d05a.gif (1698 bytes)AuD Program
The Pennsylvania College of Optometry (PCO) announces the launch of the doctorate degree in audiology (AuD) for audiologists to earn the AuD degree without leaving their practices. The four-year program will be based on a proven biomedical curriculum, similar to programs for physicians, dentists and optometrists.

The first phase of the program will be, an accredited distance education program that enables practicing, licensed audiologists to earn the AuD degree. The web-based education includes 45 different courses taught by audiology experts and a secure comprehensive examination, according to PCO. Each course is six weeks long and may be offered six different times each year. Students can take as many courses in any given session according to their schedule. Applications are now being accepted for the Fall of 2001. The program incorporates the biomedical science background of the optometry program and clinical training.

“Optometry is to vision as audiology is to hearing,” says George S. Osborne, PhD, DDS, and Dean of PCO’s School of Audiology. “Audiologists and optometrists work with the same type of patients and understand the needs of the aging population and children.”

“The audiology program reflects our dedication to expand into an academically diversified institution which addresses today’s changing needs in healthcare,” said Dr. Thomas Lewis, President of PCO.

PCO reports that it is one of the 17 accredited optometric schools in the nation. The proposed school of audiology will be the largest audiology program in the U.S., according to PCO.

For more information on AuD degree call the School of Audiology at 215-780-1238 or visit

Seminars and Conventions

Florida Meeting
The Florida Academy of Audiology (FLAA) will hold its 4th annual convention on Sept. 14-17, 2000 at the Radisson Resort Coral Springs Hotel, Coral Springs, Florida. Speakers include Sergei Kochkin, Ph.D. and Sam Trychin, Ph.D.

Topics presented will include: CAPD, diagnostics revisited, industrial audiology, private practice alternatives, common vestibular practices revisited, hearing aids, real ear, customer satisfaction, coding and more.

Approximately 30 exhibitors are expected at the convention. A preconvention Cerumen Management course for audiologists will be offered on Sept. 14.

International Congress
The 45th International Congress of Hearing Aid Acousticians will be held October 5-7 in Cologne, Germany. A wide range of topics will be presented by hearing care experts, and exhibitors will offer the latest in hearing related products and services in the convention hall.

Featured sessions include “A Physiological Basis for Hearing Aid Processing” by Guido Smoorenburg; “Early Detection of Hearing-Impaired Children by General Hearing Screening of Newborns” by Kunigunde Welzl-Müller; “CAPDs in Children” by Rainer Schönweiler; “Modern Hearing Instruments on the Acoustical Bench” by Joachim Neumann; “Recruitment Compensation with Short Compression Time Constants” by Martin Hansen; “Multi-Channel Dynamic Compression: Concepts and Results” by Inga Holube; “Evaluation of the Importance of Hearing Aid Attributes” by Hartmut Meister; and “Quantifying the Obvious: The Impact of Hearing Aids on the Quality of Life” by Sergei Kochkin.

For more information, contact: Union der Hörgeräte-Akustiker e.V., Postfach 4006, 55030 Mainz; tel: 06131-2830; e-mail: [email protected]; website:

Rockers’ PSA Campaign
Hearing Education and Awareness for Rockers (HEAR) reports that its Campaign 2000 has enjoyed heavy rotation of its public service announcements (PSA) in Boston, Austin (TX) and San Francisco TV stations, as well as in 52 other cities nationwide. The HEAR PSA Campaign 2000 features George Clinton of PFUNK, DJ Qbert of the Invisibl Skrtch Piklz, DJ Pollywog and others. The TV and radio public service messages are available from HEAR for distribution to local stations. Additionally, New Web video PSAs with artists Herbie Hancock, Clayton Cameron, drummer for Tony Bennett, and the Mermen’s Tinnitus Sucks can be found at features/artist_PSA.html. The organization has also changed its address to: HEAR, PO Box 460847, San Francisco, CA 94146; tel: (415) 409-EARS; website:


d05b.gif (1629 bytes)Online Support Website
HearUSA, Inc., Scottsdale, AZ, has launched Audiologist Online at to provide free, live-interactive consultation with audiologists. The site reportedly offers answers to frequently asked questions about hearing loss, links to other hearing and health resources, and provides live one-on-one interactive consultation with Master’s or Doctorate-level audiologists. Visitors can also schedule appointments to discuss topics on children and hearing development, hearing loss and diseases of the ears. This site is for people of all ages. Visitors can be linked to online shopping resources for listening devices, hearing aid batteries, support groups and arranging referrals to other audiologists for testing or treatment, according to the company.
Marketing Partners, Inc., Denver, CO, has launched a new website,, intended to inform people with hearing impairment. The site has information about hearing loss, hearing instruments and batteries, hearing aid repair, audiologists, hearing instrument specialists, diagnostic audiometers and sound rooms. For more information visit


Parental Information
A new resource, MAKE a joyful noise, is available for parents of newly diagnosed deaf and hard-of-hearing children. It is intended to provide parents with information about oral options for children who have hearing impairment. The resource includes a parent handbook and a 20-minute video. The handbook outlines the educational and medical options for children with hearing impairment and helps parents learn the information they need to absorb in a short period of time. Topics covered are oral deaf education, how to be a great advocate for your child, and an introduction to modern auditory technologies. A list of additional resources, a glossary, published news articles on hearing health, a suggested parent reading list and a listing of schools and programs that teach children with hearing impairment to listen and speak are also included in the handbook.

The handbook and the video are free of charge. They are available through some pediatric professionals or by calling toll-free 1-877-ORALDEAF.

Communication Resource Guide
AbleNet, Inc. has published a communication resource guide, Making Connections: A Practical Guide for Bringing the World of Voice Output Communication to Students with Severe Disabilities by Peggy Locke, PhD, and Jackie Levin, MA. The book speaks to the belief that everyone can have a voice and – just like riding a bicycle – the best way to learn how to communicate is by communicating and that communication can have a positive impact one’s life whether or not they understand language. Topics covered are ideas for effective messages, summaries of current research, data collection, best practices, and strategies for putting voice output communication aids to work immediately. Simple assistive technology and Making Connections’ step-by-step process creates an easy first step for communication opportunities, according to the company. Making Connections is reviewed by teachers, communication experts and researchers around the world.

The 109-page booklet is available by calling (800) 322-0956 (US and Canada), (612) 379-0956 (global) or email [email protected] More information is available at


Caring for the Professional Award
The Third Annual GN ReSound Caring for the Profession Award winner will be announced at the Academy of Dispensing Audiologists Convention on Oct. 25 in San Diego, CA. The award is given in recognition of outstanding individual or organization contributions toward audiology.

GN ReSound is accepting nominations for this award from members of the hearing health care community. Deadline for nominations is Sept. 29. Forward nominations to David Smriga, GN ReSound North America, 5600 Rowland Road, Minnetonka, Minnesota, 55343.