Academy of Dispensing Audiologists
The Academy of Dispensing Audiologists (ADA) will hold its 2005 convention on October 26-29, in Savannah, Ga. The 2005 convention theme is “Full Steam Ahead,” representing all of the convention offerings to move audiologists’ practices forward with knowledge gained at the convention in areas such as business and practice management, diagnostics and treatment, and legislative and professional issues. For more information, visit; (800) 445-8629.

Occupational Hearing Conservation
The Council for Accreditation in Occupational Hearing Conservation will present a course, The Professional Supervisor of the Audiometric Monitoring Component of Hearing Conservation Programs, on March 30, 2005, in Washington. The workshop offers a comprehensive tutorial for audiologists who want to expand their expertise in hearing conservation practices. Lectures and case presentations will illuminate details of regulatory requirements and successful hearing loss prevention programs. For more information, contact (414) 276-5338;

The Aging Auditory System
The VA RR&D National Center for Rehabilitation Auditory Research will hold its second national conference, The Aging Auditory System: Considerations for Rehabilitation, on September 22-23, 2005 in Portland, Ore. The conference will be limited to approximately 150 participants. To register, visit

Web Sites

The American Hearing Aid Associates (AHAA) introduces its revised AHAABizlink Web site,, which is available exclusively for AHAA associates. The Web site contains numerous enhancements and features that assist AHAA associates in running their practices more efficiently. For example, the Reportlink section has been significantly improved to enable associates to view purchase history reports for any time period specified. AHAA associates now have 24-hour access to numerous business tools and materials, including marketing and advertising ideas, business articles, forms, and customizable manuals in an easy-to-navigate format. For more information, contact

Audioscan®, Dorchester, Ontario, manufacturer of the Verifit® clinical hearing instrument verification system, has launched its new Web site, New content includes: a test-drive of the Verifit, in which visitors can discover all of the tests that the Verifit has to offer, including the patented real-time directional test and Speechmap®, a calibrated real-speech verification system for monaural, binaural, CROS, and FM fittings; a demonstration of the barcoding and re-entry of audiometric data, including threshold, UCL, and RECD, using the Verifit barcode scanner accessory; a customer support area, which allows customers to submit requests online outside of regular business hours; and downloadable manuals and specifications for Audioscan products. For more information, contact (800) 265-2093;

Global Excellence Award

Varta Microbattery Inc
Varta Microbattery Inc, White Plains, NY, distributor of Power One brand batteries, announced that its parent company, Varta Microbattery GmbH, Ellwagen, Germany, was awarded the prestigious Global Excellence in Operations award for 2004. Winners of this award are determined by a select committee of operations experts at the A.T. Kearney organization in conjunction with Produktion magazine. For Varta Microbattery, excellence was identified in the areas of motivated employees and business partners, global supply chain management expertise, consistent and sustained innovation, and several other areas. For more information, contact (800) 468-2782;

Affiliate Program

 Lightning Enterprises
Lightning Enterprises, Limington, Me, introduces an Affiliate Program, a Web site system that pays subscribers for referrals to the company Web site. Free to join and easy to set up, the Affiliate Program includes instructions and advertising materials, as well as text and banner ad links. The Affiliate Program will work with any Web site or through email, and pays 10% of any Internet sale to the referrer. (877) 546-1797;

Application-Specific HPD Selection

Quest Technologies Inc
Quest Technologies Inc, Oconomowoc, Wis, introduces the release of an application note entitled, Practical Approaches to Hearing Protection Device (HPD) Selection. Overprotection by HPDs is a problem often overlooked in many workplaces and leads to worker resistance to wearing HPDs when required. While single-number methods—such as noise reduction ratings (NRR)—are easy to select an HPD, they can result in workers not hearing important communications and warning signals. Quest’s application role outlines a method for application-specific HPD selection, which is designed to overcome these issues and is significantly simplified by the advent of new technology. For more information, contact

Technology Guide

 Hunter House Publishers
Hunter House Publishers, Alameda, Calif, offers the updated, fourth edition of Computer Resources for People with Disabilities: A Guide to Assistive Technologies, Tools, and Resources for People of All Ages. The new edition, which contains more than 40% new material, marks the book’s 10-year anniversary. The book provides up-to-date information on choosing, buying, adapting, and using the most appropriate technologies for people with disabilities.For more information, contact (510) 865-5282.

Student Summer Activity

Clarke School for the Deaf
The Clarke School for the Deaf announces Summer Adventure 2005, Celebrate America, which will take place on July 10-22, 2005. Students ages 9-12 who are deaf and hard-of-hearing are invited to this 2-week auditory/oral program to explore the United States through hands-on activities and fun-filled field trips. Clarke School will start the imaginary trip in Massachusetts and explore many of the 49 other states. Experienced teachers help students enhance their listening, communication, and social skills in a safe and fun environment. Students live in a modern, well-supervised dormitory on Clarke’s campus. Space is limited. The cost is $1,550. For more information, contact (413) 584-3450;

Educational Resources

Oral Deaf Education
Oral Deaf Education, Palo Alto, Calif, offers free educational resources to assist parents and professionals in making informative decisions for children with hearing loss. The ABCs in Early Intervention brochure, which provides a comprehensive look at auditory brain development and literacy, explains why intervening in the first 6 months of life can result in the best outcomes for children. Videos offered include: a 20-minute “dream Spoken here,” which introduces viewers to oral deaf education, and a 60-minute “dreams Spoken here,” a detailed exploration of oral deaf education. A comprehensive parent kit, which includes the videos and a handbook, is also available. For more information, contact (877) 672-5332;