The audiometry field is on the brink of changes paralleling those of the hearing aid marketplace. Already touch-screen audiometers allow for more rapid hearing testing than audiometers with knobs and buttons. When these audiometers are combined with data capture and wireless printing of audiograms, less time is spent testing and reporting, allowing for more time on diagnosis and treatment. These features are all available today in Otovation’s Pocket Hearo LE, an audiometer, only weighing 6 ounces, that with insert phones fits in your pocket or purse. While speed and portability are very desirable, key importance for future products is integration with the overall process of evaluation, diagnosis, and treatment of hearing ailments. For this, a device requires connections with patient information and history, more comprehensive testing (eg bone conduction and speech), relevant medical reference information, interconnection with hearing aid programming software, and, ultimately, the hearing aid programming itself.

Portable-computing devices will create lasting change in the field of audiology by cost-effectively handling the required equipment functionality while addressing the process improvements needed throughout the speech, language, and hearing market. The revolution is underway!

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Innovations In

 Maico, Eden Prarie, Minn, has recreated and expanded its line of impedance units. Beginning with the MI 24 Tympanometer, which now offers an optional high probe tone feature, Maico presents automatic impedance testing, as well as ipsi and contra reflex testing. The added performance of a backlit LCD screen and the convenience of an internal thermal printer make this lightweight, portable model the best performer in its price category.

Similar to the MI 24 for impedance testing, the MI 26 Tymp/Audiometer combination also features capabilities for complete air conduction audiometry. The new MI 34 impedance screener has the added functions of reflexes and reflex decay tests that are usually only found on more expensive diagnostic equipment. This screener/diagnostic tympanometer also features ipsi and contra tests as well as perforated and intact ETF testing.

Maico’s Web site at,   features the complete product line, including screening, diagnostic, and portable audiometers; OAE test systems; the Hearing In Noise Test; and a specialized hearing screening series for school health professionals and pediatricians. Contact Maico at (888) 941-4201