September 2000
13-17, International Hearing Society Annual Convention, Disneyland Hotel, Anaheim, CA. Contact: IHS, (734) 522-7200.

14-17, Florida Academy of Audiology Annual Convention, Sarasota, FL. Speakers include Sergei Kochkin, Jerry Yanz & Sam Trychin. Contact: Noel Crosby, (941) 320-6167, email: [email protected].

15-16, Univ. of Florida Tinnitus and Hyperacusis Workshop. Contact: James Hall III, (352) 392-4474, email: [email protected].

21-23, Management of the Tinnitus Patient, Univ. of Iowa, Iowa City, IA. Intended for professionals and patients. Speakers include Anne Mette-Mohr, Eva Brix, David Young and Catherine Woodman. Contact: Rich Tyler, (319) 356-2471; fax: (319) 353-6739; email: [email protected].

21-22, Maryland Academy of Audiology Convention, Sheraton, Beltsville, MD. Speakers include Judith Gravel & Michael Valente. Contact: Charlotte Godfrey, (410) 646-3100.

22-23, Minnesota Hearing Aid Society Meeting, Thunderbird Hotel, Bloomington, MN. Contact: Rick Mussleman, (612) 721-6338.

22-24, Hearing HealthCare Alliance of New York, Inc., 2000 Annual Convention, Kutsher’s Country Club and Resort, Monticello, NY. Contact: Fred Goossen, (716) 223-2830.

24-27, American Academy of Otolaryngology-Head & Neck Surgery Annual Convention, Washington, DC. Contact: AAO-HNS: (703) 836-4444.

25, American Tinnitus Assn. Public Forum, Washington, DC. Contact: American Tinnitus Assn., (800) 634- 8978. Repeated 2/6, St. Petersburg Beach, FL, 4/19, San Diego, CA.

28-30, Midwest Audiology Conference, Indianapolis. Contact: Jill Craig, (317) 782-4248.

29-30, Massachusetts Hearing Aid Society Meeting, Sturbridge Host Hotel, Sturbridge, MA. Contact: Mark Battite, (617) 426-2226.

October 2000
5-7, 45th Intl. Congress of Hearing Aid Acousticians, Cologne, Germany. Contact UHA: [email protected]; website:

6-7, Audina’s Advanced Fitting Technology Seminar, Arizona School of Health Sciences, Phoenix. Contact: Billie Howell, Audina Hearing Instruments, (800) 223-7700, email: [email protected]