A news story about hearing loop systems has been bouncing around established and popular media sources for the past few months.

The Hearing Loss Association of America (HLAA), Bethesda, Md, spotted a video on YouTube featuring a Chicago ABC Channel 7 news story about audio loops in churches.

Popular culture appears to have latched on to a topic that’s interested hearing professionals for years.

Click here to view the video on YouTube, which was posted a couple of days after it aired on ABC in January.

The original ABC video and article by Karen Meyer, are found here.

A recent article in the Chicago Tribune, titled Churches putting hearing-impaired in the loop amplifies the theme, noting than a dozen houses of worship in the city have installed a magnetic system for the benefit of worshippers.

[The Hearing Review‘s February 2010 issue includes an article titled: Progress Toward the Looping of America— and Doubled Hearing Aid Functionality by David G. Myers, PhD, which discusses the vast, untapped potential for universal induction-loop in this country. Myers was also quoted in the Tribune story.

Hearing Review Products‘ July/August issue features an article titled Loop Dreams by Greg Thompson, which discusses the resurgence of the loop and T-coil.]

[Source: HLAA, ABC Channel 7 in Chicago, Chicago Tribune, HR, and HRP.]