a state-of-the-art otoacoustic emissions infant screening device. The unit weighs less than six ounces, without the computer, and has a range from 500 to 16,000 Hz. The system enables the examiner to save up to 10 curves per ear per test session for each patient, and comes with seven different sizes of disposable test tips to ensure an adequate acoustic seal. The DP2000 plugs into any Windows-compatible computer with an available PCMCIA type II slot. (800) 328-8602;

productFree Impression Material
Westone Laboratories, Colorado Springs, Colo, offers Silicone Singles, a convenient and accurate manually mixed silicone impression material for hearing health care professionals. Each Silicone Singles packet contains exactly enough material for one impression—just open, mix, and use, with no measuring, mixing, or waste. For a limited time, every earmold or earplug ordered from Westone will be returned with a complimentary Silicone Single. Earmold orders must be received by August 31, 2003, to be eligible for this offer. (800) 525-5071;

productMulti-Functional TTY
HITEC Group International Inc, Burr Ridge, Ill, introduces the Worldview TTY 2200. The multi-functional TTY integrates elements of advanced TTY and computer technology, and is ideal for use in small or large businesses. Users can shift between telephone calls and regular office tasks without leaving their workspace or activating a different device. The technology will be useful and economical for organizations and businesses with hard-of-hearing clients or employees. The product also fills the need of organizations, agencies, and public entities required to meet provisions cited in the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990; Section 255 of the Federal Communications Commission’s Telecommunications Act of 1996; and Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973. (800) 288-8303;

productFull-Color Brochure
In’Tech Industries Inc, Ramsey, Minn, is a supplier of miniature plastic hearing aid component parts for hearing aid manufacturers. The company offers a variety of standard products along with in-house custom design and tooling capability to meet customers’ specific needs. (763) 576-8100;

productCustomized Newsletter
Hearing HealthCare News™, a customized newsletter for patients published since 1986, and Audiology HealthCare News™, a customized newsletter for physicians and other health care providers, are both edited by Dennis Hampton, a dispensing audiologist based in White Plains, NY. The newsletters are valuable resources for marketing a practice to patients and physicians. The newsletters are published quarterly, and delivered ready to mail. Samples and marketing videos are available. (800) 342-1643;

productDirectional Microphone Hearing Aid
Interton/AHS, Minneapolis, recently released EVO Twin, a directional microphone hearing instrument in a canal model design. EVO Twin provides the improved speech intelligibility that directional technology offers, but in a smaller hearing aid. Additional features include a 14-band feedback manager and 3-channel WDRC design that enables fitting flexibility for typical to complex hearing losses, as well as a completely adjustable Speech Management System that significantly improves understanding by focusing on and attenuating speech sounds. (800) 247-4741;

productCartridge Impression Material
Westone Laboratories, Colorado Springs, Colo, offers a full line of cartridge impression materials. The SiliClone brand is now available in both the 48 ml and S-50 formats. Recent industry discussions have suggested a firmer material may provide more accurate impressions. In addition, SiliClone Firm offers viscosity comparable to that of hand-mixed silicone materials, with the ease and convenience of a cartridge material. (800) 525-5071;

productHandheld Screening Audiometer
The DSP Pure Tone Audiometer® from Micro Audiometrics Corp, Murphy, NC, is a 10-ounce, battery-operated, handheld audiometer. Signals can reportedly be presented in a pulsed or continuous mode, pure tone or warble, and from 250 through 8,000 Hz at levels from 10 to 80 dB, according to the company. The audiometer also contains an Automatic Sequencing™ function, which is designed to enable a screening test to be conducted without operator intervention. It comes with headset, batteries, carrying case, and a limited 3-year warranty. (800) 729-9509;

productDistractor Recordings
Auditec of St Louis features Children’s Noise, distractor recordings generated by children for testing kids’ hearing. Children’s Noise is available in two situations—a busy classroom and on a playground. The noises are somewhat variable in level, the playground being the most variable. The noises are available on cassette, the playground on side A, and the classroom on Side B. Each is introduced with a 1,000 Hz calibration tone. The noises have been adjusted so that the level never exceeds +3 dB VU to avoid distortion. In addition, Children’s Noise can be burned to compact disc. Either or both of these recordings can be dubbed with any word recognition test, on a separate track or mixed at any signal to noise ratio. (800) 669-9065; [email protected].

productCordless Amplified Telephone
Walker Ameriphone, a Division of Plantronics Inc, Chattanooga, Tenn, offers the CL-40 Cordless Amplified Telephone, which increases incoming sounds up to 40 +dB and features a separate tone control (600-2,400 Hz) for high-frequency sounds. The unit is 900 MHz technology and an automatic channel scanner provide a stable, extended operating range and static-free transmission. The large, lighted keypad makes dialing easy, and there are 10 speed-dial buttons, along with flash and redial. The CL-40 also features an extra-loud ringer and base-to-handset paging and is wall-mountable. It is also hearing-aid T-coil compatible and has an audio output jack for connection to a headset, neckloop, or cochlear implant. The CL-40’s included NiMH rechargeable battery pack delivers a 3-hour talk time between battery charges. (800) 874-3005; [email protected];

productImproved Features
Starkey Laboratories Inc, Eden Prairie, Minn, offers the Axent™ BTE utilizing the new J13 case. The unit features increased fitting flexibility, improved hearing comfort, greater directionality, and higher output and gain. The unit includes Adaptive Feedback Cancellation. Axent’s Multichannel Expansion technology also reduces low-level circuit and environmental noise typically associated with WDRC instruments. The Axent BTE is also available with the AV Dual Microphone Directional System on multimemory instruments. (800) 328-8602;

product10th Anniversary Catalog
Oaktree Products, Chesterfield, Mo, has announced the release of the company’s 10th anniversary catalog. The free 100-page catalog contains information on more than 3,000 products. (800) 347-1960;

productStronger Batteries
Energizer, St Louis, recently introduced an increased volume size 10 battery. The Energizer® Amplifier® offers enhanced power designed to operate high-drain digital devices, as well as traditional hearing aids. The battery will be offered in Energizer Amplifier spin packs and Energizer EZ Change™ dispensers (which eliminates the need to handle hearing aid batteries and tabs). (800) 383-7323;

productDirectional Digital ITC
United Hearing Systems, Central Village, Conn, offers directional custom hearing instruments. The featured models include the directional canal and mini canal. DSP circuitry provides switchability between omni and directional. T-Coil option is also a programmable function. (800) 835-2001;

productFull-Color Brochure
Oaktree Products Inc, Chesterfield, Mo, offers a full color brochure to help professionals market assistive listening devices (ALDs) to their patients. The clearly written brochure is easy to understand, and features information on a variety of ALDs.
(800) 347-1960;

productEngineering Expertise
At In’Tech Industries Inc in Ramsey, Minn, engineering experts strive to produce a product that matches its customers’ design criteria. Whether producing a complete design based on generic sketches or integrating an existing design into a final product, combining the company’s services with its customers’ creativity is the key. (763) 576-8100;

productOffice Management Software
Starkey Laboratories Inc, Eden Prairie, Minn, offers ProHear office management software designed to meet the needs of today’s hearing care professional. ProHear 5.5 provides fast and accurate methods for accessing customer information, finances, analyzing business trends, creating marketing strategies, and scheduling. ProHear 5.5 also provides instant access to NOAH 3.0. Measure and record a patient’s hearing loss with any NOAH 3.0 certified device using 5.5’s audiogram, speech test, or loudness scaling features. Results are then passed automatically to a common database, for use by any fitting system from any manufacturer. Information is then intuitively saved into the patient’s database, without any direct action on the hearing professional’s part. (800) 328-8602;

productScreening Audiometer
Eckstein Bros Inc, Hawthorne, Calif, offers the Tetra Tone II™, a compact portable hearing screening instrument for general testing. The unit features a microprocessor, push-button operation, four intensity levels, low battery indicator, auto power shut-off, and memory recall. The TetraTone is guaranteed for one ear and meets ANSI requirements. (323) 772-6113; [email protected].

productWireless Patient Response System
Pehratek Products, Chanhassen, Minn, offers the PATIENT-LINK wireless patient response system, a wireless alternative to standard wired patient response buttons that tangle and limit freedom in small sound rooms or for people in wheelchairs. The PATIENT-LINK can be added to most audiometric testing systems that have a built-in patient response light system. To upgrade the current wired patient response to a wireless version, the receiver just needs to be plugged into the audiometer jack. The lighted handheld unit is lightweight and features a large push button with LED that lights up when pressed to give the patient feedback during the test procedure. (952) 470-9063;

productCustom Ear Prosthesis
Precision Laboratories Inc, Altamonte Springs, Fla, offers the Catamaran, a custom ear prosthesis that offers protection for swimming, myringotomy, PE tubes, or any problems associated with otitis external otitis media. The plugs are fabricated using JB 1000 material, a medical-grade silicone. This material will not shrink or harden with normal usage. The Catamaran is available in a variety of colors including flesh tone. The Catamaran can also be used as a sound protection device. (800) 327-4792;

productWeb Site Update
Westone Laboratories, Colorado Springs, Colo, has updated its Web site at The site, designed especially for the hearing health care professional, offers a variety of resources, including such information sources as the Earmold Style Guide, the Retubing Guide, and Tips on Making Ear Impressions. The site also offers answers to frequently asked questions, an archive of handy “Tech Tips,” and downloadable marketing materials. Impression materials and supplies can be ordered through the online store. (800) 525-5071;

productSonic Boom Alarm Clock
ADCO Hearing Products Inc, Littleton, Colo, offers the Sonic Boom Alarm Model SBT 425SS. This new alarm clock offers audible and/or tactile signaling when it is time to wake up or when the phone rings. The audible alarm has volume and tone adjustment. For people with high frequency loss the lower frequency alarm may not require as much volume. Plug the phone cord into an outlet to be alerted to the phone ringing. A stylish round design (about 5.5 inches in diameter) makes it small enough to be convenient for travelers. (800) 726-0851; (303) 794-3928;

productVacuum Pump
Kingwood Industrial Products, Hackettstown, NJ, offers a portable Lite Vac Vacuum Pump. The unit is powerful enough to be used in the office, but is attractive and inexpensive enough for consumer use. The Lite Vac is used for the removal of wax and debris, which is important for sound clarity and the overall performance of the aid. The unit comes complete with a stainless steel tip, a wand clip, and a reaming needle. The filtered hand wand traps any debris before it reaches the tubing or compressor, which eliminates the chance for motor damage. (908) 852-8655;

productHigh Fidelity Digital Hearing Products
United Hearing Systems, Central Village, Conn, produces a full line of digital products including Digi K, a true high fidelity processor. Electronic peak damping and broadband response past 8 kHz are its trademark. New software release is now available. Digi K was developed by Etymotic Research in conjunction with Gennum. (800) 835-2001;

productWorry-Free Warranty
Starkey Laboratories Inc, Eden Prairie, Minn, has enhanced its warranty coverage into one comprehensive program designed for a variety of patients’ needs. Whether it is extending an original Starkey warranty, requesting repair-only protection, or adding loss and damage coverage, Worry Free™ warranty coverage allows the hearing professional the ability to offer protection based on specific patient needs. Coverage is available in four unique programs: Worry Free Deluxe Loss, Damage and Repair Warranty Protection; Worry Free Loss and Damage Warranty Protection; Worry Free Repair Warranty Protection; and Worry Free Extended Warranty Protection. The new warranty plan allows hearing professionals the opportunity to set their own pricing based on their individual services and policies. (800) 328-8602;