18-20, Vanderbilt Pediatric Cochlear Implant Workshop, Nashville. Contact: Kate Carney at [email protected]   or (615) 936-5016.

25-27, Management of the Tinnitus Patient, Iowa City, Iowa. Contact: Rich Tyler: (319) 356-2471; email: [email protected];

27-28, Advanced Competency in the Evaluation and Treatment of Complex Balance Disorders, Evansville, Ind. Contact: North American Seminars Inc, (800) 300-5512.


3, Council for Accreditation in Occupational Hearing Conservation (CAOHC) Course Director Workshop, Rosemont, Ill. Contact: Barbara Lechner, (414) 276-5338;

8-12, Academy of Dispensing Audiologists Convention, Sannibel Harbor Resort, Ft Myers, Fla. Contact: (800) 445-8629;

9-10, National Center for Rehabilitative Auditory Research, Portland, Ore. Contact: Carolyn Landsverk, [email protected],   or Gaby Saunders, [email protected].

10-11, Audiology/Amplification Update VI, University of California, San Francisco. Contact: Karen Grayson, (415) 476-4251, or email [email protected].

13-16, 48th Annual Congress of Hearing Aid Acousticians (UHA Congress), Nuremburg, Germany. Tel: 49-6131-2830-0;

29-Nov 1, IHS 52nd Annual Convention and Expo, St Paul, Minn. Contact: International Hearing Society (734) 522-7200;