Touch Surface Control

Starkey Laboratories Inc, Eden Prairie, Minn, introduces the new S Series BTE with Sweep Technology, which replaces all of the traditional hearing aid buttons and dials with a touch surface. The sweep surface is a single seamless control, giving patients full access to volume, memory, and standby controls. The S Series BTE is a flexible option that can be fit with standard earmolds or open-fit with thin tubing. The instrument includes Advanced HydraShield, a proprietary moisture and corrosion protection system, and T2, giving patients the ability to adjust hearing aid volume or memories with a touch-tone phone.

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Hearing Instruments Exclusively for Children, Teens

Oticon Inc, Somerset, NJ, introduces Safari, a comprehensive family of hearing instruments designed exclusively for children with hearing loss, from infancy through the teen years. It offers extensive bandwidth to support language development, wireless binaural processing to improve spatial awareness and localization capabilities, and wireless connectivity for easy access to phones, TVs, and other communication and entertainment devices. The line is available in three models, Safari 900, Safari 600, and Safari 300 in mini-BTEs, with size 312 and 13 battery options in a range of color choices.

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Next Generation of ABR Software

The new CE-Chirp stimulus from Interacoustics, Eden Prairie, Minn, allows markedly reduced test time for threshold work. With response amplitude of twice the size compared to traditional clicks, the new sharply defined waveforms are easier to interpret. Frequency specific versions are also available for improved tone-burst testing. Users will benefit from the new Bayesian weighting, which provides a more effective averaging, resulting in considerably more stable and cleaner recordings for awake or moving patients. The confidence of a response is automatically measured by the new Fmp function, and residual noise calculation is included.

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Extended High Tech Portfolio

Phonak, Warrenville, Ill, extends its Core Collection with the Audéo and Milo product families. Audéo Mini is the smallest CRT instrument in the industry, and Audéo Smart is the smallest wireless CRT instrument in the industry, according to the company. All Audéo feature superior sound quality with Phonak’s exclusive SoundRecover. With Milo Plus, Phonak introduces its first basic segment product integrating the CORE chip, assuring the absence of feedback with WhistleBlock. Milo Plus is available in a full product line including micro BTE and custom.

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Range of New Offerings

Siemens Hearing Instruments Inc, Piscataway, NJ, introduces new products in several product families. Designed for wearers with severe to profound hearing losses, the Nitro product line now includes Nitro 700 and Nitro 300 BTEs. The Siemens Explorer, exclusively for children, includes Explorer 500 M BTE, which provides technology supported by the latest in pediatric hearing research. For comfort-minded wearers with mild through severe hearing loss, the Motion 100 MX provides user-friendly operation. The products feature fully automatic technology. Most are compatible with accessories such as remote controls and the Tek Wireless Enhancement System.

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Hearing Device with Surround Sound Processing

ReSound, Bloom-ington, Minn, introduces dot2 by ReSound, which combines form and function, pairing natural sound quality with near-invisible design. Surround Sound processing is designed to handle different sound inputs with the same goal as audio mixing in movie and music production, so the instruments capture bass and treble independently, then blend them. Advanced directional technology, including AutoScope, automatically narrows on conversations in noisier situations. The device features an advanced feedback suppression system with Whistle Control, which monitors sound levels and deploys Whistle Control, if necessary, to help prevent feedback.

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