Wireless Video Otoscope
Audio Optics, Old Tappan, NJ, introduces the SSM-22 Wireless Video Otoscope. Featuring one-button operation, and 192-image storage, the SSM-22 Wireless Video Otoscope is lightweight enough to carry in your pocket or bring to health fairs. It reportedly transmits up to 100 ft from the base unit, and through walls. The SSM-22 can be used with almost any capture device from monitors to printers, and with most video otoscope/computer systems. Other products by Audio Optics include the DPM-6, which features wireless operation without the image storage, and optional accessories such as the TP-10L wireless monitor or the USB-9 computer adapter. (201) 767-5431; www.audiooptics.com.

 Digital Meter
Kingwood Industrial Products, Hackettstown, NJ, offers the BDM-1 Battery Drain Meter, a digital meter designed to supply working voltage to a hearing aid while displaying the amount of electrical current the hearing aid is drawing. Commonly referred to as battery drain, this reading is evidence of proper operation, as well as an excellent tool for troubleshooting electronic circuitry. The BDM-1 connects to the hearing aid using any standard battery pill or substitute. (908) 852-8655; www.kingwoodindustrial.com.

 Digital Hearing Instruments
Rexton Inc, Plymouth, Minn, introduces the Regatta™ line of high-level digital hearing instruments. The Regatta 1 features 6 bands, 2 channels, 3 programmable memories, an adjustable crossover frequency control, microphone noise reduction, a programmable volume control, and power-on delay, as well as an easy-to-use guided fitting protocol. The Regatta 2 features 12 bands, 4 channels, 3 programmable memories, adjustable microphone noise reduction, and adaptive feedback suppression and optimization. It also features the new Alpha-Logic lifestyle fitting system, which adjusts the adaptive noise reduction, speech preservation system, and wind-noise cancellation based on an individual’s personal lifestyle and predominant listening environments. (800) 876-1141; www.rexton-online.com.

 Tinnitus Devices
United Hearing Systems Inc, Central Village, Conn, has signed an exclusive license agreement to offer Solace, a fully digital, programmable, broadband noise generator for use in the treatment of tinnitus. The Solace includes a post auricle device with the receiver placed directly into the canal allowing for a completely open fitting. UHS will be offering Solace in three digital models: SCTD, a custom tinnitus device; SPTD, a postauricle tinnitus device; and the SPCD, a postauricle noise generator with a 4-channel digital hearing aid. (800) 835-2001; www.unitedhearing.com

 BTE Speech Processor
Cochlear™ Americas introduces the ESPrit™ 3G BTE speech processor to Nucleus® 22 recipients. Features include: built-in telecoil, which provides recipients with wireless access to the telephone without the need for additional adapters or cable, and access to various assistive listening devices; the Whisper setting, which enhances soft sounds, bringing quiet voices closer to the recipient; and an average battery life 62 hours using standard hearing aid batteries. (800) 458-4999; www.cochlear.com.

 Versatile Speech Processor
MED-EL Corp, Durhan, NC, offers the TEMPO+ BTE speech processor, which allows users five different options of wearing the unit: as a baby BTE, with a children’s battery pack, a straight battery pack, an angled battery pack, or a remote battery pack. As a baby BTE, it comfortably attaches to clothing, avoiding the need for equipment on a baby’s small ear. When used with an angled battery pack, the processor features an input-jack for assistive listening devices, and allows for direct access to sound from portable CD players, etc. (888) 633-3524; www.medel.com.

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