Bill Lassiter
Precision Labs Inc

HR spoke with Bill Lassiter of Precision Labs Inc, Altamonte Springs, Fla, about the company’s new products and current industry trends.

Tell us about your latest products.
Our latest products are our custom earmolds for Adesso, Sebotech, Avance, Resound Air, and the new Flex Vent system. Other fairly new products from Precision Labs include earphone monitors, the Challenger Pro 6500, racing communication monitors, the Personal Stereo Challenger, and all the ear pieces that fit Shure E-1 through Shure E-5 systems. We also offer the ER-9, ER-15, and ER-25 for the music industry, as well as hands-free cell-phone custom earmolds with the headset. For swimmers, we have custom swim plugs with custom logos printed on them. Recently, we have included color-coded bars for the airline industry; the bar clips onto the Plantronics headsets.

What are the current issues in your industry?
I feel the most important issue with the earmold industry would be proper impression technique, as we can only duplicate what we receive. Pricing is also an important issue since large co-op purchasing groups have become more popular with our industry. High shipping costs are also an issue.

How do you utilize new technology in your product development?
Our industry technology is mostly driven by the hearing aid manufacturer, as we develop our products to best serve the technology they possess. We have products that have various degrees of medical grade silicones to help contain feedback with high power instruments and also various soft materials for comfort. We also offer acoustically tuned earmolds (Libby horns, Total horns, and CFAs) that can accommodate various BTE instruments and various high and low frequency losses.

We fully realize the importance of the custom earmold for patient satisfaction and will continue to furnish the very best product at all cost. We have to remember the most important thing is a satisfied customer.

 Bryan Knott
Senior product manager
Deltek, a Knowles Co

Bryan Knott, senior product manager at Deltek, Herndon, Va, a division of Knowles Electronics, recently spoke with HR about Deltek’s market niche and what keeps its customers coming back.

What is Deltek’s niche in the industry?
Deltek, the electromechanical and micro solutions division of Knowles Electronics, offers a broad range of BTE, ITE, and CIC components, as well as leading design and engineering services to the hearing industry. The quality and design technology inherent in our product offering makes Deltek one of the fastest growing hearing industry component suppliers today.

How does Deltek stay on top of industry trends?
Industry trends are currently being driven by the move to pure digital aids and the market desire to buy smaller aids. Deltek’s research and design team meets regularly with the research and design teams of leading manufacturers to identify new technologies and next-generation products to meet these market challenges. Multifunctional electromechanical components have emerged as a leading trend to reduce space. Deltek is working closely with several manufacturers in position to introduce multiple new products to meet this need in 2005.

What keeps your customers coming back?
Knowles and Deltek consider quality, service, and delivery to be the paramount factors to growth and maintaining repeat business. Both divisions enjoy leading positions in the retention of manufacturers’ business year after year. We are constantly measured on these factors and consistently receive supplier ratings greater than 97%.

Innovation is also a key factor to maintaining a market leader position. Knowles recently introduced the Ferrofluid and Pantograph series receivers which significantly reduce vibration. Deltek recently introduced the 2700 Moisture Protected Switch and will soon be introducing the 7700 Series digital volume controls. These are excellent examples of the Knowles/Deltek commitment to improving the quality and performance of hearing aids, and as a result, the quality of hearing assistance for end-users.