Interest-Free Payment Plan
CareCredit®, Anaheim, Calif, offers interest-free payment plans designed to help individuals pay for audiology treatments and technologies over time. CareCredit offers a variety of payment options, including 3-, 6-, and 12-month interest-free plans, and low-interest extended programs. (800) 300-3046, ext 519;

 Maximum Output
Oticon Inc, Somerset, NJ, introduces the SUMO, super power maximum output, with 142 dB SPL MPO, 82 dB gain, and high levels of LF gain and output. The unit is powered by a new amplifier and receiver design, Output Optimization Technology™, and features dedicated pediatric applications, including DSL i/o and RECD compensation. (800) 526-3921;

 Hearing Aid Dryer
S & S Laser Productions, New Port Richey, Fla, offers the Moisture Guard Electronic Hearing Aid Dryer. The Moisture Guard provides users with a way to properly maintain their hearing aids. It is safe, easy to use, and portable. The unit is made of cherry wood and carries a money-back guarantee. (800) 934-6815.

 Digital Trimmer Version Amplifier
Resistance Technology Inc, Arden Hills, Minn, recently released Clari-D® Digital-ONE™ two-channel digital trimmer version amplifier. The product can have up to four programmable trimmers that control a selection from 10 parameters, plus a volume control. Features include low cut slope, high cut, MPO limiter, threshold, compression ratio, and feedback notch. The hybrid is available in a CIC package, or a surface mount package. (651) 636-9770;

 VNG System
Interacoustics, Eden Prairie, Minn, announces improvements to its VO25 VNG product. Interacoustics has improved its IR cameras and the Visual Lab that generates digital images for high-quality recordings. The VO25 VNG system will be on display at the 2003 AAA convention in San Antonio. Stop in at booth #1627. (800) 947-6334;

 Interpreter’s Mirror
Clear View Innovations, Baltimore, offers the three-in-one multi-mount UltraMirror™ for use by interpreters and persons with hearing loss, as well as by individuals with limited or restricted head, neck, or body movement. The unit enables them to conveniently expand their view of their immediate surroundings (without additional back or neck strain). (410) 467-3308;

 Digital Hearing Instrument
Interton/AHS, Minneapolis, offers Finesse, a 100% digital hearing instrument specifically designed for patients transitioning from non-WDRC analog or programmable instruments into a digital platform. Many patients reject other digital instruments because they can not successfully adapt to the WDRC sound processing scheme from their previous output compression-based instruments. Finesse addresses this issue and combines pure output compression with digital sound processing to meet the unique hearing needs of certain patients. Finesse was designed in part by hearing health care professionals for experienced hearing aid users who were having difficulty adapting to a new hearing prescription. Finesse is the only digital instrument that does not incorporate input compression or WDRC, to afford maximum sound benefits to these previous users. Finesse is available in BTE, custom, and CIC, and has optional directionality. It can be programmed with CompuFit fitting software. (800) 247-4741;

 Battery Dispenser
Energizer®, St Louis, Mo, offers the EZ Change™. The battery dispenser features a magnet that simply and precisely places a battery into any hearing aid. Energizer’s new hearing aid batteries now last up to 15% longer. (800) 383-7323;

 Wireless FM System
Starkey Laboratories Inc, Eden Prairie, Minn, is among nine independent leaders in the hearing health care field collaborating to produce Lexis™, an advanced wireless system that helps overcome the barriers of noise and distance. Audibel, Bernafon, MicroTech, NuEar, Omni, Oticon, Phonic Ear, Qualitone, and Starkey Laboratories have joined forces to develop the Lexis transmitter, which offers extreme directionality, giving hearing impaired users the ability to participate in conversations in noisy situations far more effectively than with hearing-instruments alone. Lexis can also be used as a cosmetically appealing and highly flexible FM system in areas of high noise traffic. Lexis will be distributed and supported worldwide by all nine companies. (800) 328-8602;

 Universal Phone
ADCO Hearing Products, Littleton, Colo, carries a wide range of telecommunications products, including the Uniphone 1140. The instrument can be used with normal volume, or amplified up to 20 dB for people with mild to moderate hearing loss. In addition, the Uniphone 1140 can be used as a full TTY to send and receive in text; VCO (Voice Carry Over) to send by speech and receive by text; and HCO (Hearing Carry Over) to send in text and receive by voice. It also includes a text-based answering machine, 8k of text memory, a built-in ringer flasher, and 10-speed dial memory slots. (800) 726-0851;

 Portable Sound System
ELT Group, West Palm Beach, Fla, offers the ChatPACK™ Totable Soundfield System. The system can be ordered complete with the 55-channel Comtek® FM system (216 MHz), or a la carte for use with existing FM systems. Rechargeable, the ChatPACK operates for more than 20 hours on a single charge. Included is a ballistic nylon tote with hand/shoulder strap for easy transport, NiMh batteries, and a charger. ChatPACK carries a 2-year warranty. (800) 286-3481, (866) 845-2537 (Canada).

 Amplified Cordless Phone
HITEC Group International Inc, Burr Ridge, Ill, introduces its new 900 MHz amplified cordless phone with caller ID. Amplified up to 30 dB, the phone also has a headset jack for use with an optional under-the-chin headset, providing hands-free operation. Hearing-aid compatible, the phone provides excellent volume and clarity in noisy situations and long-range communications, according to the company. (800) 288-8303;

 Improved Features
Starkey Laboratories Inc, Eden Prairie, Minn, offers the Axent™ BTE utilizing the new J13 case. The unit features increased fitting flexibility, improved hearing comfort, greater directionality, and higher output and gain. The unit includes Adaptive Feedback Cancellation. Axent’s Multichannel Expansion technology also reduces low-level circuit and environmental noise typically associated with WDRC instruments. The Axent BTE is also available with the AV Dual Microphone Directional System on multimemory instruments. (800) 328-8602;

 Auditory Brain Response System
Inter-Med Technologies, Valley Stream, NY, features the AURIS I ABR, a one-channel auditory brain response system designed for objective evaluation of auditory function. The portable unit features ergonomic software for more accurate diagnosis, and ease of use when performing neonatal auditory screening. (800) 874-9889;

 Hearing Screening Booth
Acoustic Systems, Austin, Tex, introduces the RE-125 hearing screening booth. Shipped preassembled, the RE-125 offers improved isolation and meets OSHA standards. The unit is easily moved through most office doors and is kept in stock for rapid delivery. Acoustic Systems is accredited by the National Voluntary Laboratory Accreditation Program (NVLAP) and submits its audiometric rooms and suites to regular testing. Factory-trained representatives help with selection and installation. (512) 444-1961;

 Vacuum Pump
Kingwood Industrial Products, Hackettstown, NJ, offers a portable Lite Vac Vacuum Pump. The unit is powerful enough to be used in the office, but is attractive and inexpensive enough for consumer use. The Lite Vac is used for the removal of wax and debris, which is important for sound clarity and the overall performance of the aid. The unit comes complete with a stainless steel tip, a wand clip, and a reaming needle. The filtered hand wand traps any debris before it reaches the tubing or compressor, which eliminates the chance for motor damage. (908) 852-8655;

 Tinnitus Manager
Professional Audiology Services, Bedford, Nova Scotia, Canada, offers the AudioMedic Tinnitus Manager, a comprehensive approach to the management of tinnitus. The system can be used to determine if a patient would best respond to accurately set multi-channel digital hearing aids, frequency-specific residual inhibition and masking available on CD, or a combination of approaches. (877) 815-7722;  

 Speech Intelligibility
The Adapto VoiceFinder by Oticon Inc, Somerset, NJ, prioritizes speech intelligibility. In the most difficult listening situations, VoiceFinder can accurately and consistently detect speech down to -3 dB SNR. Adapto offers a broad range of styles, multiple programs, directionality, and power models. (800) 526-3921;

 Amplified Telephone
AMERIPHONE Products by Walker, a Division of Plantronics Inc, Garden Grove, Calif, offers the XL-40 Amplified Telephone. The unit delivers up to 43+dB extra amplification and features a separate adjustable tone control (500-2,400 Hz) for high-frequency sounds. Its back-lighted keypad with big buttons makes it easy to dial. Other features include an extrabright ring flasher, a superloud ringer with adjustable tone control, and voice mail and missed call indicators. The XL-40 includes 12 memory buttons, plus redial, hold, and flash buttons, is wall-mountable, and has a battery backup in case of power outage. The XL-40 is hearing aid telecoil compatible and has an audio output jack for connection to a headset, neckloop, or cochlear implant. (800) 874-3005; [email protected];

 Expanded Payment Programs
CareCredit®, Anaheim, Calif, has added 24- and 36-month options to their range of payment plans, designed to help individuals with treatment fees ranging from $1 to $25,000. The new plans have a low, fixed interest rate and are ideal for larger fees, and individuals who need more time to pay. There are no up-front costs. CareCredit also offers 3-, 6-, and 12-month interest-free payment programs, as well as a 48-month low-interest extended option plan. (800) 300-3046, ext 519; [email protected].

 Bench Top Dust Collector
Kingwood Industrial Products, Hackettstown, NJ, is introducing the new Porta Vac 550 Bench Top Dust Collector for use with hand or bench grinders. The unit has a removable resin clean-out tray and a replaceable acrylic shield. The 550 offers easy access to the reusable, replaceable filter and has 225 cfm of suction. The unit also comes complete with a built-in fluorescent light for work area illumination. (908) 852-8655;

 Power Options
Interton/AHS, Minneapolis, has released power versions of the EVO and Staris families of custom hearing instruments. The 100% digital line features full shell power options. The peak output and gain is 121/58, with a battery drain of .08 MA. EVO’s 14-band feedback manager and 3-channel WDRC design offer maximum fitting flexibility for typical to complex hearing losses. Both EVO and Staris feature Speech Management and Microphone Noise Reduction to optimize speech intelligibility and hearing comfort in a wide variety of acoustic environments. EVO and Staris offer user VC controls. (800) 247-4741;

 Pocket PFS
Starkey Laboratories, Eden Prairie, Minn, introduces the Pocket Professional Fitting System, a fast, flexible, and portable handheld programming device. Pocket PFS supports Starkey’s Genesis product line and provides full access to fitting algorithms to assist in the selection of linear and nonlinear systems including DSL[i/o] and NAL-NL1. In addition, patient complaints can be easily addressed utilizing the built-in Expert Assistant to troubleshoot a wide array of hearing aid issues. The Pocket PFS patient database is quickly synchronized with PFS 3.0 or higher desktop software to transfer patient data between the two platforms. (800) 328-8602;

 Multi-Functional TTY
HITEC Group International Inc, Burr Ridge, Ill, introduces the Worldview TTY 2200. The multi-functional TTY integrates elements of advanced TTY and computer technology, and is ideal for use in small or large businesses. Users can shift between telephone calls and regular office tasks without leaving their workspace or activating a different device. The technology will be useful and economical for organizations and businesses with hard-of-hearing clients or employees. The product also fills the need of organizations, agencies, and public entities required to meet provisions cited in the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990; Section 255 of the Federal Communications Commission’s Telecommunications Act of 1996; and Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973. (800) 288-8303;

 Digital Hearing Instruments
Siemens Hearing Instruments Inc, Piscataway, NJ, offers the PHOENIX™ Pro, which has the digital sound quality of the PHOENIX series with the added advantage of programmable controls. The PHOENIX Pro family consists of the PHOENIX Pro 102 mini BTE and PHOENIX Pro 2 custom style hearing instruments. The easy-to-fit family of digital hearing instruments offers two-channel compression and digital simplicity with programming flexibility. Some features of PHOENIX Pro include dual compression, microphone noise reduction, and programmable volume control. (800) 766-4500;

 Directional Microphone Hearing Aid
Interton/AHS, Minneapolis, recently released EVO Twin, a directional microphone hearing instrument in a canal model design. EVO Twin provides the improved speech intelligibility that directional technology offers, but in a smaller hearing aid. Additional features include a 14-band feedback manager and 3-channel WDRC design that enables fitting flexibility for typical to complex hearing losses, as well as a completely adjustable Speech Management System that significantly improves understanding by focusing on and attenuating speech sounds. (800) 247-4741;

 Infrared Listening System
ELT Group, West Palm Beach, Fla, offers the AudioLink® PLS-951A Infrared Listening System—the AudioLink-II®. The TV listening system works with any TV, and is compatible with most public 95 kHz systems. Features include an auto power switch, low IR carrier mute, individual tone control, balance control (adjusting tool provided), 115 dB maximum SPL, two rechargeable NiMh batteries, TV microphone, and a 2-year warranty. (800) 286-3481, (866) 845-2537 (Canada);

 Multi-Memory Product
Resistance Technology Inc, Arden Hills, Minn, introduces the Clari-D® Digital-ONE™ two-channel multi-memory product. The product has four programmable memories, a 10-band equalizer, and high-performance shaping filters. It supports push button, toggle slide, and paddle switches, and features Dynamic Contrast Detection™ in each channel. The hybrid is available in a CIC package, or a surface mount package. (651) 636-9770;

 Online Repair Form
Siemens Hearing Instruments Inc, Piscataway, NJ, has added a repair e-form to its [email protected]™ e-business Web site. The time-saving repair e-Form provides all registered [email protected] members with an easy and efficient way to enter their repair orders electronically. With the new Repair e-form, sending hearing instruments to Siemens for repair now requires only a few simple steps online, and eliminates the need to complete and submit paperwork. Key benefits of the e-Form include: ease of use, quicker order processing, and order accuracy. (800) 766-4500;

 Cell Phone Headsets
HATIS hearing aid telephone headsets are offered by Effective Communication Solutions Inc, Independence, Ky. The headsets feature precise comprehension on virtually every mobile, cordless, or landline phone for BTE, ITE, or cochlear implant users who have telecoils. In addition, digital cell phones can be used without an interference. The product features a strong telecoil induction for even the most severe hearing losses. (800) 838-1649;

 Direct Mail Advertising
Action Marketing, El Cajon, Calif, specializes in the design and production of direct mail advertising. The company’s marketing approach focuses primarily on new patients, which reportedly results in predictable and consistent business growth. In addition, the company’s products are tested before inclusion in its product line, a process that is designed to minimize the risks involved in a new advertising approach. The company further reports that it has invested heavily in the development of an extensive production facility, while refinements in its tracking and production systems increase accuracy and decrease production time. (800) 227-0819.

 Comparative Hearing Test
Oaktree Products Inc, Chesterfield, Mo, offers the Comparative Hearing Test, a CD-ROM program for use in the evaluation of hearing ranges (from normal to severe hearing loss). The program can be installed on a PC, or played on a CD player. It has been proven more than 90% accurate in independent tests. Results can be stored, printed, and graphically displayed on a speech sound audiogram. (800) 347-1960;;

 Directional BTE
Intrason, Choisy, France, offers the Digison 621MD, a digital directional BTE. The instrument’s directional algorithm was reportedly developed in cooperation with researchers at the French National Center of Scientific Research. It allows the user to switch from omni-directional to multi-directional, which, when combined with the company’s Speech Optimization System® (S.O.S.), a 32-channel noise reduction algorithm, enhances speech recognition in noisy environments, according to the company. Distributed in the United States by United Hearing Systems. (33) 1-48-53-59-00;

 Cerumen Protection System
Starkey Laboratories Inc, Eden Prairie, Minn, introduces the Waxceptor™, a cerumen protection system with disposable wax guards. The wax guards help prevent earwax accumulation in the hearing aid receiver, a leading cause of hearing aid repair and patient dissatisfaction. Waxceptor wax guards are quickly and easily inserted utilizing the customized removal tool. Each kit contains five wax guards and does not alter the hearing aid’s frequency response, gain, or output. Waxceptor kits are free of charge and include two complete wax guard packs and an insertion and removal tool. (800) 328-8602;

 Eye Movement Analysis Technology
SYNAPSYS, Austin, Tex, offers Ulmer VideoNystagmoGraphy (VNG), a real-time eye movement analysis technology, that meets the demands and standards of vestibular testing. VNG normative data enhance the effectiveness of diagnosis for patients with balance disorders. SYNAPSYS offers 2- or 4-channel VNG, with torsional recording capabilities, comfortable video goggles for reliable eye tracking, and LCD projection stimulus for OPK. Currently, more than 650 SYNAPSYS systems are in use worldwide. (866) 796-2779;

 Digital Products
Gennum Corporation, Burlington, Ontario, Canada, offers high-fidelity digital audio technology. Please visit Gennum at AAA booth #1052 for additional information about its audio products. (905) 632-2996;

 Fitting Software
Interton/AHS, Minneapolis, announces the release of the latest version of its exclusive proprietary digital software, CompuFit 3.6, which incorporates improvements based on a customer input forum. The user-friendly CompuFit 3.6 now has the ability to support new product releases, and features a new tutorial (available at installation and via Help menu), and printable order forms and a tech data sheet for each product. Additional improved features include a Feedback Manager that can be canceled from the fitting screen with an FBM button, Dynagraph (a protocol based on dispenser input that enables more gain with less feedback), and Dr Fit with more effective hearing solutions to choose from. (800) 247-4741;

 Testing Equipment
The Interacoustics AT235h provides an alternative for audiologists requiring full diagnostic immittance results with the availability of high-frequency probe tones. The AT235h, available from Interacoustics, Eden Prairie, Minn, offers tympanometry, ipsi and contra acoustic reflexes, reflex decay, and an ETF test. The AT235h has memory to store all patient tests and print out the results to the fast, built-in thermal printer—or export the data to a PC for storage and full page reports. Stop in at booth #1627 during AAA for a quick demonstration. (800) 947-6334;

 Three-Microphone Digital Instrument
Siemens Hearing Instruments Inc, Piscataway, NJ, offers the TRIANO™, a digital hearing aid offering three-microphone directional technology. TRIANO was designed to reduce hearing effort and maximize speech understanding in noisy environments. All TRIANO hearing aids are developed with the Speech Comfort System™ offering the following benefits: automatic situation detection, signal optimization, and an automatic directional microphone. Available in all styles from the smallest micro CIC (completely-in-the-canal) to a super power BTE (behind-the-ear), TRIANO offers a complete family of hearing solutions for all degrees of hearing loss for people of all ages. (800) 766-4500;

 Portable Vacuum Pump Kit
Lightning Enterprises, Limington, Me, offers the Lightning Vac Traveler, a portable suction system designed for professional hearing aid cleaning and maintenance. The Traveler includes the Lightning Vac suction unit, vacuum jar desiccator for drying, five various needle tips with Filter Wand, and durable carrying case. (877) 546-1797;

 National Seminars
Audina Hearing Instruments, Longwood, Fla, is presenting its fourth year of national seminars, which offer information on advanced technology, customer support, and training. Sessions will be presented in Texas, Nevada, Illinois, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Oregon, Missouri, New Jersey, North Carolina, California, and Florida. Seminars are approved by the International Hearing Society and American Academy of Audiology and earn CEUs. (800) 223-7700;

 Screening Audiometer
Eckstein Bros Inc, Hawthorne, Calif, offers the Tetra Tone II™, a compact portable hearing screening instrument for general testing. The unit features a microprocessor, push-button operation, four intensity levels, low battery indicator, auto power shut-off, and memory recall. The TetraTone is guaranteed for one ear and meets ANSI requirements. (323) 772-6113; [email protected].

 Hearing Aid Batteries
HITEC Group International Inc, Burr Ridge, Ill, is the exclusive distributor of the power one® hearing aid batteries. A new rebate program is available to hearing care professionals. Find out about earning bonus checks by purchasing as few as 150 six-cell cards of these high performance batteries. (800) 288-8303;

 Software Updates
Audioscan, Dorchester, Ontario, Canada, has released the 2.0 version of software for its Audioscan® Verifit® real-ear hearing aid analyzer. Among the program’s improvements are a real-time Speech Envelope, which offers a clearer picture of how a fitting is mapping speech into the residual auditory area, and Speechmap®, with a choice of DSL®, NAL-NL1, or auditory-area mapping approaches to hearing aid fitting. NAL-NL1 is also provided as an insertion gain fitting method. Additional features include networking of screen images and data that may be exported to network files via the Verifit LAN port. This software update is free, and is automatically mailed to all Audioscan Verifit owners. (800) 265-2093;

 Web Site Catalog Launched
Bio-Medical Technologies, of Mandeville, La, is pleased to announce the launch of its online Web site catalog at The web site catalog features 100’s of products, has a site search feature to find a particular product quickly, and encrypted online ordering. A color brochure can be printed directly from each product page. A special section features new products while another features products on sale. Among the categories are video imaging, cerumen management, microscopes, diagnostic equipment, production and repair equipment, and illumination. 800-344-7261

 Instructional Children’s Book
Phonak Inc, Warrenville, Ill, has introduced an instructional children’s book, Oliver Gets FM, by pediatric audiologist Maureen Cassidy Riski, whose first book was Oliver Gets Hearing Aids. The 44-page book follows the everyday adventures of Oliver the Elephant, who improves his communication skills by adding a wireless FM communication system to his hearing instruments. Riski, whose target audience is children (with and without hearing loss), parents, and teachers, offers easily understandable descriptions of FM technology in action—at home, school, and play—and how it can dramatically improve speech understanding in difficult listening environments. (800) 777-7333;

 Advertising Specialty Products
Westone Laboratories, Colorado Springs, Colo, features Promotional Products, a full-service source for advertising specialty products. A variety of specialty promotional items are available including magnets, pens, bags, mouse pads, and hearing instrument cases. All items are custom imprinted. (800) 525-5071; [email protected];

 Assistive Device
Sense-Sonic Ltd, Macclesfield, Cheshire, England, offers the Conversor™, a compact and portable wireless assistive device. The Conversor consists of a dual microphone design combined with stable FM technology to improve sound quality. The unit can be used in tandem with most existing hearing aids via T-coil. The Conversor improves and focuses sound for those suffering from mild to severe hearing loss. The US distributor for the Conversor is the Long Island, NY-based Hal-Hen Company Inc, which will also provide technical and customer support. Hal-Hen: (800) 242-5436;; or Sense-Sonic: +44 (0) 1625 443333;

 Tinnitus Treatment
EAR Inc, Boulder, Colo, introduces RingSTOP™, an all-natural product for people suffering from tinnitus. The product is a homeopathic formula that is available in capsule form. Ingredients include amino acids, herbal extracts, antioxidants, and vitamins that have been reported to reduce the symptoms of tinnitus, a condition for which there is no known remedy. (800) 525-2690;;

 Wireless Microphone
HARC™ Mercantile Ltd, Kalamazoo, Mich, is distributing the Link-it wireless microphone array. Worn over the ear, the Link-it has directional microphones that pick out sounds in noisy environments and transmit them to a BTE or ITE through the hearing aid’s T-coil. Link-it is designed for use by hearing aid users who have difficulty understanding speech in noisy surroundings. (800) 445-9968;

 Wireless Patient Response System
Pehratek Products, Chanhassen, Minn, offers the PATIENT-LINK wireless patient response system, a wireless alternative to standard wired patient response buttons that tangle and limit freedom in small sound rooms or for people in wheelchairs. The PATIENT-LINK can be added to most audiometric testing systems that have a built-in patient response light system. To upgrade the current wired patient response to a wireless version, the receiver just needs to be plugged into the audiometer jack. The lighted handheld unit is lightweight and features a large push button with LED that lights up when pressed to give the patient feedback during the test procedure. (952) 470-9063;

 Customized Newsletter
Hearing HealthCare News™, a customized newsletter for patients published since 1986, and Audiology HealthCare News™, a customized newsletter for physicians and other health care providers, are both edited by Dennis Hampton, a dispensing audiologist based in White Plains, NY. The newsletters are valuable resources for marketing a practice to patients and physicians. The newsletters are published quarterly, and delivered ready to mail. Samples and marketing videos are available. (800) 342-1643;

 UV Cure Equipment
Lightning Enterprises, Limington, Me, offers a complete line of UV cure equipment ideal for fast and efficient hearing aid repair, modification, and manufacturing. Systems include dual lamp units, high intensity spot cure systems, and oven systems for shell fabrication. UV protective eyewear is also available. (877) 546-1797;

 Wire-Free Digital Product Line
United Hearing Systems, Central Village, Conn, introduces its “wire-free” Freedom digital custom product line. The Freedom digital line incorporates all the advantages of DSP in a simple-to-fit instrument, without cords or software. Featuring custom-tailored matrices from 103/30 to 125/55, the Freedom digital line covers a wide range of solutions for most types of hearing losses. Second memory with audible beep provides choice of noise mode, telecoil, and directional. (800) 835-2001;

 Stethoscope with Headphones
Effective Communication Solutions Inc, Independence, Ky, introduces the newly released ESCOPE II amplified stethoscope, a solution for CIC and ITE hearing aid users who do not want to remove their hearing aids every time they use a scope. The ESCOPE II has a swivel belt clip, volume controls in the bell, and an output jack for headphones. The same output jack can also be used with a direct audio input cord to BTE hearing aids. (800) 838-1649;

 Evoked Potential Diagnostic System
SYNAPSYS, Austin, Tex, offers AURIS™, a full-featured auditory evoked potential diagnostic system, designed for objective evaluation of auditory function. Whether it is 1- or 2-channel, portable or desktop, the specific technical features of the AURIS line are high performance and ergonomic software. AURIS allows the collection of superior clinical information necessary for any otoneurological diagnostic examination by covering the whole range of evoked potentials. (800) 874-9889;

 Modified 2.4 GHz Cordless Phones
Audex Inc, Longview, Tex, offers a complete line of modified, enhanced 2.4 GHz cordless phones for home or office use. Both models, the ACP-2428 and the ACP-2468, feature a 99 name and number CID memory, a 40 name and number phone directory, 30-channels, any key answer, and alphanumeric call waiting/caller ID in the handset. In addition, the ACP-2468 features a digital answering machine in the base. The headsets of both models feature 30+ dB of feedback-free amplification with electronic volume control, ultra-telecoil compatibility through the internal Audex computer-designed loop transmitter, as well as an amplified 3.5 mm jack for neckloop, headphones, or cochlear implant patch cord attachment. Cochlear implant patients can use this design totally hands free with both external microphone and direct connection to their processor. The ACP-2468’s digital answering machine with three mailboxes, as well as a jack on the base that enables the user to play messages through external speakers, headphones, neckloop, or cochlear implant patch cord, providing significant improvement in understanding recorded messages. (800) 237-0716;

 OAE System
Starkey Laboratories Inc, Eden Prairie, Minn, features the DP2000, a state-of-the-art otoacoustic emissions infant screening device. The unit weighs less than six ounces, without the computer, and has a range from 500 to 16,000 Hz. The system enables the examiner to save up to 10 curves per ear per test session for each patient, and comes with seven different sizes of disposable test tips to ensure an adequate acoustic seal. The DP2000 plugs into any Windows-compatible computer with an available PCMCIA type II slot. (800) 328-8602;

 Digital Update
Siemens Hearing Instruments Inc, Piscataway, NJ, offers the PRISMA™2. PRISMA 2 supplies improved listening, fitting, and wearing comfort by combining PRISMA’s fully digital quality with updated features, and TwinMic™ directional microphone technology. The PRISMA 2 line offers a wide variety of behind-the-ear and custom models for any level of hearing loss. The PRISMA 2 line of digital hearing instruments provides flexible four-channel technology with optimized compression control and output limiting. In addition to the TwinMic directional technology that offers improved performance of its directional microphone system, the PRISMA 2 line includes several other features, including feedback management system, improved voice activity detection, and acoustic indicators for program change and power management. (800) 766-4500;

 Distractor Recordings
Auditec of St Louis offers Children’s Noise, distractor recordings generated by children for testing kids’ hearing. Children’s Noise is available in two situations—a busy classroom and on a playground. The noises are somewhat variable in level, the playground being the most variable. The noises are available on cassette, the playground on side A, and the classroom on Side B. Each is introduced with a 1,000 Hz calibration tone. The noises have been adjusted so that the level never exceeds +3 dB VU to avoid distortion. In addition, Children’s Noise can be burned to compact disc. Either or both of these recordings can be dubbed with any word recognition test, on a separate track or mixed at any signal to noise ratio. (800) 669-9065; [email protected].

 Engineering Expertise
At In’Tech Industries Inc in Ramsey, Minn, engineering experts strive to produce a product that matches its customers’ design criteria. Whether producing a complete design based on generic sketches or integrating an existing design into a final product, combining the company’s services with its customers’ creativity is the key. (763) 576-8100;

 Time Compressed Sentence Test
AUDiTEC™ of St Louis recently released the Time Compressed Sentence Test (TCST) developed by Dr Robert W. Keith. The purposes of the TCST are to identify and quantify disorders of auditory processing. It is believed that time compressing sentences is a more valid measure of central processing than time compressing single words. The sentences are simple declarative sentences at zero (0) compression and 40% and 60% compression. This test will further enable audiologists, teachers, and other professionals to institute intervention programs for children who have problems learning due to deficits in the auditory modality. (314) 781-8890; (800) 669-9065; [email protected].

 Vibration Reduced Receiver
Knowles Electronics, Itasca, Ill, introduces the PHF receiver. The PHF receiver uses Knowles’ Pantograph technology to reduce receiver vibration, thereby decreasing the possibility of mechanical feedback within hearing aids. The result is a higher gain hearing aid that is less prone to feedback. The PHF series combines Knowles’ High-Output receiver technology with its diamond-shaped Pantograph drive linkage. The PHF receiver with Pantograph technology will be introduced at AAA 2003 in San Antonio at Booth #1531. (630) 250-5112;

 Tactile Aids
Audiological Engineering Corp, Somerville, Mass, offers Tactaid 7 and LTD (Little Tactile Device). Tactaid 7 is a tactile aid that presents coded sound information via seven vibrators. The coded vibratory patterns provide information on a range of speech characteristics, including: voice and voiceless sounds, inflection, intensity, temporal cues, and the first two formats that assist in vowel recognition. LTD is a redesigned, smaller version of the company’s Tactilator. The unit, which runs on four AAA batteries, has high and low frequency vibration, and a wide-band vibrator for spectral and temporal cues, for superior speechreading facility. (800) 283-4601;

 Personal Care Products
Hagemeyer Tech-care Products (formerly Warner Technologies), Minneapolis, offers its own line of personal care products, including Earmold Cleaner, Ear-fresh, Ear-gel, Derm-aid Cream, Sta-Dri dehumidifier jar, and Tech-care ear wax removal system. All Tech-care products are alcohol-free to prevent ear irritation. (800) 328-4757;

 Acoustic Impedance/Microprocessor Audiometer
Micro Audiometrics, Murphy, NC, introduces the Earscan® middle-ear analyzer and pure tone audiometer. According to the company, the device is lightweight, durable, and affordable; performs an acoustic impedance test in 1 or 3 seconds; and can test ipsilateral reflexes. It reportedly presents signals from 250 through 8K, at 0 to 90 dB in a pulsed or continuous mode, and can test automatically. The Earscan comes complete with the audiometric headset, impedance probe, eartips, and a limited 3-year warranty. The first factory calibration is free. (800) 729-9509;

 Single-Wall Screening Booths
Acoustic Systems, Austin, Tex, offers single-wall screening booths for screening environments where the ambient conditions require increased attenuation, or clinical testing may be required. The booths are constructed with the company’s standard, Type 2, 4-inch-thick wall panels and provide isolation. Acoustic Systems is accredited by the National Voluntary Laboratory Accreditation Program (NVLAP) and submits its audiometric rooms and suites to regular testing. (512) 444-1961;

 Directional Digital ITC
United Hearing Systems, Central Village, Conn, offers directional custom hearing instruments. The featured models in 2003 are the directional canal and mini canal. DSP circuitry provides switchability between omni and directional. T-Coil option is also a programmable function. (800) 835-2001;

 Hearing Product Catalog
Starkey Laboratories Earmold Division, Eden Prairie, Minn, has developed a comprehensive catalog featuring the industry’s widest variety of hearing conservation, enhancement, and earmold solutions. From shell molds to pilot headset molds, Starkey’s long history of custom manufacturing is represented in the more than 100 different styles of products showcased in the catalog. (800) 328-8602;

 Multi-Memory Amplifier
Resistance Technology Inc, Arden Hills, Minn, announces the Clari-D® Digital-ONE™ four-channel multi-memory amplifier. Features include Dynamic Contrast Detection™ in each channel (for improved performance in varied listening situations), as well as adaptive feedback management. The amplifier offers two microphone directionality processing, with selectable polar pattern and microphone port spacing. There are four programmable memories, 12 bands of gain adjustment, and broadband output compression limiting. The hybrid is available in a CIC package, or a surface mount package. (651) 636-9770;

 Dry and Store Global Conditioning System
Ear Technology Corporation, Johnson City, Tenn, recently introduced the Dry & Store Global, its newest version of the Dry & Store hearing aid conditioning system. Designed for portability and versatility, the Global model accommodates a wide range of hearing instruments, including body-worn processors, cochlear implant hardware, ear monitors, and noise maskers. Codeveloped as the export version of the popular Dry & Store family, Global will operate on all worldwide power supplies with the proper AC adapter and plug configuration. A variety of additional plugs and adapters are available as optional accessories for overseas travelers. (Due to purchasing demands for the unit, demand has frequently exceeded supply. The company expects to resume “real-time shipping” in the second quarter of 2003.) (800) 327-8547;

 Balance Product Line & VNG
SYNAPSYS, Austin, Tex, offers a full line of balance assessment technologies, including: Ulmer™ VNG; TORSIO™; NYSTAGView™ Video Goggles; VISIO™; AURIS™ EP; and MED4™ Rotational Chair Video ENG enabled. SYNAPSYS VNG provides real-time analysis of eye movements, and a unique set of meaningful VNG normative data enhancing the effectiveness of diagnosis for patients with balance disorders. Currently, more than 650 SYNAPSYS systems are in use worldwide. SYNAPSYS is considered a leading manufacturer of VNG. (866) 796-2779;

 Marketing Specialists
Open House Specialists (OHS) America, Beaufort, SC, offers advertising, dealer participation, sales specialists, and no-risk guarantees to increase sales. The program pays for local advertising to mobilize the market, brings hearing instrument sales specialists to the dealer’s office, and provides a higher client retention rate. (866) 624-8100;

 Soundfield Amplification System
Sennheiser, Old Lyme, Conn, offers DirectEarSAS Soundfield Amplification System for classroom amplification. The wireless transmitter and comfortable headset allow freedom of movement. The high-quality condenser microphone and loudspeakers deliver life-like fidelity and protection from feedback. The Sennheiser DirectEarSAS installs easily and requires very little maintenance. Moreover, its day-to-day use is simple and intuitive. The system ships with a Sennheiser ME3 head-worn microphone with an adjustable microphone boom. (860) 434-9190, ext 153;  

 Combination Immittance and Clinical Audiometer
Interacoustics, Eden Prairie, Minn, offers the AA222, a combination immittance and clinical audiometer. It combines diagnostic tests found on the new AT235 and most features on the AD229e clinical audiometer—all in one small, lightweight package. This makes the AA222 ideal for a new clinic or for traveling to alternate locations. Stop in at booth #1627 in San Antonio for a demonstration and be receive $500 off the AA222 Audio Traveler (valued at $6,495). (800) 947-6334;

 Sample Pack
S & S Laser Productions, New Port Richey, Fla, offers The Lab Pak sampler pack. It features a battery tester with a swing-out storage drawer and eight different brushes, picks, magnets, screwdrivers, and vent cleaning tools. These items can also be purchased separately. (800) 934-6815.