American Overseas Trading Corp—Booth No 636

Amparex—Booth No 528

Amparex is the new complete practice management software for hearing specialists and audiologists. Includes patient management, hearing aid treatment, invoicing, as well as statistics and advertising selections. The processes are configurable for your special needs as well as the time planner. NOAH3 is tidily integrated.

(+49) 711 46909151

Association Health Programs—Booth No 1328

Audiology Foundation of America—Booth No 1028

Visit the Audiology Foundation of America (AFA) to learn about the AuD and the AFA’s work to empower audiologists to be independent and autonomous practitioners. The AFA offers scholarships, newsletters, networking, and special programming for practitioners and students alike—visit us at AAA, check out our Web site, and look us up on Facebook.

(765) 743-6283

Audiology Software and Support—Booth No 2835

Donaldson Company Inc—Booth No 1032

EARtrak Pty Ltd—Booth No 439

EARtrak™ is an easily implemented survey of hearing aid outcomes. Client opinion surveys are externally analyzed and confidentially reported. EARtrak™ reports enable practices to identify strengths and weaknesses, information essential for Continuous Quality Improvement. Most importantly, EARtrak™ tells you how satisfied your clients really are.

(+61) 3 5174 0699

ETS-Lindgren—Booth No 1626

What’s Inside Your Sound Booth? Inside every ETS-Lindgren sound booth, you’ll find superior sound isolation gained from 35-plus years of acoustic systems engineering expertise. With its flexible modular design, the booth is ideal for all installations—from simple to the most challenging. Standard multi-configurable “MC” booths are available for quick delivery and feature a full-length door window for maximum patient comfort. Customized booths offer options such as 36-inch clear opening doors, light dimmers, a low-profile vibration isolated floor system, oversized observation window, power and data outlets, an interior appearance enhancement package, and more. Stop by booth 1626 at AAA for a demonstration.

(512) 531-6400

Hal-Hen Co Inc —Booth No 921

Celebrating our 63rd year, Hal-Hen offers the quality, dependability, and pricing to meet the needs of both patients and practices. Please stop by our booth for demonstrations of our exciting new products, featuring: the EarView™ Versatile Video Otoscopy System, the complete solution for examination, documentation, and cerumen management; the Visit™ alerting system for the hearing impaired; new ALD’s, FM systems, and many additional surprises. Free samples of our most popular accessory items will be available with some exclusive AudiologyNOW! ‘09 specials. By voice, fax, or Web, Hal-Hen one-stop shopping has you covered. Ask about our loaner program.

(800) 242-5436

Harris Communications Inc—Booth No 2248/2149

Harris Communications is a master distributor of products from the most recognizable names in the assistive technology industry. Stop by and see a selection of products at our extra-large booth. We will be showing new products from major manufacturers such as Clarity, Sennheiser, Sonic Alert, Geemarc, TVEars, and Bellman—plus much more! Find out how easy it is to get set up in our dealer program. Product catalog available.

(800) 825-6758

Health Enterprises Inc—Booth No 929

Health Enterprises Inc, a manufacturer of innovative health care products, is showcasing its consumer preferred hearing aid accessories: Audio-Kit Hearing Aid Cleaner contains five tools built into an easy to use handle for people of all ages and abilities; Dri-Eze Hearing Aid Dehumidifier features a “built-in” desiccant lining removing damaging daily moisture for 6 months from first use; Hearing Aid Cleaning Wipes contain 30 individually wrapped pre-moistened cleaning wipes; Hearing Aid Phone Pads help reduce feedback and improve listening comfort. Includes 2 universal and 1 cell phone pad; Hearing Aid Air Blower helps expel moisture, dirt, and debris.

(800) 633-4243

Healthcare Providers Service—Booth No 1648

Healthcare Providers Service Organization (HPSO) has over 30 years’ experience in providing health care providers with insurance solutions and now provides coverage to over 70 health care professions.

(800) 982-9491

Hearing Technologies—Booth No 1013

Hearing Technologies developed the Power-Vac hearing aid vacuum for home use after observing hundreds of hearing aids being sent for repair for clogged receiver or microphone ports. Power-Vac is designed to pay for itself, and costs less than repairing and shipping hearing aids one time. Universal Hearing Aid Dryer is designed to eliminate the need for desiccants or expensive heating units. Cost-saving design for all styles of hearing aids includes Open Fit models. Gentle heat prevents costly breakdowns and maintains peak performance by removing harmful moisture and reducing earwax damage to receivers. Designed to pay for itself.

(800) 553-6003

Kidlfyx—Booth No 1015

Kidlfyx (kid-l-fix) products are hip, sassy, and functional! Kare Kits for adults, teens, and pediatrics are neatly packaged inside an indestructible Otterbox. Stylish and comfortable bone-conducted solutions are available for traditional and BAHA style devices. Dedicated to providing clinicians what they need and parents with what they want. Come see the entire line.

(918) 607-2451

SBCS Medical LLC —Booth No 1048/1050

SBCS Medical LLC specializes in Equipping The Modern Audiology Practice™ within the audiology, otolaryngology, and hearing aid industries with Seiler clinical microscopes, Heine binocular loupes and headlight sources, video otoscopes, and MTI exam stools, tables, chairs, and treatment cabinets, as well as basic tools for cerumen management. Factory trained manufacturers’ representatives are available nationwide. Financing is available. SBCS Medical specializes in working with new technology candidacy, sizing, and fitting protocols. Please stop by AAA booths 1048 & 1050 to enter to win a complete Heine loupe and headlight system, or shop our online catalog.

(877) 282-7227

HIMSA Inc—Booth No 529

Integrate hearing aid fittings, diagnostic measurements, and office management with NOAH 3. Also offers NOAHlink and NOAH’s Questionnaire Module with integrated APHAB and COSI.

(800) 435-9246

Kaiser Permanente—Booth No 624

MiraCell—Booth No 1024

MiraCell Pro Ear is designed to give immediate relief to dry, itching, even aching ears. A natural botanical solution to sore and irritated ears, MiraCell Pro Ear reportedly provides the safest, most effective way to manage and remove excess earwax. Stop for Booth Show Specials.

(800) 748-5040

Oaktree Products Inc—Booth No 1542

Visit Oaktree Products Inc Booth 1542 to receive a copy of our catalog.

Also check out new products. You can also check out all of our show specials.

(800) 347-1960—Booth No 407, reportedly the number one hearing care practice management system, is designed to market and grow your business. Multiple office locations are instantly networked together. Integrated marketing features, such as referral tracking and automated recall mail, along with callback reminders and online billing, guarantee increased sales and efficiency. Sycle eliminates needless double entry by interfacing with QuickBooks. Free training, support, and upgrades mean there are no hidden fees.

(888) 881-7925

Tube Riders—Booth No 1015

Warner Tech Care—Booth No 1031

Single source supplier to hearing instrument specialists, audiologists, labs, and hearing aid manufacturers. Product offerings include impression materials, diagnostic equipment, assistive listening devices, repair products, and a family of private label products for resale. Full line 132 page catalog featuring 1,100 items.

(800) 328-4757


American Hearing Aid Associates —Booth No 1307

AHAA offers its nationwide network of independent hearing aid professionals a virtual franchise without loss of autonomy. AHAA services include customized business resources and materials. AHAA’s Expansion Network helps expand practices; services include owner/staff training and acquisition guidance/funding support. This month, AHAA plans to launch a new Web site,, giving its AEN members access to enhanced business reporting and practice-building solutions.

(800) 984-3272

Audigy Group LLC—Booth No 1843

Audigy Group is the largest national member-owned organization in the hearing care industry. AG’s purpose is to strategically select and certify the most elite practitioners in each market who exemplify the core values of Audigy’s mission and vision in the delivery of hearing care services. Our shared mission: to deliver unsurpassed value to each of our patients through the provision of superior care, knowledge, and technical expertise.

(866) 711-2026

AuDNet Inc—Booth No 1901

Beltone Electronics—Booth No 813

Beltone leads the hearing industry in web-based practice management software systems and supports its practitioners with national advertising, Beltone University training courses, a turnkey direct mail program, and the exclusive BelCare Program, which provides patients with a lifetime of quality hearing care. To learn more about the Beltone and available partnership opportunities, stop by Booth No 813.

(800) 621-1275

Costco—Booth No 2717

EarQ Group—Booth No 1807

Whoever said “It’s just business, it’s not personal” has never worked in hearing healthcare. Whether it’s marketing, staff training, increased profitability, expansion, or retirement, whatever your needs, is the place to go for easy-to-use resources as individual as you are. Visit our booth or contact us now at (866) 432-7500

EPIC Hearing Healthcare—Booth No 707

HearingMed—Booth No 2343

HearingMed is an exclusive network of hearing health professionals dedicated and committed to growing member practices through unique and innovative customer care, patient retention, and marketing programs. HearingMed takes hearing health care practices to new heights through advanced marketing resources and capabilities while providing complete support to ease the daily responsibilities of the hearing health industry.

HEAR USA—Booth No 1301

Marcon Hearing Instruments—Booth No 1743

Marcon is the industry’s oldest buying group, providing purchasing power and service to audiologists and dispensers in exclusive territories.

(952) 938-5020

Newport Audiology Centers—Booth No 2212

Sonus USA—Booth No 1143

Sonus is the largest network of audiology-based hearing centers in North America. Provides training, products, marketing support, and services to Sonus Network members and HearPO managed care partners.

(888) 333-9152


All American Mold Labs—Booth No 1513

Custom earmolds, industrial hearing protection, floatable swim plugs, full line of silicone impression material, and accessories for the hearing aid dispensing professional.

(800) 654-3245

Dreve Otoplastik GmbH—Booth No 943

Manufacturer of silicones, acrylic resins, and laboratory units for ear impression-taking and earmold ITE-shell production.

+49 2303 88 07 0

E-A-R Auditory Systems—Booth No 525

E-A-R Auditory Systems, the manufacturer of the E-A-RTONE 3A, and the next generation E-A-RTONE 5A Audiometric Insert Earphone invites you to visit us at Booth 525. We’ll show you how you can enhance the quality and efficiency of the audiometric testing you perform by taking advantage of both the practical and infection control benefits of coupling the E-A-RTONE Insert Earphone’s disposable E-A-RLINK‚ foam eartips to your patient’s ear canals.

(317) 656-5714

Ear Gear—Booth No 1546

Ear Gear is a water-resistant spandex nylon sleeve that is available with or without cord and clip. Ear Gear protects hearing aids from moisture and dirt, and makes hearing aids more comfortable and fun to wear.

(888) 766-1838

Ear Technology Corp—Booth No 1531

Stop by to see for yourself one of the most novel and innovative hearing aids ever introduced. This is not hyperbole… This is Clik™. Could cable-free programming be in your future? Get current with TransEar® 380-HF, and meet Zephyr, the newest member of the Dry & Store® family. We’re Ear Technology. Helping people hear better, every day.

(800) 327-8547

egger and TAS Distribution—Booth No 2817

egger and TAS Distribution are your competent partner for earmold production, impression materials, and more. With CEDIS, egger offers a wide range of consumer care products as well as solutions for infection control at the workplace. Everything you need for earmolds from one source!

(800) 327-0573, ext 220

Etymotic Research—Booth No 2315

Hearing Components —Booth No 1527

Hearing Components will introduce the Comply™ Foam Dome: a secure and comfortable dome for acoustic thin tubes and RICs. The Comply Foam Dome is offered in different styles and sizes to accommodate patients with mild to severe hearing loss. It provides an instant-fitting, same-day solution for patients, eliminating the wait of a custom mold!

(800) 872-8986

Insta-Mold Products Inc—Booth No 1521

Insta-Mold Products, an American company, formulates and manufactures specialty silicones for the hearing health industry. Insta-Mold is the originator of instant silicones for the manufacture of custom ear protectors and earmolds made on-the-spot, at any location in only minutes. We offer complete hearing systems with all the accessories, coatings, adhesives, and technical support needed for the hearing professional. Our product line also includes impression materials and heat curable silicones for earmold labs and hearing aid manufacturers worldwide.

(800) 523-4081

McKeon Products Inc—Booth No 634

Since 1962, McKeon Products Inc has led the retail ear care industry with its original and #1-selling Mack’s® Pillow Soft® silicone earplugs. Today McKeon manufactures a full range of moldable and pre-molded silicone and foam earplugs for a variety of uses.

(586) 427-7560

Mid-States Laboratories—Booth No 925

Mid-States has added a new, compact electric hearing instrument drying unit to its product list. The unit features both the small drying case and a larger storage case for overnight protection. In addition to the convenient size, the unit dries the instruments in 3 hours or less (often 1 1/2 to 2), a substantial improvement from the typical 8 to 10 hour requirements.

(800) 247-3669, (316) 262-7013

Microsonic Inc—Booth No 2734

Microsonic will be showing its line of EPIC Universal and Custom Musicians’ Monitors at 2008 AudiologyNOW!, along with an extensive variety of custom earmolds, including the OPEN-FIT styles, and a wide assortment of patient accessories and supplies for the hearing aid office. Also learn how laser technology—our Micro-Fit—can help your practice!

(800) 523-7672

MiraCell Inc—Booth No 1024

MiraCell takes trauma out of cerumen removal, renews ear health after cerumen removal, reduces ear impression irritation when applied to otoblock, and comforts ears while adjusting to new aids. Safe, gentle, effective, and all natural. (800) 748-5040

Precision Laboratories—Booth No 7343

Precision Laboratories is a full service manufacturer of custom earmolds for all amplified and non-amplified applications, special products (Challenger Division), hearing protection, monitor earphones, glow-in-the-dark, sparkles, veins, total hearing health care supply source providing over 300 supplies from bench grinders to batteries and impression materials.

(800) 327-4792

Westone —Island Booth No 1613

Westone is your source for the highest quality earpieces and an extensive line of clinical supplies and consumer products. Stop by island booth No 1613 to review our gallery of custom earpieces, learn about custom solutions for RIC instruments, discover HPDs for all applications, and experience Westone Music Products with our live band.

(800) 525-5071


CareCredit—Booth No 807

CareCredit’s Resource Guide is designed to make it easy for practices to promote, present, and integrate patient financing. The Resource Guide features access to techniques practices can begin using immediately to increase revenue and practice growth. Includes an overview of CareCredit Patient Payment Plans and the benefits it offers to both practices and their patients, and shows how the program can be used as an effective business tool. It explains how the program works from application to approval. Using sample scripts and easy-to-follow steps, the guide illustrates how payment plans can be incorporated into the hearing health care recommendation and how to successfully present CareCredit to the patient.

(800) 300-3046

Citi Health Card—Booth No 228

Discovery Warranties & Repair—Booth No 2015

Discovery Hearing Aid Warranties is the industry forerunner in providing the most comprehensive loss, damage, and component failure coverage on all makes and models of hearing aids including processors for bone anchored hearing aids and cochlear implants. Discovery has created a superior, user friendly, sales and service system for both the dispenser and client. Dispensers appreciate Discovery’s minimal paperwork and streamlined process used to file claims for losses, damages, or component failures. Discovery Hearing Aid Repair is a rapid response, full service all make repair company that works in tandem with the warranty program.

(800) 525-7936

ESCO—Ear Service Corp —Booth No 2111

From 1-2-3 EZ Pay to online enrollment, ESCO makes it simple and affordable for all of your patients to have the peace of mind ESCO loss and damage insurance provides. Stop by and ask how ESCO’s Reminder Care program can help you build patient loyalty and referrals.

(800) 992-3726

Midwest Hearing Industries—Booth No 1142


Advance—Booth No 927

Auricle Ink Publishers—Booth No 1630

Publishes books on hearing loss, vestibular problems, and tinnitus. These are intended as a primary educational resource for patients.

(928) 284-0860

Delmar Learning—Booth No 2711

ENT News—Booth No 232

Hearing HealthCare News —Booth No 1842/1844

Hearing HealthCare News offers its Practice Development Program to stimulate practice growth. The program improves patient retention, increases sales to current patients, and increases patient and physician referrals. Dozens of tips and strategies developed with leading audiology practices over the past 20 years are provided in the 150-page manual, including customized patient newsletters, physician newsletters, a patient retention and patient program, and patient satisfaction surveys.

(800) 342-1643

The Hearing Review/Hearing Review Products—Booth No 1537

Stop by the HR and HRP booth to receive more information about these leading monthly trade magazines and online resources for hearing care professionals.

(310) 642-4400

Plural Publishing—Booth No 401

Thieme Medical Publishers—Booth No 413

Wolters Kluwer Health-LWW—Booth No 1849