Arizona School of Health Sciences
Audiology Online and the Arizona School of Health Sciences are jointly sponsoring the conference “Central Auditory Processing: Normal Hearing and Hearing Impaired,” which will take place in Phoenix on October 19, 2001. The featured speaker will be Jack Katz, PhD. AAA and ASHA have certified the conference for 8 CEUs. For more information, visit

Audiology-Amplification V
The University of California, San Francisco, will present a program titled “Audiology-Amplification V” on October 12-13, 2001 at the Sheraton Fisherman’s Wharf in San Francisco. The speakers include David Fabry, PhD, Linda Hood, PhD, Jannine Larky, MA, H. Gustav Mueller, PhD, Catherine Palmer, PhD, Robert Sweetow, PhD, Toni Will, MSPA and Steven Cheung, MD. For more information, contact the UCSF Office of Continuing Medical Education at (415) 476-4251.

Mayo Clinic Videoconference
On November 10, 2001, the Mayo Clinic, Rochester, MN, will hosts its Twelfth Annual Audiology Videoconference, an interactive conference conducted via satellite. The conference is targeted to audiologists, otorhinolaryngologists, hearing aid specialists and others involved in hearing health care. Clinical applications of otoacoustic emissions and important considerations for infant hearing screening will be discussed during the first segment. The second segment will focus on steady-state evoked potentials. The third segment will include discussion of functional and physiologic adaptation to amplification as well as evidence-based hearing aid outcomes. The final portion of the program will consider current management approaches for auditory verbal therapy. Speakers include Dennis VanVliet, PhD, Catherine Palmer, PhD, and James W. Hall, PhD.

photoHearing Conservation
The National Hearing Conservation Association and the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health are sponsoring the “Best Practices Workshop: Combined Effects of Chemicals and Noise on Hearing,” to be held on October 4-5, 2001 in Cincinnati. The workshop aims to provide hearing loss prevention professionals with an overview of the current state of the art concerning the effects of industrial chemicals on the auditory system, as well as identify research priorities and specific goals. The second day of the meeting will be reserved for working group meetings and the elaboration of recommendations based on current knowledge. For more information, visit


photoAG Bell
The Alexander Graham Bell Assn. for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing (AG Bell), Washington, DC, has initiated a mentoring program for children with hearing loss. Funded by a grant from the William Demant Foundation, the program will involve AG Bell’s membership of parents of children with hearing loss, deaf and hard of hearing adults, and professionals in the field. The foundation grant provides resources for a three-year pilot program that will be tested and initiated both in the US and overseas. The program will link children and adults as a means of providing young people with the support and friendship of adults who share personal experiences with hearing loss.


photoTinnitus Brochure
The American Academy of Audiology, McLean, VA, has introduced Tinnitus, the newest addition to its collection of educational publications. The full-color brochure is geared towards tinnitus sufferers and their families, and offers detailed information on the causes of tinnitus, who suffers from it, what treatments are available, and what actions can minimize its effects. Visit   for more information.

photophotoConsumer Handbook
Auricle Ink, Sedona, AZ, publisher of The Consumer Handbook on Hearing Loss & Hearing Aids: A Bridge to Healing by Richard Carmen, has released a new abridged edition of the book, which will be distributed by Oticon Inc. The 93-page abridgement will be supplied with the latter’s hearing instruments in the US, Canada, and Australia. An abridgement will also be distributed by Avada Audiology & Hearing Care group. The abridgements focus on the critical areas of hearing aid adjustment, satisfaction and expectations. While the abridged versions are available only with hearing instruments, those interested in the unabridged version can contact the publisher at (928) 284-0860.

Industry Report
Frost & Sullivan, San Jose, CA, has released its US Hearing Instrument and ABR/OAE Analyzer Industries report. The report contains strategic content as well as detailed forecasts through 2007. Copies can be ordered by contacting Paul Piazza at (408) 392-2094, or by email at [email protected].


photoOnline AuD Degree
The Pennsylvania College of Optometry offers the bridge program for working audiologists who wish to earn the AuD degree. Two tracks are available: Track 1 is designed for those with more than four years’ experience and grants advanced standing for documented experience.; Track 2 is a fixed curriculum of 20 core courses for licensed audiologists with fewer than four years experience, and who have graduated prior to September 1, 2004. For more information, contact George Osborne, dean of the School of Audiology, at (215) 780-1238 or via email at [email protected].  


photoAmerican Academy of Audiology
The American Academy of Audiology (AAA), McLean, VA, has introduced Building Bridges—Physician’s Hearing Health Kit, a marketing kit designed to build relationships with and generate referrals from physicians. The kit consists of: a detailed “building bridges” binder, which contains goals for marketing activities, methods of selecting physicians to contact, suggestions for making initial contact with physicians’ offices, and a tutorial on managed care; a HearPen single-frequency screener; a Power Point slide show entitled “Hearing Health and your Patients;” and a Physician’s Handbook on Hearing Health. The Physician’s Handbook includes information on such topics as the physician’s role in identifying hearing loss, a brief etiological overview and types of hearing loss, and suggestions on when to make a referral to an audiologist.


photoTTY Information
Ultratec Inc, Madison, Wis, has released a new website For those seeking more information about text telephones (TTYs),   The site is designed to be an educational tool that explains TTYs and how they are used. The site also provides information about the different features of TTYs to help consumers make informed purchasing decisions.

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