productAdaptive Directionality
GN ReSound, Bloomington, MN, offers its Canta 7 hearing instrument. According to the company, the instrument constantly samples and adapts to its surroundings through its adaptive directionality algorithm, while its active microphone matching algorithm maintains the calibration between the two microphones. The instrument also features a “search and destroy” feedback suppression system that reportedly eliminates feedback before it becomes audible without a reduction in gain. In addition, a multi-band noise reduction system that is designed to create a comfortable listening environment is included, as is a 64-band spectral enhancement system that reportedly boosts the spectral features in the acoustic signal. (800) 248-4327;

productMusicians’ Earplugs
Perfect Seal, Wichita, KS, offers the Er 15 & 25 musicians’ earplugs, which are countersunk into the molds. In addition, the company reports that the sound bore of every mold is carefully measured, ensuring that the correct volume of air is present to achieve flat attenuation. All of the molds are made of a durable silicone. (800) 311-981

productPowered Impression System
Westone Laboratories, Colorado Springs, CO, introduces its ImpressEar powered impression system. It is powered by a rechargeable battery and is designed to be both lightweight and powerful. According to the company, the system can be ordered to accept any style material cartridge available. The company recommends the use of its SiliClone line of impression materials, which is now available in standard and S-50 cartridges. (800) 525-5071;

productHearing Aid De-Humidifier
Bio-Medical Technologies, Mandeville, LA, offers the Aura-Dri™ hearing aid de-humidifier. The device reportedly features exclusive blu-sorb silica beads that are all blue. As moisture is absorbed from the hearing aid, they turn pink. The jar itself is large enough for two hearing aids and is clear, enabling the user to see the beads and tell when it is time to recharge them, which is done by putting the beads in a microwave oven for about one minute. (800) 344-7261;

productLight-Curing Unit
Egger, Havertown, PA, offers the EL1 N2 light-curing unit, in which the nitrogen for the unit replaces the LP cleaner necessary for repolymerization. This is designed to provide clean working conditions for the production of ITE shells along with complete hardening of the ventings and a reportedly trouble-free application of the adhesive coating. The unit can also be used for lacquer works and for manufacturing earmolds. The unit is available in 110 and 220 V versions. (866) EGGERUS

productSound Control Enclosure
Bio-Medical Technologies, Mandeville, LA, announces the availability of its sound control enclosure, which is designed to provide an alternative to immovable sound rooms. The enclosure features: a laminated cabinet; anti-vibration soundcoat; Sonotex acoustical interior foam; custom upholstery; stereo soundfield speakers; full torso door with window; three-way jack panel for headphones and bone conductor; patient response buttons on both arms; and locking caster wheels. The door can be ordered to swing to either the right or the left. The enclosure measures 62 x 32 x 27 inches and weighs approximately 165 pounds. (800) 344-7261;

productProgrammable Hearing Instruments
United Hearing Systems, Central Village, CT, has introduced an updated line of programmable hearing aids, the Paradigm Series. The series includes all custom models from ITE to CIC, and is also available in a BTE. Amplifier options include: WDRC 2-band, WDRC broadband single channel, and a new AGC-o. All feature class “D” circuitry and offer a choice of user VC and/or programmable VC. Three directional options are available in the custom models. In addition, the company’s Audio Gallery software features its “Plum 1” target formulas and is available in NOAH-compatible and stand-alone versions. (800) 835-2001;

productProvider Network
Hear For You (HFY), Oklahoma City, is a network of hearing health care providers. According to HFY, the network utilizes a proven business model, aggressive advertising, and on-going support to help hearing aid dispensers prepare their businesses for the future. Members of the network, reportedly a byproduct of a successful hearing aid practice, own their own practices and control their futures. (866) 840-9008;

productManual Trimmer Adjustments
Rexton, Plymouth, MN, offers the gran-D Custom hearing instrument, which is designed to address the needs of those looking for digital performance with the ease of conventional manual trimmer adjustments. The instrument reportedly features 100% digital technology in two independent channels for clear, crisp listening. Manual trimmer adjustments with a maximum of three detent trimmers allow for maximum flexibility when fitting a patient’s hearing loss. A comprehensive model selection is available, with a full line of instruments from CIC to BTE (Piccolo-gran-D). (800) 876-1141;

productVent Locater
Bio-Medical Technologies, Mandeville, LA, introduces the new Vent-Finder, which is designed to be used during the production of hearing aids and to eliminate mis-drilled vents in the faceplate. According to the company, a 70-mm flexible fiber-optic probe is placed into the vent from the canal end of the hearing aid. The probe will follow the vent to the faceplate, where a 6000 candlepower Xenon light will produce a bright dot of light that can be seen through it. A technician can then mark the location of the vent and drill it out. The device uses two AA batteries, and the light comes with a lifetime warranty. (800) 344-7261;

productPortable Programmer
Siemens Hearing Instruments, Professional Products Division, Prospect Heights, IL, offers the Pocket CONNEXX™ portable programmer, which is designed to enable hearing health care professionals to take their fitting systems on the road. Reportedly based on MS Windows for Pocket PC software and commercially available Pocket PC hardware, the device programs hearing aids from the entry level INFINITI™ 3 programmables up to the sophisticated digital technology of SIGNIA™. According to the company, the device is easily upgradeable and offers screens that are full-color and twice the size of the company’s PP 2000. (800) 333-9083;

productDigital Hearing Instruments
Intrason, Choisy le Roi, France, introduces Digison, a DSP platform providing signal processing algorithms, available in four models: Digison II, Digison III, Digison IV, and Digison V. Designed for patients with light to medium hearing loss, Digison II is a 2-channel hearing aid featuring noise reduction, interchannel intelligence, and optimized compression. Digison III is a 3-channel instrument with similar features as Digison II except that it is designed for patients with medium-to-severe hearing losses. Digison IV (32 bands) and Digison V (64 bands) are 8-channel hearing instruments with speech optimization systems and feedback suppression designed for light-to-moderate hearing losses. Digison V can also be used for light-to-moderate sensorineural hearing losses and features spectral/temporal enhancement. All products can reportedly be provided in CIC, BTE or in prewired kits. (33) 1-48-53-59-00;

productEarmold Packaging
Authorized Hearing System’s (AHS’s) earmold laboratory offers its new packaging, now available with custom swim plugs. The 4-inch plastic, glow-in-the-dark, water-resistant containers come with a 32-inch nylon cord and are available in a variety of colors. (800) 247-4741;

productOcclusion Effect Meter
Mid-States Labs, Wichita, KS, offers the ER-33 occlusion effect meter, which is designed to measure the amount of occlusion and allow professionals to determine if it is an earmold problem, a hearing instrument problem, or a counseling issue. According to the company, the meter is a portable, hand-held unit that makes troubleshooting easier and reduces remakes while identifying the amount of occlusion and the sources of feedback. (800) 247-3669;

productMatched Pair Microphones
Knowles Electronics, Itasca, IL, offers its FG microphone matched pair, which reportedly offer a solution to hearing in noisy environments. According to the company, the cylindrical microphones are specially designed for flat frequency response and maximum sound quality in all applications, and are ideal for directional hearing aid applications. The microphone pair is suitable for a full range of instruments, including high-power BTEs, BTEs, full concha ITEs, and half-concha ITEs. (630) 250-5100;

Sy Kessler Sales Inc, Dallas, imports RENATA Swiss-made batteries. According to the company, RENATA is currently introducing its latest generation of Zinc-Air batteries, which are designed to provide high performance and long life. (800) 527-0719;

productVacuum Pump
Kingwood Industrial Products, Hackettstown, NJ, offers its Lite Vac vacuum pump. Reportedly designed to be powerful enough for office use but inexpensive enough for consumer use, it comes equipped with one tip, a wand clip and a reaming needle. The filtering hand wand is designed to trap any wax and debris before it reaches the suction tube or vacuum itself, which eliminates any chance of particles getting into the system and damaging the vacuum compressor, according to the company. The Lite Vac reportedly includes one 20ga tip which locks into the end of the hand wand for pinpoint wax extraction and an optional needle pack is available, which includes five tips for extractions from various size openings and vent tracks. (908) 852-8655

productDigital Signal Processing
Magnatone, Casselberry, FL, announces that addition of TruVoice™ 100% digital signal processing to the DigiPro™ (digital programmable) line of custom programmables. According to the company, this is designed to compliment the existing 100% digital BTE to offer a full range of digital technology styles and accessories. The four-channel WDRC instrument features high and low level gain adjustments along with upper and lower threshold adjustments, and each channel can be adjusted independently. It reportedly provides complete and accurate adjustability over the entire frequency range. (800) 327-5159;

productTabbed Batteries
Duracell®, Boston, MA, introduces the Activair® with EasyTab™ batteries. According to the company, the batteries use three innovations to enhance the lifestyle of patients: the patented longer tab design, designed to make the batteries easier to see, hold, and insert into a hearing aid; the “pillbox” package, designed to enable patients to easily store, transport and remove batteries; and newly developed cell construction, which reportedly provides up to 30% longer life than previous Activair batteries. The batteries will be available in all sizes. (800) 551-2355;

productFoam Dams
Hocks Hearing Healthcare Products, Portland, OR, introduces its new slim foam dams. These new foam dams are reportedly slightly smaller in diameter and about half as thick as the old style. The new slim style is designed to be ideal for deep canal impressions. They are made of high quality foam, are color coded by size, and are packaged 50 per resealable bag, according to the company. Hocks also carries a full line of impression taking material and supplies, including: Pro Form, XL-100, XL-200, silicone 50/50, and cartridges; impression guns and nozzles; disposable earlites and otoscopes; cotton dams; economy and professional syringes; and germicidal wipes. (800) 654-6257

productImpression System
Hal-Hen, Garden City Park, NY, offers products that range from the Per-Form H/H two-part silicone system to traditional powder and liquid materials. Also available are measuring and delivery syringes, ear dams, earlight configurations and trimming tools. The recently launched Accuflex II™ is designed to offer a new and improved formulation of the Hal-Hen cartridge-based impression system. Accuflex II includes an exclusive money-back guarantee, according to the company. Starter Kits are available, reportedly complete with everything required to start using a cartridge-based system. (800) 242-5436

productCustom Earpieces
Mid-States Labs, Wichita, KS, offers its custom earpieces that attach to standard ear buds, which are designed to enable hands-free cellular phone use. The product also reportedly increases clarity by decreasing background noise and road noise. The company can provide the complete package, including the Plantronics lightweight headset #M140 or M145. (800) 247-3669;

productAcoustic Impedance/ Microprocessor Audiometer
Micro Audiometrics, Murphy, NC, presents the Earscan® middle-ear analyzer and pure tone audiometer. According to the company, it is lightweight, durable and affordable, performs an acoustic impedance test in 1 or 3 seconds, and can test ipsi-lateral reflexes. It reportedly presents signals from 250 through 8K, at 0 to 90 dB in a pulsed or continuous mode, and can test automatically. The Earscan comes complete with the audiometric headset, impedance probe, eartips, and a limited 3 year warranty. The first factory calibration is free. (800) 729-9509;

productDigital Hearing Instrument
Widex Hearing Aid Company, Long Island City, NY, introduces the Bravo series of 100% digital hearing instruments. According to the company, features include: CD-quality fully digital signal processing; compression with expansion so that conversational speech is natural and soft speech is audible; an efficient fitting procedure; automatic performance (there can be a toggle-switch volume control if patients prefer); long battery life, with beep tone warnings for battery replacement; inaudible microphone noise; and high immunity to interference from digital phones.The Bravo is available in CIC models that are designed to be nearly invisible, as well as ITE and BTE models. (800) 221-0188;

productHand Held Screening Audiometer
The DSP Pure Tone Audiometer® from Micro Audiometrics, Murphy, NC, is a 10 ounce, battery operated, hand held audiometer. Signals can reportedly be presented in a pulsed or continuous mode, pure tone or warble, and from 250 through 8000 Hz at levels from -10 to 80 dB, according to the company. The audiometer also contains an Automatic Sequencing™ function, which is designed to enable a screening test to be conducted without operator intervention. It comes with headset, batteries, carrying case, and a limited 3 year warranty. (800) 729-9509;

product Batteries
Rayovac, Madison, WI, offers its ULTRA® ProLine® hearing aid battery. According to the company, benefits include: advanced technology; ability to purchase directly from manufacturer; free marketing support; the Awards that Reward reloadable American Express® gift card program; and celebrity spokesperson Arnold Palmer. (800) 356-7422; [email protected]

product Curing Equipment
Bio-Medical Technologies, Mandeville, LA, has added a new line of UV curing equipment and shell materials designed for manufacturers and office assembly labs. The UV Resource line includes curing ovens, curing guns, and a complete line of shell materials and related chemicals. According to the company, repairs and even complete new shells can be ready in minutes. (800) 344-7261;

product Digital Sound Processing
Rexton, Plymouth, MN, introduces its newest 100% digital hearing instrument, the Sensation. Available in a range of models, from CIC to ITE (with BTE reportedly to be introduced in fall 2001), Sensation incorporates 100% digital sound processing in up to three independently programmable memories, including telecoil, according to the company. Two independent gain controls (high frequency and low frequency), two channel wide dynamic range compression, and two channel AGC-I with adjustable kneepoint are all designed to maximize the hearing health professional’s ability to fine-tune the instrument. Other features include a programmable telecoil, volume control, microphone noise reduction, manual notch filter system, power on delay and low battery alert tones. In addition, the company reports that the instrument’s new approach to fitting, Lifestyle with Optifit, automatically determines the best fitting parameters for a patient’s lifestyle. (800) 876-1141;

product Express Fitting
Authorized Hearing Systems (AHS), Plymouth, MN, offers the UltraLink Express, which reportedly allows clients to be fit with state-of-the-art, digitally programmable, completely-in-the-canal instruments in less than an hour. The product includes several different fitting sleeves for an instant and reliable fit. According to the company, benefits include reduced quiet in noise, low distortion, pre- and post-emphasis circuitry, feedback management and fitting accuracy and flexibility. (800) 247-4741;

product Clock/Signaling System
Global Assistive Devices Inc., Fort Lauderdale, FL, announces the release of the Access 3 clock/signaling system, designed to be a combination alarm clock, door announcer, and telephone ring signaler, according to the company. In alarm clock mode, it utilizes a halogen visual alarm and can be used in conjunction with a bedshaker accessory, which also serve as telephone ring signalers. In addition, the push button transmitter accessory can be placed at the front door, and can reportedly send a wireless signal and trigger the system from up to 75 feet away. It is available in both 110-130 volt and 220-240 volt models. (888) 778-4237

productUniversal Fit CIC Products
Audio ‘D,’ Scarborough, ME, announces the introduction of the new Fit-n-Fly Series, a family of universal-fit CIC products. Using the foam Comply Snap Tips from hearing components, the Fit-n-Fly Series can reportedly fit approximately 70% of all ears. According to the company, the instrument is ideal for fitting ears which are typically difficult to fit with CIC’s, including those with excessive mandibular motion, because the instrument conforms to the shape of the ear canal. The series is available with programmable circuitry or the 100% Digital Captiva, and can be used to fit a wide range of hearing losses. (800) 532-3984;

productAmplified Telephones
Siemens Hearing Instruments, Professional Products Division, Prospect Heights, IL, offers the Crescendo™ amplified telephones. The hearing-aid compatible phones are available in two models to assist those with mild and moderate hearing loss. The SHI 350 model reportedly provides 25 dB amplification, while the SHI 450 provides 33 dB gain. Both deliver a broad frequency range, with an accentuate button that can be activated to change the slopes to increase high frequencies for clearer speech. Amplification is automatically deactivated when the phone is hung up, allowing an entire family to use it. In addition, each model is equipped with the Magic Cone™, an accessory that reportedly fits over the handset to virtually eliminate hearing instrument feedback. (800) 333-9083;

productSignaling System
Ultratec Inc, Madison, WI, introduces the Simplicity™ signaling system. According to the company, the system alerts people to important everyday events such as the telephone ringing, someone coming to the front door, and other sounds commonly heard around the home or workplace by turning sounds into signals. (800) 482-2424;

productPLL System
Sennheiser Electronic Corp, Old Lyme, CT, offers the Mikroport™ 2013 PLL system. It reportedly consists of a receiver for the hearing impaired and a transmitter for the speaker, which is designed to enable those with hearing difficulties to play a fully integrated role in social settings. The 2013 also features a 16-channel selector, found on both the receiver and the transmitter, which provides the user with flexibility to switch to an interference-free channel at the turn of dial, according to the company. (877) 736-6434;

productHearing Aid Battery
Rayovac, Madison, WI, offers its ULTRA® Pro Line® hearing aid battery. The batteries are purchased directly from the manufacturer, either via a product consultant or over the web, using the company’s new online ordering system. The company also provides full merchandising and marketing support, which reportedly features company spokesperson Arnold Palmer. (800) 356-7422; [email protected]

productOffice Management System
Siemens Hearing Instruments, Professional Products Division, Prospect Heights, IL, introduces Practice Navigator™, its new office management system. The 32-bit application, built on the Sybase SQL Anywhere™ database platform, is reportedly compatible with the new NOAH 3.0 version software. According to the company, the system offers integration of everything from patient demographics and scheduling to ordering, repairs, and accounting. It supports networked environments along with data synchronization and replication to support multi-office practices. (800) 333-9083;

productALD Point-of-Purchase Display
Siemens Hearing Instruments, Professional Products Division, Prospect Heights, IL, introduces its ALD point-of-purchase display. The display is designed for placement in the reception area and reportedly features a video that depicts a shopper visiting an ALD display and that explains the ALDs featured. The video comes free with an introductory demonstration package, which includes: the DirectEar™ Set 100 and Set 250, a Sonic Alert demo board (including the Sonic Boom™ alarm clock), a SounDirector™ +, Personal Listener, three of the company’s phones, and a Cordless Stroller™. The cabinet, which is offered by the company’s professional products division, measures approximately 5 feet high by 4 feet wide and 2 feet deep. (800) 333-9083;

productTransportable Fitting and Counseling System
MedRx, Seminole, FL, offers its transportable OtoWizard fitting and counseling system. The system reportedly uses live speech mapping to demonstrate hearing loss and to program hearing aids in real time. Features of the software include audiometry with binaural speech testing, hearing loss simulator, master hearing aid, real ear measurements, automated occlusion effect, loudness scaling, hearing instrument test box, and patient database. In addition, the company reports that the system includes an “on-top” mode for real time programming of hearing aids in NOAH while simultaneously monitoring the aided response. The system will interface with the Video Otoscope and the company’s tympanometer. (888) 392-1234;

product Marketing Co-op Program
Rexton, Plymouth, MN, introduces its newest marketing co-op advertising program. The program has reportedly been designed to provide the hearing health care professional with the tools necessary to remain competitive in today’s marketplace. Professionals can choose from a variety of ready-made mailing postcards, direct mail flyers, camera-ready newspaper advertisements and point-of-sale material. The company’s sales representatives can reportedly help design a marketing program to meet the professional’s business needs, and turn-key programs are also available. (800) 876-1141;

product Temporal Central Processing Disorders Test
Auditec™ of St. Louis announces the release of the Random Gap Detection Test (RGDT), a new test for the identification and quantification of temporal processing disorders in children and adults. According to the company, the test is designed to measure one aspect of audition called temporal resolution, measured through determination of the smallest time interval between two closely approximated stimuli that can be detected. This interval, called the gap detection threshold, is measured in milliseconds and is obtained by having a listener attend to a series of stimuli presented in pairs. The inter-pulse (silent) interval between each pair of tones increases and decreases in duration. As the silent interval changes, the listener reports whether the stimuli pairs are heard as one tone or two. The gap detection threshold is the stimulus interval at which the stimuli are heard as one tone or two. (800) 669-9065; [email protected]

product BTEs
Siemens Hearing Instruments, Piscataway, NJ, offers its new line of BTEs, the PHOENIX™ 104 and 204 models, which reportedly combine advanced technology with manual fitting controls. The models offer a two-channel compression amplifier, and the two-channel compression parameters automatically adapt with the 4-step fitting. In addition, the expanded signal dynamics limit EMC interference. The company reports that both mini-BTEs offer distortion-free output, take size 13 batteries, and offer MTO switch, audio input, VC, battery compartment locks and acoustic signaling for low battery voltage as standard features. Model 104 is suitable for mild to moderate loss, while model 204 is suitable for moderate to severe loss. (800) 766-4500;

product Mono System
Sennheiser Electronic Corp, Old Lyme, CT, offers the DirectEar™ SET 100 mono system, which consists of an infrared transmitter and receiver that reportedly permits cordless television listening without disturbance to others. The transmitter connects directly into the audio output of a TV, VCR or compatible audio source. A high quality audio signal is transmitted on the 95 kHz infrared carrier frequency to the stethophone receiver. The SET 100 also has a radiating power sufficient for rooms up to 435 sq. ft in diameter, according to the company. It is backed by a 2-year warranty. (877) 736-6434;

productMulti-Digital Product Line
Authorized Hearing Systems (AHS), Plymouth, MN, presents DigiLink, its latest 100% multi-digital product line. The instruments reportedly feature fully automatic, three memory, three channel, seven band sound processing. A pulse switch allows selection between a digital volume control and multiple memories. In addition, DigiLink’s fast-acting microphone noise reduction reportedly helps increase comfort in quiet environments by reducing microphone noise, while the speech management system enhances speech recognition in noisy environments. (800) 247-4741;

Hal-Hen, Garden City Park, NY, offers a newly revised catalog featuring over 4000 items for the hearing health care industry. The company provides assistive devices and products from manufacturers such as amplified receiver headsets, telephone sound and ring amplifiers and telephone comfort earpads. Other products include personal amplifiers, alarm clock awakening devices, strobe lights, bed vibrators, TV amplifiers/induction kits, telephone fire and doorbell signaling devices, alerting systems, smoke detectors, tinnitus maskers, personal alerting systems and accessories. (800) 242-5436

productDemonstration Ears
Hocks Hearing Healthcare Products, Portland, OR, re-introduces its Hocks Demonstration Ears, reportedly an improved version of the company’s demonstration ears that were first introduced in the early 1960s. The demonstration ears are made of tough and flexible silicone, and are ideal for practicing impression taking or displaying on a counter, according to the company. Able to be cleaned with soap and water, they are available as a pair or individually. The company also offers its clear demonstration ears with a full-length canal made of clear, firm material that reportedly won’t get soft or sticky. (800) 654-6257

productSilicone Impression Materials
Insta-Mold Products Inc, Oaks, PA, offers Dur-A-Sil Equal silicone impression materials, reportedly formulated with deep ear impression taking procedures in mind. With a durometer hardness of 20-22 Shore A, the impression materials are designed to be easier to remove from the bony portion of the ear canal with less irritation to the ear. The material also has a low viscosity, creating less pressure and less distortion of the ear canal for more accurate impressions with no sag or shrinkage. The product is currently available in economy-size kits, pre-measured “mini-paks,” and will soon be available in a cartridge system. (800) 523-4081;

productAmplified Cordless Phone
HARC Mercantile Ltd, Kalamazoo, MI, offers the Dialogue CL40 amplified cordless phone. The amplifier reportedly increases sound up to 100 times (40 dB) with an adjustable tone control for clarity. The phone features 900 MHz technology for extended range and an audio jack to accommodate the optional headset or a cochlear implant. (800) 445-9968;

pn47.jpg (3350 bytes)Shell Manufacturing Process
Siemens Hearing Instruments, Piscataway, NJ, introduces its new shell manufacturing process, LasR™ (Laser Accurate Scan Replication). The process reportedly uses state-of-the-art software with precision laser scanning to increase accuracy when duplicating impressions of the ear canal for the manufacture of hearing aid shells. The technology captures the physical impression provided by the hearing health care professional using laser scans of the impression. After scanning, the software draws a “point-cloud” image of impressions in 3D space. The raw data is used to create a surface over the virtual impression and vent, and receiver holes can be positioned as needed. A laser then builds the shell from a bed of powdered polymer shell material. (800) 766-4500;

productCable Tester
Kingwood Industrial Products, Hackettstown, NJ, offers the PCT-1 device for testing the integrity of programming cables commonly used in the industry to communicate with programmable hearing instruments. The company is currently having manufactured a model 34S standard, which tests 3 and 4 pin socket style cables with standard wiring configurations. The company can also supply 3 and 4 pin flex style and battery compartment type cables. In addition, the company reports that it will develop custom plug-in modules fo unique wiring and/or socket configurations at no additional cost, and can develop a cable tester to custom configurations that will accept other plug in modules. (908) 852-8655

productHigh Output Receiver
Knowles Electronics, Itasca, IL, offers its high-output HC receiver, which reportedly provides over 3 times (+5 dB) more output than its standard FC receiver in the same package size. The company further reports that it has increased the receiver’s output, efficiency, and power handling without increasing size, distortion, or current drain, and that maximum sound clarity and fidelity are maintained across the receiver’s entire frequency range. (630) 250-5100;

productDigital Rechargeable Instrument
Audio’D’, Scarborough, ME, introduces the 100% Digital Captiva. The Digital Captiva features 16 bands, 4 channels and a Smooth Noise Reduction algorithm that improves the signal to noise ratio by as much as 12 dB, according to the company. The rechargeable option recharges the instrument using electromagnetic induction and is available on the Full Shell and Canal instruments. The Digital Captiva is available as a Full Shell, Canal, and CIC. (800) 532-3984;

productAdvertising Agency
Media Partners of America Inc, Oklahoma City, is an advertising agency that reportedly shares its commissions with its partner clients through its commission share program. Partner clients earn money through both the results of advertising and through discounts on advertising expenditures. The company reports that it is experienced in the marketing of hearing aid companies. (866) 840-9399

productCIC and Mini-Canal
Widex Hearing Aid Company, Long Island City, NY, introduces the P-CIC and P-Series Mini-Canal, the latest additions to the SENSO Performance Series line of 100% digital hearing instruments. The P-CIC features reportedly include three-channel DSP with Varioslope filters, a sound stabilizer, enhanced dynamic range compression, an automatic feedback manager, Direct Digital Drive (DDD) and a low battery beeptone indicator. (800) 221-0188;

productControl Modules
Lightning Enterprises, Limington, ME, announces the availability of its new control module family. The CM-1, CM-2, and CM-3 are reportedly designed specifically for the hearing aid industry to assist in making the work space more efficient by controlling the functions of repair equipment, such as a vacuum/suction pump, UV cure light, and desiccator chamber.The modules are small and can sit on a work bench or mount under a shelf with an optional top-mount bracket. All vacuum tubings and power cords associated with the equipment are routed to the rear of the control module. According to the company, functions include (depending on module) vacuum gauge, vacuum on/off, switch function between vacuum wand and desiccator chamber, UV cure light on/off, and UV cure light timer. The control modules are reportedly designed to work with any industry vacuum/suction pump and dual lamp UV cure light. (877) 546-1797;

productBTE Instruments
United Hearing Systems, Central Village, CT, offers a complete line of BTE instruments for a wide range of applications: a mini K-AMP or push-pull circuit with a 13 battery in a variety of case colors; a small class “D” AGC-o with a 13 battery and user program switch; a power instrument with the Knowles CI receiver using a 675 battery; a programmable 2-band with multiple memories; and Eurion water-resistant in P, PP, and HPL versions. A free earmold is included with all BTE orders. (800) 835-2001;

productDiagnostic Audiometer
Madsen, Bloomington, MN, introduces a new diagnostic audiometer platform known as ITERA. The platform has a lightweight “flat console” design that reportedly allows an extremely small footprint in a clinical setting but still allows for portability. Using custom setup menus, operators can assign special tests such as Stenger, ABLB/Fowler, and SISI to be set up as a one-button selection. In addition, the company reports that ITERA offers a master hearing aid as a standard feature, that the platform is fully NOAH™ compatible, and that it can be upgraded to include a high frequency option, allowing testing to 12.5 Hz. (800) 362-3736; [email protected]

productOtoacoustic Emissions System
Madsen, Bloomington, MN, offers the PC-driven Capella™ otoacoustic emissions system. The system offers a modular design that provides TEOAE, DPOAE, and SOAE in any or all combinations in one platform. The new modified platform now offers an optional screening tympanometry module with both 226Hz and 1000Hz probe tones, and an optional TEOAE infant screening module that is optimized for testing newborn babies and infants. According to the company, any or all modules can be added to any Capella system at any time. The system is NOAH™-compatible and reportedly provides the ability to reconfigure printouts and add comments to the patient journal, and comes with a multi-functional probe that conducts both OAE and tympanometry testing. In addition, it is completely portable, is available in a battery-powered version, and has a data-export function. It comes with a 2-year warranty. (800) 362-3736;

productHearing Instrument Accessories
Oto-Med™ Technologies Inc, Casselberry, FL, is a worldwide distributor of hearing instrument accessories. Reportedly owned and operated by the inventor of the fully rotational Ridwax™ barrier system, the company is its exclusive provider. According to the company, the system protects hearing instruments from cerumen damage. It has a rotational barrier door for easy maintenance, and the acoustically transparent door comes color coded for identification of the left and right ear. In addition, Oto-Med provides those in the hearing health care industry with the opportunity to purchase small quantities of wax brushes, pouches and presentation cases without the high cost penalty. (407) 331-5030

Rechargeable Battery and Charger
Plainview Batteries, Plainview, NY, offers the the size #675 Aid Mate battery and charger. According to the company, the charger has an automatic shut off function, and the battery will last for up to two years. The charger and battery also feature international compatibility, and one or two batteries can be charged simultaneously. (800) 642-2354; [email protected]

productInstant Fit Hearing Instrument
Siemens Hearing Instruments, Piscataway, NJ, introduces the ASPIRE™ instant-fit hearing instrument. The instrument is designed to allow patients to get same-day service with a single visit to a dispenser. According to the company, no custom shell is required for the instrument, as small, disposable snap-tips are fitted onto in-stock right and left models. The snap-tips are replaced weekly. Complete with automatic signal processing, the instrument reportedly offers a clean, distortion-free signal with two-channel, full dynamic range compression circuitry. Two trimpots allow for easy adjustment of gain and tone control for an easy fitting. The instrument is available in two sizes using 10-A and 312 batteries. (800) 766-4500;

productEar Balm
Hocks Hearing Healthcare Products, Portland, OR, offers ear balm made with 1% hydrocortisone and an antipruritic (anti-itch) solution. This alcohol-free formula is designed to heal itchy and irritated ears. According to the company, the balm is an excellent lubricant and sealer for the insertion of hearing aids and earmolds. (800) 654-6257

Westone Laboratories, Colorado Springs, CO, offers hand-crafted earmolds. The company offers both earmolds that are designed to be invisible as well as those that are designed to be easily seen. A variety of colors can be chosen from, and colors can be “swyrled” together. Earmolds can also be custom tinted, filled with glitter, and made to glow in the dark. (800) 525-5071;

productLive Speech Mapping
MedRx, Seminole, FL, offers the OtoWizard counseling and fitting system, which incorporates a tympanometer designed for easy use. The hand-held tympanometer reportedly downloads data to the system by infrared, removing the clutter of cables. The system also incorporates a live speech mapping feature, which monitors live speech input while a hearing instrument is programmed. The aided response can be further explored by using ICRA simulated speech signals or an audio CD. According to the company, this fitting approach was developed with dynamic graphic presentations for effective counseling and fitting. (888) 392-1234;

productRechargeable Canal-Size Instrument
Magnatone®, Casselberry, FL, announces the addition of a canal-size programmable hearing instrument to its Liberty rechargeable line. According to the company, the aid can be worn for up to 16 hours with only 8 hours of charging, and the cell can last from 3 to 5 years if maintained properly. Identical in size to #13 batteries, the cell uses nickel-metal-hydride (Ni-MH) rechargeable technology and reportedly does not suffer from any memory effect. Each instrument comes with a charger box with two cups, each containing a magnetic coil that sends out an electromagnetic signal. When the instruments are placed in the cups and the coils are turned on, a receiver coil in the instruments uses the electromagnetic signal to charge the cells. Rechargeables are also available in the full and half shell sizes with the option of either a sealed cell faceplate or a replaceable power cell faceplate. (800) 327-5159;

productAmplified Cordless Phone
Siemens Hearing Instruments, Professional Products Division, Prospect Heights, IL, introduces the STROLLER™, an amplified cordless phone which reportedly delivers up to 30 dB gain with a high frequency emphasis to increase understanding. It features 900 MHz and uses auto-scanning of its 40 channels to deliver clearer conversations. When using the Boost button, the volume will automatically reset to zero amplification when the phone call ends. In addition, the placement of the volume control wheel is designed to make it easy to adjust volume during phone calls. The phone features a jack that allows for a headset connection (hands-free headset is optional), a lighted ringer, and a page button that makes it easy to find a misplaced handset. (800) 333-9083;

productITE Instrument
Magnatone®, Casselberry, FL, introduces the Beethoven™ ITE hearing instrument. Driven by a Class-B hybrid circuit, the instrument reportedly delivers high gain (60 dB average FOG) and output (129 dB SPL) with low total harmonic distortion and input noise. The feedback control (FBT), included as a standard feature, allows control of the high frequencies and reduces the feedback potential of the instrument, according to the company. The instrument also includes the Rid-Wax™ barrier system. The company recommends the instrument for moderate-to-severe hearing loss with UCLs up to 120 dB SPL or higher and MCLs up to 120 dB SPL. (800) 327-5159;  

productScreening System
Everest Biomedical Instruments, St. Louis, introduces the AUDIOscreener™ hearing screening system. Combining evoked otoacoustic emissions (OAE) and auditory brainstem response (ABR) with key diagnostic features, the system reportedly provides a solution to the National Institutes of Health’s recommendation for universal newborn hearing screening. Features include: OAE & ABR screening with diagnostic data; PC-free portability; automated pass/refer results; real ear calibration of OAE and ABR for accuracy; wireless data downloading and printing of up to 300 patient records at a time; and a 16-hour battery life. (866) 66-AUDIO;

productWord Recognition Test
Auditec™ of St. Louis introduces a new word recognition test, the Lexical Neighborhood/Multisyllabic Lexical Neighborhood Test (LNT-MLNT). Developed primarily for cochlear implant children, the test was developed along theoretically motivated current models of spoken word recognition in listeners with hearing impairment, and is based on the assumptions of the neighborhood activation model (NAM). According to the company, the stimulus words for the test were selected according to two criteria: The words had to be familiar to young children with limited vocabularies; and the selection was based on current models (NAM) of word recognition and lexical access. Stimuli on the test are separated into easy and hard word lists. The package includes both single-talker and multiple-talker recordings of the word list, a test manual and scoring forms. (800) 669-9065; [email protected]

Rexton, Plymouth, MN, introduces its new website, According to the company, visitors can read about Rexton’s product line, download specifications on Rexton premier products, check on new order status and warranty information, and obtain information on hearing loss. Consumers who fill out Rexton’s hearing loss survey will be directed to a Rexton hearing health professional in their area. (800) 876-1141;

productSwim Plugs
Perfect Seal, Wichita, KS, offers Aqua-Tite swim plugs, which are reportedly made from medical grade silicone. The are hypoallergenic and can be tinted to almost any color, or swirled up to three colors for the same price. Each plug comes with embedded handles, which are designed to make them easier to insert and remove. A connecting cord can also be ordered. (800) 311-9810

productTinnitus Control Instruments
Siemens Hearing Instruments, Piscataway, NJ, introduces the SERENITI™ fully digital, programmable tinnitus control instruments. The SERENITI TCI is a therapy noiser intended for patients with tinnitus alone and normal hearing. According to the company, two therapy programs with manual selection allow patients to meet therapeutic requirements or satisfy personal preference. They include four pre-programmed noise types, with fine-tuning possible in eight channels. The TCI-C combines the company’s digital signal processing with the functionality of a digital tinnitus control instrument. The model features a fully digital four-channel FDRC amplifier with speech-sensitive processing and multiple compression algorithms. The instruments will initially be unveiled in BTE versions following 510(k) market clearance. (800) 766-4500;