Phonak, Stäfa, Switzerland, is hosting and sponsoring an international conference dedicated to the challenges associated with hearing care for the adult population. The conference will be held November 13-15, 2006, in Chicago.

The conference program features a high-profile list of more than 30 world-renowned international speakers who will present the most recent treatment evidence in a variety of areas critical to the management of adults with hearing loss.

Topics include findings on the latest evidence related to assessment and fitting as well as a review of current hearing aid technology, including interactions with assistive listening devices. Characteristics and demographics of the adult hearing-impaired population and their impact on audiology practices and services will be discussed. A group of speakers will address day-to-day practice issues highlighting outcomes assessment and post-fitting considerations.

For more information on the program and registration, visit www.phonak.com/conference or e-mail [email protected].

[SOURCE: Phonak, October 2006]