Randy Morgan

Westone Laboratories is proud to have been meeting the industry’s impression material needs for over a quarter century. Westone currently offers a full line of impression materials, with all types and styles available. Silicone Singles are the most convenient, accurate, and easy-to-use hand mixed silicone impression material on the market. Each Silicone Single contains enough material for one impression. Simply open the packet and mix the pre-measured components together. There’s no measuring, no mess and no waste. With a Shore A hardness of 30, Silicone Singles are great for any fitting. SiliClone is perfect for both electric and manual impression guns and offers a Shore A hardness of 25. Westone’s SiliClone Firm offers viscosity comparable to hand mixed silicone materials, with the ease and convenience of a cartridge material. SiliClone Firm is available only in the S-50 format. For more information and pricing, call our Customer Service line today! (800) 525-5071.