Artificially Intelligent Hearing Device
Oticon, Somerset, NJ, introduces the Oticon Tego, which uses an artificial-intelligence-based system called DecisionMaker to coordinate and control advanced features including adaptive directionality, noise reduction, open fittings, and feedback cancellation. Using artificial intelligence, DecisionMaker ensures the hearing aid is always set to provide the optimum combination of speech clarity and comfort based on outcome-based decisions. Oticon Tego comes in two versions, Tego and Tego Pro, and is available in a full range of styles. (800) 526-3921;

 Open Ear BTE
Micro-Tech Hearing Instruments, Plymouth, Minn, announces the release of the Seneca Open Ear BTE, a four-channel, ten-band open-ear digital solution for patients with mild-to-moderate, sloping or precipitous high-frequency hearing loss. Its case hides discreetly behind the ear, and the thin tube from case to eartip is almost invisible. The Seneca BTE is ready to fit right off the shelf; patients can receive their high-end digital instruments on the same day as their audiometric evaluation. The Seneca BTE offers optimal full-time directionality with Micro-Tech’s DiRx system. (800) 745-4327;

 Portable Personal Listener Plus
Clarity, Chattanooga, Tenn, a division of Plantronics Inc, Santa Cruz, Calif, introduces the Clarity Professional™ Personal Listener Plus 100 (PL100), a lightweight, portable, personal listening amplifier for people with varying degrees of hearing loss. Containing a small omni-directional microphone and a comfortable earhook, the PL100 is sleek and amplifies incoming sounds up to 40 dB. By aiming the microphone in the direction from which a sound is emanating, the PL100 improves sound quality and clarity. The PL100 is best used in one-on-one situations. (800) 552-3368;

 VNG Examination Software
Interacoustics, Eden Prairie, Minn, now offers new WindowsXP® versions of their VN15 and VO25 VNG systems. With this new software, the VNG kits from Interacoustics can now be installed on—and operated from—standard PCs with WindowsXP operating systems. Similarily, the MedPC platform from Interacoustics—which can hold OAE, ABR, and VNG—will come with WindowsXP as the standard operating system. New WindowsXP versions will enable the contemporary clinic to perform VNG examinations from the same computer that integrates other functions of the clinic. Upgrades to the old VNG software from Windows98 versions to Windows XP can be performed. (800) 947-6334;

 Mini-Canal Capsule
Hearing Components, Oakdale, Minn, offers Comply™ Snap Tips, part of the Comply Capsule System, a customizable, mini-canal sized capsule with built-in patented compliant coupling technology. The Comply Capsule with Snap Tips gently seals the ear canal, while meeting the high demands of holding sounds. Retention is greatly enhanced and feedback is radically reduced. Using Hearing Components’ Comply Snap Tips and the technology of manufacturers like GN ReSound, patients can try a demonstrator/loaner CIC or BTE. Patients will experience sound with comfort and clarity. (800) 872-8986;

 jodi-VAC LLC
jodi-VAC LLC, Portland, Ore, offers the jodi®-XL. The XL utilizes two pumps and motors for maximum functionality. One pump and motor is dedicated to the vacuum/pressure side, developing 21 inches Hg Vacuum/29 PSI pressure. For infection control, a separate tubing and needle setups for both vacuum and air pressure is used. The second pump is dedicated to the desiccator. When the dessicator reaches desired vacuum the pump turns off for quiet operation. The plate is heated to keep the desiccation process working once vacuum is achieved. Having two pumps and motors allows for the desiccator and either vacuum or pressure to be used simultaneously.
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