Wireless Assistive Listening Device

Sennheiser, Old Lyme, Conn, has developed the Set 820-S wireless assistive listening device so that when used in combination with certain Bluetooth-enabled hearing aids and accessories (eg, Oticon Epoq and Streamer), users can hear a television directly through their own hearing devices. Set 820-S is also enhanced with radio frequency (RF) technology, designed to allow individuals to listen at an appropriate volume while roaming throughout the house or yard. Set 820-S is also engineered to eliminate delays that can occur with Bluetooth audio signals, allowing the user to enjoy high-quality audio synchronized with the accompanying images.

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Hearing Aid Pillow

The Hearing Aid Pillow is now available from Westone Laboratories, Colorado Springs, Colo. Providing relaxation for any hearing instrument user, the contoured pillow features a “trench” down the middle, which serves as a sound channel. When users lie on their sides, their ears are positioned in the trench so they can recline comfortably and still receive sound (without feedback). Your patients can now nap comfortably and not worry about missing the doorbell or a phone call.

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Financing Services for Patients

CareCredit, Costa Mesa, Calif, offers financing services designed to make it easier for patients to get the technology they need by giving them the opportunity to pay with CareCredit No Interest and Low Interest Extended Payment Plans. CareCredit reports it allows patients to overcome cost concerns by paying over time, with low, monthly payments that fit their lifestyle and budget. According to the company, research shows that many patients, when offered a convenient payment plan, will actually seek a higher level of technology. CareCredit reports that when patients choose CareCredit as their payment option, the practice receives payment in 2 business days.

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