Alarm Clock for Hearing Impaired
Sonic Alert, Troy, Mich, introduces the new Sonic Boom SB200SS alarm clock, designed for people who are hearing impaired. This specialized alarm clock is designed as a cost effective travel and bedside alarm clock with a large, easy to read display, and powerful 12 volt bed shaker. Important features of this clock include a low retail price point, a new powerful 12-volt bed shaker, a dimmer switch to allow better sleep at night, and a battery backup to maintain the proper time in the event of a power outage. The product also comes with a one-year warranty. According to the company, Sonic Alert is one of the hearing industry’s leaders in visual alerting systems with over 27 years of business. (800) 566-3210;[email protected]  (email).

109.jpg (9644 bytes)Video
Beltone Electronics Corporation LLC, Chicago, launches the release of a free video entitled "The Gift of Hearing" as part of a spring marketing campaign featuring actor Peter Graves. Addressing the concerns of some 28 million people in the US who suffer some sort of hearing loss, the video provides answers to questions or concerns of those who might be experiencing hearing loss. In addition to the newly accessible information for those who may have hearing loss, the importance of a hearing screening is underscored in the documentary, informing everyone that an early detection of gradual hearing loss may prevent social and psychological problems inherent to a failure of diagnoses. For more information, call (773) 583-3600.

110.jpg (7190 bytes)Digital Platform
Gennum Corp, Burlington, Ontario, introduces Foundation™ Digital, a flexible digital signal processing (DSP) platform which can be used in a variety of ultra low-power audio applications. It comes equipped with Gennum’s SOUND DESIGN™ audio technology and guarantees 16 kHz bandwidths, wide dynamic ranges, short time delays, and frequency response smoothing in applications where power consumption is critical. The product is also supported by the company’s ARK™ software tools, which makes it easy for the product to be configured quickly, according to the company. For more information:

111.jpg (5077 bytes)Instant Fit Hearing Aid
SeboTek Hearing Systems, Tulsa, OK, offers PAC, a post-auricular canal system. A nearly transparent wire connects the system’s digital sound processor, which is situated along the back of the ear, and the speaker, which is worn deep in the ear canal. The PAC’s benefits, according to the company, are its discreetness and wearing comfort. The product development process took more than three years , resulted in six patent filings, and involved more than 2,000 patient fittings. PAC can be worn immediately after the user’s first visit to their hearing professional’s office.

112.jpg (5915 bytes)Digital Hearing Aid
Siemens, Piscataway, NJ, introduces an enhanced TRIANO™, a family of hearing solutions that focuses on patient comfort by offering a highly sophisticated algorithm that analyzes the environment and automatically makes the appropriate signal processing changes. The new enhancements are optimized fitting and sound processing, more directional options, a new sports program, improved settings for music and telephone surroundings, patient friendly on/off battery compartment door, and an improved program button. The product includes the speech comfort system and its three components: automatic situation detection, signal optimization, and automatic directional microphone.