HR recently spoke with William Flanagan, national sales manager of Varta Microbattery and power one, to discuss how offering power one batteries could improve the patient/audiologist relationship.

What is your company’s niche within the hearing industry?
Power one is the premier brand of hearing aid batteries in exclusive distribution to the professional hearing health care practitioner. The premium batteries are designed to deliver the longest service life of any hearing aid battery commercially available. By providing dispensing professionals with a battery that is arguably the finest available, the practitioner can offer patients superior batteries. In-office battery sales can benefit the dispensing professional in a number of ways. Visits to the office for battery purchases can precipitate improved relationships with customers, and better relationships can result in repeat business and referrals.

What are the company’s goals for the next 5 years?
Power one understands that many patients look to the dispensing professional for trusted advice regarding every aspect of their hearing device. This includes choosing the best battery. To facilitate introducing the power one brand to customers, power one offers hearing care professionals new single-cell, tear strip packaging. These tear strips hold six individually blistered cells (available in all standard sizes). The professional may dispense in any quantity individual cell blisters, an inexpensive way to introduce power one batteries to the customer on an evaluation basis. Hearing aid users can and will notice the difference in power one quality.

How do you let your customers know they are important to you?
The long-term goal for the power one brand is to create improved brand awareness for both the dispensing professional and the consumer. As the end user learns that all batteries are not created equally, the demand for power one batteries will continue to grow. As hearing aid manufacturers continue to develop more powerful hearing devices, power one is committed to the development of the finest batteries that provide the longest service life and the highest usable voltage.

 Teresa Nelson, president of Minneapolis-based Warner Tech-care Products Inc, told HR about her company’s mission in the hearing care industry as well as what keeps customers coming back.

What is unique about your company?
Warner Tech-care Products Inc is a national provider of a diverse range of hearing aid products and accessories. A former division of Hagemeyer, known as Warner Technologies, Warner Tech-care Products became an independent entity when I bought Warner Technologies’ assets in December 2003. The separation made sense because we were a small division catering to hearing aid manufacturers and audiologists. Hagemeyer’s main markets are electrical, industrial, and safety.

Our mission is to partner with our customers, employees, and vendors to offer quality products, superior service, and competitive prices.

Tell us about your product line.
We are focusing on our new brand, Tech-care Personal Care Products, which includes: Tech-care Ear-Freshener, Ear-Gel, Earmold Cleaner, Dry-Aid Kits, earwax removal systems, Dermaid cream, Ear Care Kits, and impression materials. We also offer private-label impression materials and customized kits for the repair and modification of hearing aids.

Warner Tech-care Products’ wide breadth of products includes, but is not limited to: impression materials and supplies; diagnostic equipment; assistive listening devices; educational materials; infection control offerings; UV repair and modification products; and tools and repair products.

How do you keep your customers satisfied?
Warner Tech-care offers its customers several products that can be personalized to promote name recognition and increase office sales. The personal care products are key to ear hygiene and hearing aid maintenance, both of which prevent returns and dissatisfied customers.

It is important to customer relations to be as close as possible to a single-source supplier for all their needs. We are more than willing to build our inventories and add new items based on customer needs and wants. Single sourcing saves the customer time, freight costs, requisitioning, and payable expenses.