TOP NEWS and HEADLINES in November

  • Widex Announces a Distribution Change in the United States
  • In Memoriam: Ronald W. Morgan, Sr (1919-2010)
  • First Device Implanted To Treat Balance Disorder
  • Oticon Medical Introduces Four New Products
  • Interactive Remote Hearing Test Will Expand Access
  • ReSound Launches Audiologist YouTube Contest
  • Confirmed: Smoking Is Hazardous to Your Hearing Health
  • New Sonova Division Convenes Professional Advisory Council
  • Oticon Launches Acto Chili Hearing Instrument
  • Starkey’s Zon Hearing Aid Featured in Smithsonian Cooper-Hewitt Exhibit
  • Improvement for Opus 2 Users as Listening Becomes More Challenging
  • Starkey Featured on Hit Home Makeover Show
  • Widex, Hal-Hen announce US distribution change. After 54 years, long-time Widex Hearing Aid Company Inc executives Ron Meltsner and Eric Spar and the Board of Directors of Vaerlose, Denmark-based Widex A/S have come to a mutual agreement to transfer the distributorship. The joint announcement cited challenging market dynamics as the decision for a different distribution setup based on direct ownership by Widex A/S. It became effective November 3.

    “Margins have eroded, and at the same time, … significant investments … [have] become necessary to expand Widex’s position in the market and ensure superior service to US hearing professionals,” said Widex A/S Executive Vice President Anders Westermann.

    Widex will now be called “Widex USA.” All operations of Widex Hearing Aid Company Inc will be taken over in relation to the transfer of distributorship, and the headquarters will remain in Long Island City, NY, according to the company.

    “It has been a privilege for Widex A/S to have worked with Widex Hearing Aid Company Inc under the management of Harold Spar and Henry Meltsner and later their sons, Eric Spar and Ron Meltsner, and we would like to recognize the excellent and warm relationship both companies have enjoyed over the past,” said Westermann. “Widex Hearing Aid Company has played a significant role in the history of Widex, and the company has maintained the Widex brand as a strong brand in the US market, representing an excellent platform for the new Widex USA.”

    Ron Meltsner and Eric Spar will maintain their role in the industry through their company Hal-Hen, a leading supplier of hearing aid accessories. They published an open letter on the transaction that can be read at

    Jake Haycock has been named President of Widex USA. He brings 9 years of experience from the hearing industry, heading Widex Canada operations. “We know and respect Jake. He has a track record of successful leadership, and we feel that the Widex family here in the United States is in good hands,” write Meltsner and Spar.

  • Westone founder Ron Morgan, Sr, dies. Ronald W. (Ron) Morgan, Sr, founder of Westone Laboratories, Colorado Springs, Colo, passed away on October 4, 2010. He was 91. In 1959, Morgan and his wife, Mickey, started Westone on the kitchen table of their home in Divide, Colo. The family and the business eventually moved to Colorado Springs in 1962, and it is there that Morgan’s five sons started working for Westone after school and during the summers. Westone began to expand rapidly during the 1970s and 1980s, and Morgan retired in 1986.

    A full obituary will appear in next month’s HR and can be read online in the following news article “Westone Founder Ronald W. (Ron) Morgan, Sr., 91, has Died.”

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