The Hearing Review’s 2003 Worldwide Registry contained the following errors. Please make the revisions in your copy of The HR Worldwide Registry. HR regrets the errors.
Beltone Hearing Instruments
Beltone’s VP of Finance should have been
listed as Cindy Kaempfer.

Grason-Stadler has offices in Madison, Wis,
(corporate headquarters) and Chapel Hill, NC,
but not in Milford, NH.

OHS America
The phone and fax numbers for OHS America were listed incorrectly. Respectively, they are (843) 524-8100, fax: (843) 524-8300.

Rayovac Corp
The entry for Rayovac contained inaccurate
information on the company’s corporate officers.

Rayovac Corp
601 Rayovac Dr, Madison, WI 53711-2497
(608) 275-3340; (800) 356-7422; fax: (608) 275-4973
Web site:
email: [email protected]
Chairman/CEO: David Jones
Pres: Kent Hussey
VP-Global Hearing Aids: Randy Raymond
Dir Sales: Tom Begley
VP-Mktg: Jerry Albright
Mktg Mgr: Angie White
Natl Accounts Mgr: Leeann Nejedko
Inside Sales Mgr: Rich Gerhards
PRODUCTS/SERVICES: Rayovac, the world’s largest manufacturer of hearing aid batteries, sells ProLine only to hearing care professionals. Rayovac Extra Brand is available through selected distributors only.

Additionally, Rayovac Canada’s marketing manager should have been listed as Angie White.

Siemens Hearing Instruments
The entry for Siemens Hearing Instruments Headquarters and Eastern Regional Office contained errors relating to personnel. Additionally, the Texas facility that was listed for the company is no longer in operation. The Siemens US corporate headquarters listing is:

Siemens Hearing Instruments Inc,
Headquarters and Eastern Regional Office

10 Constitution Ave,
Piscataway, NJ 08854-6155
(732) 562-6600; (800) 766-4500;
fax: (732) 562-6696
President/CEO: William Lankenau
Senior VP and CFO: John Krauter
VP, Business Development: Robert Wolf
VP, Sales: Joseph Lugara
VP, Marketing: David Sawyer
Dir, Audiology and Strategic Development: Thomas Powers, PhD
Dir, R&D: Todd Putvinski
Natl Cust Service Mgr: Carolyn Smaka
PRODUCT/SERVICES: Siemens sees a way to provide solutions that professionals need to make the most of their practices. By integrating advanced hearing technologies, like TRIANO™ with cutting edge technologies like [email protected], a professional’s practice can be redefined to become as effective and productive as they would like it to be.

Sonic Innovations
The toll-free number for Sonic Innovations was incorrect. The correct number is (888) 423-7834.

International Hearing Center

8 Gabaro Close, Victoria Island,
PO Box 72350, Lagos, Nigeria
(01)791-4287; 090404200; 08033277686;
fax: 01-791-4287; email: [email protected]
CEO: Irene Okeke-Igbokwe
HA Spec: Eduardo Pascua
Mktg Officer: Adebayo Sennuga
PRODUCTS/SERVICES: Comprehensive audiological Services include CAE, ABR, ENG, OAE, hearing aid fitting and dispensing, hearing aid repairs and earmolds. Siemens exclusive representative in Nigeria; distributor for Siemens hearing aids and accessories.