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International Listings

International Hearing Center
8 Gabaro Close
Victoria Island
Lagos, Nigeria
Phone: 01-861-722
Audiologist: Irene Okeke

Personnel Listings

Ahlers-Cuadra Anneli,
     Managua, Nicaragua   
    (505) 222-5412
Azazo Dr. M.F.A., National
     Hearing Center, Sanaa, Yemen    
    (967) 1 207807
Baber Robert, Phoenix, IL   
    (602) 676-4720
Blotkoetter Jerry, Bloomington, IL    
    (309 )662-0622
Cathers Terry, Chanute, KS    
    (620) 431-4840
Culbreath Todd, Norristown, PA    
    (610) 278-7044
Denson Obbie, Denson
     Hearing Center, Lebanon, MO   
    (417) 532-6856
Hart Mary Claire, Des Moines, IA    
    (515) 222-7761
Katz Barry, Ft. Lauderdale, FL    
    (954) 563-4226
Kochan Gerald, Saskatoon, SK    
    (306) 655-4174
Macary Francis, Bridgeport, CT    
    (203) 371-7445
Marx Robert Navota, CA   
    (415) 884-0688
Marshall Vangie Neeley,
     Valdosta, GA    
    (229) 253-0105
Moe Ron, Custom AllHear
     Systems Inc, Lynwood, WA    
    (425) 774-4722
Navarro Maria de los Angeles,
Managua, Nicaragua    
    (505) 222-5412
Okeke Irene, Stanford
Heights Hearing, Irvington, NJ    
    (973) 372-4994
Price Fred III, Keller, TX    
    (817) 849-8801
Rosa Maria D,. Atlantic Hearing
Aid Center, Ft. Lauderdale, FL    
    (954) 563-4226
Robertson Laura, Laconia, NH    
    (603) 528-7700
Scott Diane, Hanover, PA    
    (717) 637-1859
Taylor Jeff, Microtronic,
Minnetonka, MN    
    (952) 543-8300
Tuveson Paul, Midwest Hearing,
St. Paul, MN    
    (651) 646-2994
Wasserman David, Yonkers, NY    
    (917) 720-8648
Zalewski Thomas, Bloomsburg PA    
    (570) 389-4436


Authorized Hearing Systems – ProLink; Ultra Link; Quick Link; DigiLink; OMEGA; Sound Channel; Alpha Series; Quick Link D; Dynamic Output Compression (DOC)

Business Listings

Auricle Ink Publishers
PO Box 20607, Sedona, AZ 86341
(928) 284-0860; Fax:
(928) 284-0860
e-mail: [email protected]
Publisher: Richard Carmen, Au.D.
Director: Jo Stone, Ph.D.

Authorized Hearing Systems Inc
161 Cheshire Lane North, Suite 500
Plymouth, MN 55441
(763) 404-1122;
(800) 247-4741; Fax:
(763) 404-9095
President: Henry Smith
Vice President: William Herzog
Vice President-Information Systems: Stephen Wang
General Manager-MN: Jim Hammarstedt
Sales Manager: Brian Bender
Dir. Govt. Services: Kelly Malick
PRODUCTS/SERVICES: AHS offers a complete instrument line, including 100% digital and multimemory programmable instruments. All circuits are available from BTE to CIC. AHS also offers an instant fit UltraLink Express CIC product. The AHS Focus Factory provides for great flexibility so that we may best meet customer needs. Product categories include: all make repair; earmold accessories; earmolds; canal, CIC, digital, directional, ITE, and programmable hearing instruments; impression materials and syringes; pre-wired faceplate kits; swim mold/plugs; and wax guards.

Center for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing
3505 N. 124th St.
Brookfield, WI 53005
(262) 790-1040;
(800) 755-7994; fax:
(262) 790-0580
Executive Director: Dorothy Kerr
Audiologist: Teisa Chirillo
Comm Tech Spec: Kathryn Rambo
Spch Lang Path: Deborah Kravit
PRODUCTS/SERVICES: Nonprofit agency providing a wide range of services and technology to assist those with hearing loss, including assistive technology assessments and sales, interpreter coordination services, communication strategies and speech therapy, audiological services and children’s and family programs.

Custom AllHear Systems Inc
20325-28th Ave W, Lynwood, WA 98036
(425) 774-4722;
(800) 355-7525;
(425) 774-4485
e-mail: [email protected]

Siemens Hearing Instruments Inc, Professional Products; Midwest Office
16 E Piper Lane, Commerce Center B, Suite 128,
Prospect Heights, IL 60070
(847) 808-1200;
(800) 333-9083; Fax:
(847) 808-1299

TV Ears Inc
Box 981376
Park City, UT 84098
(888) 883-3277;
(702) 657-1278; fax:
(714) 242-1529
e-mail: [email protected];
COO: Vincent Primerano
CEO: George Dennis
PRODUCTS/SERVICES: Infrared audio listening system for any TV, also works in movie theaters, places of worship, playhouses and more. Categories: assistive listening systems, marketing services, television equipment