Hearing Systems Facility Elects Insurance Company to Handle Loss and Damage Coverage
Loss and damage coverage for the SeboTek post auricular canal (PAC) hearing systems will be handled through Ear Services Corporation (ESCO). “After evaluating the insurance laws specific to each state, we concluded that insurance or loss and damage coverage can be more effectively administered by a third party such as ESCO who is registered in each state as an insurance/service contract and extended warranty provider,” says Jim Feeley, president of Tulsa, Oka-based SeboTek Hearing Systems. “ESCO is experienced at handling service claims and deals exclusively with matters such as lost and misplaced hearing aids.”

The company says it was attracted to ESCO because of its established reputation in the hearing field and because of products ESCO is developing that can be utilized to promote sales of SeboTek hearing systems.

According to the company, its plan for loss and damage is further evidence of SeboTek’s desire to adopt a fresh, creative approach to the hearing health business. “Our PAC system represents a significant change in technology and product delivery,” Feeley says. “Change will continue to be evident throughout the SeboTek business as we continue to explore new ways to promote the vitality of our market.”

ESCO also offers optional, extended repair coverage on SeboTek’s PAC hearing instruments to dispensers and patients who desire a no risk extension to SeboTek’s standard warranty.

Dual-Targeted Marketing Campaign Launched
Phonak Hearing Systems, Warrenville, Ill, recently launched its new consumer marketing campaign designed to meet the needs of two distinct groups of consumers. The campaign will reach out to both existing users of hearing aids to apprise them of the latest technological advancements, as well as those who have a significant hearing loss but are currently not using hearing instruments.

Launched in August, the dual-targeted advertising and public relations campaign is designed to educate the consumer 50 and older on hearing loss and the solutions available, while concurrently reaching out to existing users on the latest technological advancements from Phonak. Elements of the campaign will include print ads in AARP, Good Housekeeping, Prevention, Reader’s Digest, Rxemedy, and American Legion as well as an education-focused public relations program utilizing a matte, video news release, and other media relations tactics.

As one of the country’s most common chronic health conditions, more than 28 million people suffer from hearing loss to some degree, yet only about 20% currently utilize hearing aids. Phonak analyzed the market to determine who the 22.4 million non-users are, their perceptions and attitudes towards hearing instruments, and how to convince them that hearing aids can improve their quality of life.

For more information, call (800) 777-7333, or consult Phonak’s Web site at www.phonakpro.com.

Golfing Legend Renews Endorsement Contract with Battery Company
Golfer Arnold Palmer has renewed his contract with Rayovac to promote the company’s line of hearing aid batteries.

Palmer has represented Rayovac since 1992 and has appeared in numerous advertising and other campaigns, both alone and with members of his family. His new 3-year contract calls for appearances in trade and consumer publication print advertisements.